Recap / Digimon Adventure 02 E 2 Digital Gate Open

Having just returned from the Digital World, Daisuke stands up and talks about all of the awesome things he’d just seen. Miyako wants to go to the Digital World to check it out, but Iori reminds her that it’s late and they should probably go home. As they leave, Koushirou goes back to turn the computer off and sees that the Digital Gate has closed.

Late that night, at Iori’s house, Iori wonders what the Digital World is like and Miyako, who is fixing Iori’s mother’s computer, decides that she’s definitely going to the Digital World tomorrow. Daisuke lies in bed, thinking of V-mon and wondering what he’s doing.

Meanwhile, the Chosen Children of 1999 (minus Mimi, who’s moved to America) hold a meeting, and Taichi explains to the Chosen not in the know about armor evolution and the new Chosen Children. Sora worries about Piyomon, and Hikari says that she’s gotten an email from Mimi also expressing concern for Palmon. Yamato decides that they should go too to the Digital World, and Koushirou tells them that he’ll check on the computer lab computers again to see if the Digital Gate re-opens. Since Yamato and Jou have obligations, Taichi, Sora, Takeru, and Hikari are the ones left to go.

The next morning, Koushirou sees that the gate is closed, but once Miyako and Iori walk into the computer room asking about the Digital World, he sees it open. Taichi, Sora, Takeru, Hikari, and Daisuke enter, and Daisuke presents Sora with his new Digivice. Koushirou notices that the Digital Gate is open only on one of the computers, and that it’s the first time the Gate has opened for two days in a row.

Before they can all enter, however, they’re interrupted by teacher Mr. Fujiyama, who’s surprised to see graduated students hanging around. He declares himself the new leader of the computer club (despite knowing nothing about computers), and Taichi ends up having to pull him aside so the others can enter the Digital World without being seen.

The new 2002 Chosen Children enter and see that their clothes have changed, and as they discuss it cheerily Sora notes that the new kids are very different from them. As they look for Piyomon and Tentomon, the Digimon Kaiser, who’s watching over them, declares the start of the “game” and sends a Snimon after them. V-mon arrives and brings along Piyomon and Tentomon, who are happy to be reunited with their human partners, but the reunion is interrupted by the Snimon. Daisuke attempts to have V-mon armor evolve, but before he can say the evolution call, the Kaiser has a Drimogemon and Mojyamon intervene and send Daisuke and V-mon down a pit. Despite Miyako and Iori’s concern for Daisuke, the others are forced to flee in order to stay alive.

Daisuke wakes up tied to a rock and faced with the Digimon Kaiser himself. Daisuke is surprised to see that the Kaiser is a kid his age, but the Kaiser declares him to be different from Daisuke and reveals V-mon chained to the opposite wall and himself to be in possession of Daisuke’s Digivice and D-Terminal.

As the Chosen Children wander around, Miyako and Iori’s Digivices (and only their Digivices) begin to react. Piyomon and Tentomon have a suspicion what it might be and lead them to a temple resembling a Mayan pyramid. Inside, they see two Digimentals with the Crests of Love and Knowledge, but Sora and Koushirou are unable to pick them up. Remembering that Taichi had been unable to lift the Digimental of Courage but Daisuke had been able to, Sora and Koushirou have Miyako and Iori pick up the Digimentals of Love and Knowledge respectively, and they are able to do it. Miyako and Iori’s partners, Hawkmon and Armadimonnote .

Miyako is uncertain about this meaning that she has to fight, but Sora, remembering Mimi saying the same thing, tells Miyako that while it’s understandable to not want to fight, someday she’ll look back fondly on her adventures with the Digimon. Koushirou stimulates Iori’s curiosity about the Digital World and encourages him to search for the answers to his questions with the help of his friends. With that, Miyako and Iori perform the evolution call of “Digimental Up!”, armor evolving Hawkmon to Holsmonnote  in the spirit of Piyomon’s evolutions and Armadimon to Digmon in the spirit of Tentomon’s evolutions.

The Digimon Kaiser sends one of his black rings towards V-mon, intending to make V-mon his slave, but V-mon tells him that he’ll never work for the Kaiser when he’s waited so long to meet Daisuke. Before the ring hits V-mon, Holsmon and Digmon intervene, and Tailmon prepares to take on the Digimon Kaiser before she’s attacked in turn by the green worm Digimon accompanying him; the resulting scuffle causes the Kaiser to lose grip on Daisuke’s Digivice and D-Terminal, which are caught by Miyako and Holsmon. Angered, the Kaiser orders Snimon, Mojyamon, and Drimogemon after them.

Miyako hands Daisuke his Digivice and D-Terminal, and Daisuke uses them to armor evolve V-mon to Fladramon. The combined efforts of Fladramon, Holsmon, and Digmon remove the rings from Snimon, Mojyamon, and Drimogemon, who become tame, but the Kaiser returns to his base, still unfazed and enjoying the new challenge. Hawkmon and Armadimon tell their new human friends that they’re looking forward to working with them, and the rest go home, while the Kaiser plots his next move...

Taichi returns to the computer lab, finally free from talking with Mr. Fujiyama, only to find the group of kids piled up in the computer room. The kids find that their Digimon have followed them to the human world, although in doing so V-mon, Hawkmon, and Armadimon have reverted to their Babynote  forms of Chibimonnote , Poromon, and Upamon. Piyomon and Tentomon stay behind in the Digital World to find out more about the Kaiser, while Koushirou asks everyone to please get off of him.


  • Drill Mole: Drimogemon.
  • Elemental Rock-Paper-Scissors: Invoked in the dub by Fladramon while fighting Mojyamon.
  • Eye Beams: Holsmon uses these as a form of Dynamic Entry, blasting the Dark Ring the Kaiser was about to use on V-mon. The dub incorrectly refers to the attack as Tempest Wing.
  • Mayincatec: The pyramid, though it's not significant in any way.
  • My Master, Right or Wrong: Wormmon defends the Kaiser from Tailmon.
  • Sleep-Mode Size: V-mon, Hawkmon and Armadimon revert to their In-Training forms in the human world.
  • We Need a Distraction: Tai volunteers to stay behind to distract a teacher who walks in on the others about to head to the Digital World.