Recap / Digimon Adventure 02 E 22 Brave Evolution XV Mon

With the defeat of the Kaiser, the Chosen Children return to their normal lives at school. While Hikari attends dance class, Tailmon and Patamon decide to join in the fun and dance together, while Chibimon feels left out. Daisuke himself isn’t faring too much better either; during a basketball game between the boys, Hikari openly cheers for Takeru over Daisuke, and Daisuke ends up humiliating himself during the game in front of Hikari.

However, just because they’ve defeated the Kaiser doesn’t mean that the kids can completely go back to normalcy, and they spend the afternoon going to the Digital World in order to clean up the damage left by the Kaiser. The kids split up areas that they want to help rebuild and, with the help of the natives, get to work. During the day, however, Takeru and Patamon meet up with Hikari and Tailmon to discuss something: the fact that they’re still capable of coming to the Digital World means that the Digital World still needs the children for something.

Daisuke laments his woes of Hikari and Takeru being so close to each other, and V-mon confesses that he has a crush on Tailmon and is jealous of how Patamon and Tailmon get along so well. Daisuke and V-mon decide that they need to work together to get Hikari and Tailmon’s hearts, and that in order to do so, V-mon needs to evolve to Adult level. They’re attacked shortly after by a mysterious creature, but when V-mon fails to evolve to Adult level to take it on, Daisuke reveals that said “creature” was actually a staged event by some Numemon and Veggiemon he’d gotten to help. Incensed, V-mon chases Daisuke through the forest.

The chase leads them to a bridge, and Daisuke breaks the bridge in the hopes that him being in a desperate situation will get V-mon to evolve to Adult level, only for his hopes to be dashed again. They decide to call it quits and go back to the others, but they’re suddenly approached by a bunch of falling rocks, which Daisuke confirms is most definitely not a part of a plan to get V-mon to evolve. The two of them make a run for it and run into a Tortamonnote  who is, well...taking a leak. The Tortamon, upset at having had his privacy disturbed, promptly chases after them.

The Numemon and Veggiemon tip off Hikari and Takeru about Daisuke’s plans to get V-mon to evolve to Adult level, and Hikari and Takeru wonder what on earth he’s thinking...only for Daisuke and V-mon to come running in with the Tortamon at their heels. Deciding that it’s Daisuke’s fault for what happened and that Tortamon doesn’t really seem like an intrinsically hostile Digimon, they leave the two of them to take care of it.

Daisuke and V-mon run into Iori, who initially tries to ward off the Tortamon with his kendo skills but chickens out at the last minute and runs. Miyako doesn’t help either, hiding in a boat with Hawkmon while watching. As Tortamon corners them at a cliff, Daisuke and V-mon attempt to kneel down and apologize for invading Tortamon’s privacy, but he continues to attack once Daisuke asks to Tortamon to wash his hands before killing them. Faced with an actual crisis, V-mon evolves to XV-monnote , who manages to send away Tortamon. With Tortamon far away, Daisuke and XV-mon manage to successfully avert their eyes while Tortamon does his business, and even get to see him wash his hands.

The other kids seem to be happy about V-mon evolving to XV-mon for another reason: they get to work him extra hard while they rebuild the Digital World. Alas...


  • Bowdlerise: All scenes of Tortamon going to the bathroom were cut from the dub.
  • Breather Episode: The episode is a silly diversion and takes place between the emotionally-charged episode 21 (the Kaiser’s defeat and Wormmon’s death) and episode 23 (the explanation of Ken’s Start of Darkness and Wormmon’s subsequent rebirth).
  • Butt-Monkey: Even if they (inadvertently) instigated the mess, poor Daisuke and V-mon are tossed around by the entire cast for this episode.
  • Hopeless Suitor: The episode is initially about Daisuke and V-mon attempting to overcome this status and impress Hikari and Tailmon.
  • Interface Spoiler: An easy way to tell that the creature Daisuke has the Numemon and Veggiemon disguise themselves as isn’t an actual Digimon is that we don’t get a Digimon Analyzer screen for it.