Recap / Digimon Adventure 02 E 29 Archnemon The Spider Womans Mistake

Daisuke, Ken, and Iori find themselves unable to move as the Dokugumon approaches them. Ken tells Iori, the only one with free hands, to contact the others with his D-Terminal. Unfortunately, the others happen to be a bit preoccupied with fleeing from the armies of insect Digimon after them.

Ken urges Iori not to give up, and Iori catches sight of an air conditioner switch on the wall. Daisuke uses his soccer skills to kick a piece of plank at the air conditioner, switching it on and causing the web to fall apart. Now free from the web, Iori falls down, but Ken, holding onto a piece of web, catches him from falling and lowers himself, Iori, and Daisuke down onto a giant bed. Daisuke calls XV-mon over, who returns to him and reverts to V-mon. The four of them hide inside a large set of clothes drawers, but are placed in a crisis when Digmon begins to drill through the drawer from outside.

Knowing that they won’t be able to get hold of the woman’s flute, they ponder how they’re going to stop the flute from playing. Ken brings up the fact that moths emit sounds that disrupt bats’ sense of echolocation and comes up with the idea of somehow disrupting the sound of the flute. Daisuke emails Miyako about it with the D-Terminal and Miyako recognizes this kind of thing as her specialty, but needs a computer to do it. Fortunately, Hikari and Takeru happen to be in a room with a computer, and Miyako uses her D-3 to track them down and meet up with them. The three of them shake off the Flymon and Snimon, and Miyako turns on the giant computer. Daisuke’s group receives an email that Miyako’s made it to the computer, and Ken says that he’s not familiar with sound-related software, but Iori says that Miyako is a specialist in this particular field.

Miyako tells Hikari and Takeru that she makes sound effects for her older sister who does drama, and that she also works with Koushirou to do synthesis for Yamato’s band, the Teen-Age Wolves. Miyako has Takeru connect a mic to the large computer and has Hikari help her use the mouse in order to record a bit of the flute playing, then selects a portion of the recording, inverts it, and plays it on top of the woman’s flute. The mess of sounds causes the insect Digimon to stop attacking, and Stingmon and Digmon snap back to their senses right when they’re about to close in on Daisuke, Ken, and Iori, not remembering anything of what had just happened.

The three of them are now free to take on the woman, who jumps down from a large height to face them. The kids, knowing that a normal human wouldn’t be able to survive that, realize that she isn’t human, and their suspicions are confirmed when she turns into a large spider and reveals herself to be named Archnemonnote .

As Archnemon attacks them directly, V-mon evolves to XV-mon and fights her, while Hikari and Takeru come in on Nefertimon and Pegasmon to intervene. Nefertimon and Pegasmon are tossed aside, and Daisuke and Ken have XV-mon and Stingmon Jogress evolve to Paildramon. Paildramon lures Archnemon to the dining room, where Hikari, Takeru, Miyako, and Iori have a trap set up, and Archnemon falls right into it.

The kids interrogate the defeated Archnemon on why she wants to destroy the Digital World, to which she responds that it’s her “life’s purpose”. With Archnemon clearly not willing to repent, but the kids, not wanting to kill her, debate what to do with her. As they debate, Archnemon is bailed out by Mummymon, another Digimon with the ability to take a human-like form. Mummymon fends off the kids and escapes with Archnemon, and the kids are left to debate what on earth the two of them intend to do. Remembering that Archnemon’s goal was nothing but “total destruction”, Iori wonders if he can fight that kind of enemy.

Iori thanks Ken for saving him from falling earlier, saying that he owes Ken even more now. Ken calls it even for Iori having noticed the air conditioner, but Iori insists that someday he will repay Ken.

Mummymon and Archnemon return to their hideout, and while Mummymon (unsuccessfully) tries to hit on Archnemon, Archnemon wonders what she should do about the kids destroying Dark Towers...


  • Double Entendre:
    Mummymon: How are your injuries, Archnemon?
    Archnemon: Can't you tell?
    Mummymon: That was a silly question...Well, when we get to our hideout, I'll take really good care of your body...
  • Kill Him Already!: An odd version of the trope: in the Japanese version, as the kids wonder whether killing Archnemon is the only option if she's so unwilling to repent and is liable to keep destroying the Digital World, Ken offers to do the job himself if they have to do it so that the others won't have to dirty their hands. Takeru, however, sees right through Ken's front (since Ken isn't exactly any more enthusiastic about the idea than the others are) and tells him to stop trying to look cool.
  • Lampshade Hanging: In episode 4 of the Japanese version, we see Yamato’s band playing Yamato’s Image Song “Walk on the Edge”, which isn’t exactly very logical for a middle school rock band to play because it has a horn section. In this episode, Takeru realizes that Miyako’s work in sound synthesis for the band explains why the band manages to sound like it has more members than it actually has...and why he keeps hearing brass instruments in his brother’s music when there don’t seem to be any.