Recap / Digimon Adventure 02 E 31 Love Storm Silphymon

BlackWarGreymon wanders around the Digital World to search for the strong enemy he seeks. Archnemon and Mummymon track him down, wondering where he’s going.

After school, the kids ponder how to defeat BlackWarGreymon, and think that maybe they could defeat him if they had one or two more Jogress evolutions to work with. Tailmon speculates that the other Jogress partners must be within the group. Hikari expresses some sadness at BlackWarGreymon being a Digimon who’s born only to fight, and Daisuke says that Hikari is a nice girl, “unlike Miyako”. As the kids prepare to enter the Digital World again, Miyako realizes that she really is different from Hikari, who has a tendency to lock her feelings up inside herself.

As the kids walk through the Digital World, Tailmon recognizes the location they’re walking through as where she’d lost her Holy Ring. The kids decide to split up and look for it, and Hikari goes off with Miyako.

Ken and Wormmon happen to be around, surveying a nearby area, and Wormmon gets a bad feeling about the area. Ken suddenly sees images of a dark ocean inside the forest, one that he’d been to before. Ken doubles over and screams in pain, while Hikari and Miyako hear his voice and quickly find him. Ken tells them about the ocean that he saw, which startles Hikari, who’d also been taken to that ocean before.

Ken manages to barely pull himself together and walks off with Miyako and Hikari, but the three of them and their Digimon wander into a mysterious dark sphere. Daisuke and Takeru realize that the signals of Hikari and Miyako have disappeared on their Digivices, and Daisuke, Takeru, and Iori go off to look for them.

Hikari, Miyako, and Ken realize that they’re lost, but hope arrives in the form of Daisuke looking for them...only for Daisuke to pass right through them, unable to see them and in a different form of reality from them. Daisuke, Iori, and Takeru regroup and decide to have their Digimon evolve in order to help them look for the others.

As Hikari, Miyako, and Ken wander around in low spirits, Miyako tries to lighten the mood, but neither Ken nor Hikari are feeling up to it. Ken worries that they’ll never be able to make it back, but Hikari assures them that they’ll be able to return as long as they want to return and someone wants them back. Miyako snaps and accuses Hikari of making fun of her, but as she walks by them in a huff she realizes that she’d probably gone too far with that.

They reach a dead end, and Miyako sees a shining light down a cliff and wonders if it’s the Holy Ring. Ken has a vague memory of having had the Holy Ring at one point, but his memories are so blurry that he can’t exactly put his finger on when and says nothing to the others about it. While Miyako tries to climb down the cliff in order to retrieve it, she falls down and slips and is caught by Hikari. However, both Hikari and Ken suddenly see waves of water, causing Hikari to slip over and fall down the cliff with Miyako while Ken descends into horror.

Miyako wakes up from being knocked unconscious with Hikari watching over her, and Tailmon reveals that what they’d thought to be the Holy Ring was actually a fragment of an Evil Ring. Miyako tries to get Hawkmon to evolve to Aquilamon so that they can get out of there, but Hawkmon finds himself mysteriously unable to evolve. Miyako begins to lose it, screaming that they’ll be trapped there forever, but Hikari manages to snap Miyako out of it with a smack to the face.

As Tailmon and Hawkmon search for something that can be used as a rope to get back, Hikari confesses that she’s jealous of Miyako’s ability to be straightforward about her emotions, attributing her own tendency to repress herself to why she’s so easily taken by the Dark World despite her unwillingness to go there. Tailmon and Hawkmon arrive with a vine and they climb back up the cliff, where they meet with Ken, who apologizes for not having been able to help them. Hikari begins to hear the sound of the waves and follows it to find herself at a cliffside by the dark ocean. Ken and Miyako follow behind her, with Ken also able to see the ocean but Miyako unable.

Ken is surprised to find that someone else had been to the dark ocean besides himself, and Miyako’s frustration at being unable to see it causes it to appear in front of her. Ken feels distortion coming from the ocean, and Miyako says that it may have to do with the forces that protect the Digital World weakening.

Archnemon sees the three of them at a cliff slowly fading in and out, and realizes that they’d gotten into a distorted world. Wanting to continue pursuing BlackWarGreymon, she uses some Dark Towers to create a Blossomon to go after them.

Hikari falls to her knees and begins to say that they’ll never get out, and Blossomon appears through a rift in the world and attacks them. Tailmon sees the forest they came from inside the rift, and a light appears through it, allowing Hawkmon and Wormmon to evolve to Aquilamon and Stingmon. Before Hikari can have Tailmon armor evolve, however, she drops her D-3 and falls over in pain again while she has a vision of water surrounding her and yells that she doesn’t want to be taken away. As Hikari says that the darkness is starting to take her away again, Miyako gets Hikari back to reality with another slap in the face, telling her that she’ll keep Hikari away from the darkness.

Hikari thanks Miyako and the two are enveloped in light, and Miyako tells Hikari that it’s because Hikari is “the light that shines through the darkness”. Hikari and Miyako’s D-3s react, and Tailmon and Aquilamon Jogress evolve to Silphymon, who defeats Blossomon and causes the group to return to the normal Digital World. With their job done, Silphymon reverts to Hawkmon’s Baby I form, Pururumon, and Tailmon’s Child form Plotmonnote .

The three of them return to the others and tell them what had happened. Ken takes his leave, and Miyako muses that she thinks she understands both Ken and Hikari a little better. Takeru tells Hikari that he’d worried about her being taken to an unknown world again, but Hikari smiles, says that she’ll definitely never go back there again, and looks at Miyako reassuredly.