Recap / Digimon Adventure 02 E 28 The Insect Masters Trap

The kids and their Digimon continue their work in the Digital World of destroying Dark Towers. When they get home, they check out the map of the Digital World and see that Ken and Stingmon have also been hard at work destroying Dark Towers as well.

The curious other Digimon ask Chibimon about what it’s like to Jogress evolve, and Chibimon tells them that it gave him an amazing and powerful feeling and that it felt like two minds becoming one. The kids also ask Daisuke about it, who tells them that he could feel his and Ken’s heartbeats in synchronization. Hikari wonders if other Digimon can Jogress evolve and begins to think up a bunch of other possible combinations between the kids’ Digimon, which Iori feels uneasy about because he doesn’t even like fighting in the first place and doesn’t want to push the Digimon too hard. However, while he gets in a fight with Daisuke about it, Takeru joins Hikari in making speculations, only to see Chibimon still musing about the experience.

Ken tells Wormmon that he believes Jogress evolution to be dangerous, since evolving to something with the equivalent of Perfect level might force Wormmon to use up a lot of energy. Wormmon says he won’t do it if Ken doesn’t want him to, and asks Ken if he’s saying this because he’s worried about Wormmon. As they return for home, Wormmon thinks that Ken is still uncertain about joining the others, but that he’ll wait until Ken is ready to make his decision.

The mysterious woman is looking at the fallen Dark Towers when something that looks like a television screen catches her eye. She turns it on to see a recording of the kids saying that they need to capture her to stop the destruction. Irate, she sends a message to the Chosen Children saying that if they want to meet her, they should go to the “Giga House”.

The kids are very aware that it’s a trap, but decide to go there anyway because they’ll have to fight her sometime. They arrive at the Giga House only to find that it truly is a giant house, with the kids effectively being as big as ants in such an environment. Seeing that it looks dangerous, they consider not going in, but when Ken arrives, having gotten the email as well, and tells them that he’ll take care of it himself, Daisuke insists on going in with him. The kids decide that Iori, Ken, and Daisuke will go in first, with Takeru, Hikari, and Miyako staying outside just in case.

Iori, Ken, and Daisuke are attacked by a bunch of Gokimon upon entering, while outside, Tailmon begins to hear something strange. The kids outside are attacked by a bunch of Flymon.

V-mon, Wormmon, and Armadimon evolve, but while Daisuke wants to have XV-mon and Stingmon Jogress evolve, Iori and Ken are against it, since the Gokimon aren’t controlled by Evil Rings or Spirals and the kids have no proof that they’re Dark Tower Digimon. With no other option, they try to escape. Outside, Miyako wonders why a bunch of Snimon and Flymon are attacking them, and Miyako, Hikari, and Takeru are forced to flee into the Giga House.

XV-mon manages to get the Gokimon army away by washing them down the drain with a shower head. They’re shortly after attacked by a bunch of Kunemon, and Ken and Stingmon are thrown into the water, to which Iori reacts by having Ankylomon revert to Armadimon and armor evolve to Submarimon to save them. Ken thanks Iori for saving him, but Iori tells him that he’s only repaying the favor of Stingmon having saved Iori from Thunderballmon.

Hikari, Miyako, and Takeru decide to split up to look for Daisuke and the others. Hikari and Takeru find themselves in a large room with a giant computer in it, and get behind a bookshelf to hide.

Ken and Iori hear a flute playing, and they see the mysterious woman playing one. The woman taunts Ken, calling him worthless and accusing him of putting up a tough front for his friends. Incensed, Ken agrees to having Stingmon and XV-mon Jogress evolve, but the woman resumes playing the flute and Stingmon doubles over in pain and suddenly attacks XV-mon. Iori realizes that the woman is controlling Stingmon with the flute and has Armadimon armor evolve to Digmon to get the flute...but Digmon promptly also goes crazy and attacks them as well.

The woman tells them that Iori chose the wrong evolution for Armadimon, and Iori realizes that the flute controls insect-type Digimon. While Miyako flees from a bunch of Flymon and Hikari and Takeru continue to dodge a bunch of Snimon, Digmon causes Iori, Daisuke, and Ken to fall down a crack into a spider web and at the mercy of an approaching Dokugumon, while XV-mon continues to be attacked by the flute-controlled Stingmon and Digmon...