Recap / Digimon Adventure 02 E 20 Superior Evolution Golden Magnamon

Under the Kaiser’s direction, Chimeramon begins to destroy many towns in the Digital World, allowing the Kaiser - who’s somewhat starting to lose it - to take over more and more areas. Wormmon, looking on, wonders if this is what Ken really wants...

The kids watch as Chimeramon destroys everything without rhyme or reason, and they all resolve that they have to take him down no matter what. Unfortunately, this doesn’t stop the fact that they’re still too weak in their state to fight Chimeramon. Iori finds a pipe and valve sticking out of the ground...

Koushirou receives a mail from the kids with info on Chimeramon, and Koushirou uses his computer to analyze him with the help of photos from Hikari. Iori emails him about the pipeline he found, which Koushirou traces to the undersea oil rig, and has an idea on how to stop the moving fortress...

The Kaiser suddenly feels something strange and doubles over, with Wormmon worrying over him as he’s been having attacks all night. The Kaiser insists that he’s fine but hears a voice saying that he can’t run from the “Dark World” anymore, and he sees a wave of darkness below him before Wormmon snaps him back to reality. The Kaiser barely pulls himself together, saying that he will indeed become the ruler of the Digital World.

Tentomon, Agumon, and Gabumon open the valve on the oil pipeline right as the Kaiser’s fortress floats over it. Agumon and Gabumon set fire to the oil, causing a huge explosion of fire to surround the fortress and forcing the Kaiser to become occupied with having it put out. Daisuke and Lighdramon, followed by the others, use the opportunity to sneak onto the Kaiser’s base. The kids find the power room and decide to enter it to stop the base from moving. Wormmon alerts the Kaiser to the presence of the kids, and the Kaiser sends a bunch of Evil Ring-controlled Bakemon after them.

The kids ward off the Bakemon with no problem and continue to charge towards the power room, but the Kaiser watches over them, declaring that their efforts are in vain. As they reach the outside of the power room, they’re approached by a bunch of Bakemon and none other than Chimeramon. The kids’ Digimon tell the kids to run off and hide while they take care of it, and they attack with their full strength, but Chimeramon proves strong against them as he blindly attacks everyone and everything, destroying the Bakemon in the process. Takeru realizes that Chimeramon is so destructive that he’ll attack his own allies, and Wormmon warns the Kaiser that at this rate, Chimeramon will destroy the fortress.

Even with all of them attacking simultaneously, the attacks don’t leave a scratch on Chimeramon, and Chimeramon easily defeats the kids’ Digimon and reverts them to their Baby forms. Seeing the Digimon in their Baby forms, the Kaiser realizes that he’d seen the Chosen Children carrying plushies that look suspiciously like the Baby forms while at the Tamachi-Odaiba soccer game. Starting to realize that Digimon may actually be living creatures after all, he hesitantly orders Chimeramon to stop attacking.

The kids decide to use the opportunity to escape and wait for another chance, but Daisuke refuses to give up when Chimeramon’s liable to continue destroying everything. The kids tell him that he’s crazy, since they can’t do anything when their Digimon are in their Baby forms, but Daisuke insists, saying that he can’t stand sitting back and watching while the Digital World is destroyed. Chibimon tells him that he’ll go wherever Daisuke goes, and Daisuke continues to look for the power room with Chibimon at his side, leaving the others behind. The kids initially decide on going with Daisuke, inspired by his determination, but the Kaiser orders Kimeramon to resume the attack...only for Kimeramon to suddenly turn around and fly up into a hole in the ceiling as a voice laughs at the Kaiser.

The Kaiser begins to fall apart even more, with Wormmon becoming more and more worried about his sanity. As Daisuke finally finds the power room, he’s approached by none other than Wormmon, who wants to help the kids defeat Chimeramon if it saves Ken from his descent into insanity. Daisuke decides to trust Wormmon, and Wormmon leads them to the source of the base’s power: a large black object, which Wormmon says that the Kaiser found one day and used to make his base around.

The large black object begins to rise from its pedestal, and the power in the base goes out. Suddenly, a golden light emerges from the black object, and a pink symbol appears on it. The light causes Chibimon to evolve to V-mon instantaneously, and the black object turns golden. Daisuke realizes that the object is a golden Digimental, says that he hears a voice coming from it, and uses the Digimental to armor evolve V-mon to the golden-clad Magnamon, the “radiance of miracles” - to which the other kids, Wormmon, and the Kaiser can only look on in awe.


  • Deus ex Machina: The fact that the power source of the Kaiser's base just happens to be a Digimental that can give V-mon incredible power tends to have this feeling. One has to wonder how the hell the item was moved given the nature of the Digimentals.
  • Golden Super Mode: Magnamon.