Recap / Digimon Adventure 02 E 26 Jogress Evolution Now Two Hearts Become One

As if to reward Ken for all of his recent efforts, the new opening theme plays, prominently showing Ken with all of the other Chosen. Huzzah!

The kids continue rebuilding the Digital World, and Miyako wonders who the mysterious woman who is making Digimon out of Dark Towers is. Meanwhile, Ken and Wormmon inspect a Dark Tower, and Ken is unable to make heads or tails of it, having lost the ability to understand the things that he created as the Kaiser. Wormmon feels bad, thinking that if he had been stronger, he could have stopped Ken from becoming the Kaiser, while Ken tells him that itís not his fault.

The mysterious woman uses another one of her hairs and a Dark Tower to make a Minotaurmonnote , commanding it to destroy a bridge that the kids have just fixed. The group sees him and their Digimon armor evolve and attack. After the Minotaurmon takes a bit of damage and they confirm that heís actually another Dark Tower Digimon, they quickly defeat him, at the price of having the bridge damaged again and forcing them to work on repairing it.

Daisuke suggests asking Ken to come and help them, but Iori is still unable to forgive Ken for his deeds as the Kaiser. Daisuke says that when Kenís Crest of Kindness had turned into the Digimental of Miracles, he could hear a voice from it and had an intuitive feeling that he could trust the Crest, which he believes is Kenís heart. However, the others arenít fully able to understand what Daisuke means by that.

Koushirou sends the kids an email saying that something strange is happening nearby, and the kids go to check it out. Ken and Stingmon meanwhile continue destroying Dark Towers, and as they return home to call it a day, Ken wishes that there were more he could do.

The kids find themselves that the Kaiserís base, and Koushirou tells them that negative energy is gathering in one location and that if it isnít stopped, an explosion could occur. Daisuke speculates that itís because the Crest of Kindness is missing, and decides to call Ken in order to have him bring the Crest.

Ken is enjoying snacks with Wormmon back at home until the mysterious woman appears on his computer. Ken demands to know what she knows about him and what she plans to do with the Digital World, but she shrugs off his question. As the phone rings and Wormmon is forced to pick it up as Ken is too distracted to answer it, the woman tells Ken that he was the one to become the Kaiser simply because she just needed anyone who could build the Dark Towers for her, but with Ken, there was ďan opportunity to exploitĒ - an answer which Ken finds too simple to believe.

Wormmon finally gets Kenís attention to the phone, which has Koushirou on the other line. He receives the details of the situation in the Digital World and realizes that the woman was just trying to hold him up. Ken and Wormmon rush to the site with Ken believing that he is the one responsible for this and thus he needs to be the one who puts an end to it.

Daisuke and the others watch nervously as the base begins to show signs of exploding, and the woman appears to them, saying that she wonít let them mess with her explosion. She uses several Dark Towers to create an Ookuwamonnote , who attacks the kids, while V-mon, Hawkmon, Armadimon, and Patamon evolve and Tailmon armor evolves to fight it off. Unfortunately, Ookuwamon is strong enough to cause their Digimon except XV-mon to revert to their normal forms, but Ken and Wormmon arrive in time and Ken has Wormmon evolve to Stingmon.

Ken, with Crest in hand, tells Daisuke that they should all get out of there while he takes care of it. Ken, wanting very badly to atone for his deeds as the Kaiser and Stingmon, believing that he is responsible for having allowed Ken to do so, have decided that they donít care what happens to them if it helps save the Digital World - but Daisuke slaps Ken and urges him to keep living on, with XV-mon echoing the sentiment to Stingmon.

Ken realizes that he still feels like there are things he must do, and that he canít die there. With that, Daisuke and Kenís D-3s begin to glow, the two of them begin to hear each otherís heartbeats, and XV-mon and Stingmon Jogress evolvenote  to Paildramon.


  • Eye Catch: In addition to the new opening and ending, a new eyecatch makes its debut in this episode, this time featuring more hijinks from V-mon along with Ken and Wormmon joining the group.
  • Poor Communication Kills: When the rest of the Chosen try to contact Ken to get his help with the exploding base, Ken's a little distracted by the Mastery Woman's taunting via online chat. Luckily, Wormmon is there to play secretary.
  • Redemption Demotion: Ken actively knows that heís gone through this and it frustrates him. We donít find out exactly why heís gone through this, however, until much later.
  • Spoiler Opening: The new opening spoils the Jogress evolutions for the other kids along with Imperialdramon, and the new ending theme spoils that and Imperialdramon Fighter Mode.