Recap / Digimon Adventure 02 E 19 Composite Monster Chimeramon

After the kids meet up again, in the morning, Takeru, Pegasmon, Tentomon, Iori, and Submarimon sneak off on their own, believing that they’ve found where the Kaiser’s base is moving towards. The others wake up in the morning, while Daisuke mopes over having been left behind. While camping, Taichi, Yamato, and Koushirou receive a progress report from Iori, while Jun tries to chase Yamato to their camp.

Miyako and Hikari proceed to ditch Daisuke to follow the others, while Iori finds the Kaiser's base underwater and reports it to Takeru before trying to go in. As Takeru and Pegasmon fly over the area, they see a whirlpool beginning to form. The Kaiser sees the whirlpool on his display and, after describing it to Wormmon as "the entrance to the origin of the power of darkness", goes towards it to retrieve dark Digimon data to complete his "original Digimon". Wormmon, feeling something strange from the whirlpool and fearing for Ken's safety, tries to stop the Kaiser, but he calls Wormmon a coward and proceeds.

Takeru sends a mail to Hikari and Miyako about the whirlpool, and they tell him to tell Iori, but Takeru says that he’s somehow lost contact with Iori. Takeru notices that Tentomon and Pegasmon feel a strange presence about the whirlpool, which he also feels. Iori and Armadimon infiltrate the Kaiser's base and find the power room, and Armadimon tells Iori that he feels something cold.

Wormmon pleads with the Kaiser to stop before he crosses a point of no return, but he pushes towards the whirlpool. From above, Takeru sees the base moving towards the whirlpool and worries about Iori. Iori finds the Digimon captured by the Kaiser and is about to free them before he looks around and sees the whirlpool...

While stranded on an island with V-mon, Daisuke accidentally triggers a tree-shaped lever that causes the island to start moving. The two are initially confused, but decide to go with it since it'll take them to the others.

The Kaiser's base enters the eye of the whirlpool, and Takeru, Pegasmon, and Tentomon decide to go down to find where Iori entered. They’re surrounded by dark spirits, and Pegasmon indicates to Takeru a large black hole near the bottom. As Tentomon warns Takeru to be careful lest it swallow him, they enter the base via the place Iori had found.

The Kaiser sends a bunch of Mechanorimonnote  to retrieve data from the whirlpool, but they're sent berserk by the dark spirits around them and are dragged into the black hole. Wormmon again tells the Kaiser to leave it, but the Kaiser goes to retrieve the data himself.

Iori and Digmon free the captured Digimon and meet up with Takeru, Patamon, and Tentomon, who help them, while Takeru looks at the whirlpool and wonders what the Kaiser is doing. The Kaiser enters the whirlpool against the protests of Wormmon, which causes none other than Devimon to emerge. The Kaiser begins to scan Devimon's data, declaring that his original Digimon will be complete with this. However, Devimon taunts the Kaiser, saying that he won't be able to control the power of darkness, which the Kaiser shrugs off.

The appearance of Devimon unsettles Takeru, who remembers the traumatic events of three years prior. Takeru throws his hat and bag on the floor and declares he's had enough, going off to confront the Kaiser - to the shock of Iori, who's not used to seeing Takeru like this. Patamon goes to follow Takeru, while Tentomon tells Iori to stay behind and continue freeing the prisoners.

The Kaiser sees that Takeru and Iori have infiltrated, but decides he doesn't have time for them and finalizes the finishing touches on his creation: an amalgamation of the strongest parts of various Digimon. With an attitude that a DeviantArt denizen would be proud of, he declares that he's finished his "original Digimon".

Hikari and Miyako approach the Kaiser's base, and the Kaiser, seeing them, decides it's a good chance to test out his "original Digimon": Chimeramonnote . Despite the lack of actual originality, Chimeramon proves strong against Nefertimon and Holsmon, having the most beneficial characteristics of many powerful Digimon. The Kaiser looks at his creation with pride, declaring it more worthy of being Digimon partner to the Kaiser than Wormmon.

Iori, Digmon, and Tentomon finally get the last of the prisoners to safety, and although Iori is worried about Takeru, Tentomon tells him that they have to get out of there quickly. Takeru continues to storm into the base and is met by the Kaiser. Upon hearing the Kaiser claim that he "controls the power of darkness", Takeru responds by laughing at him asks how long he's going to play at being king of the Digital World and tells him that he doesn't understand the power of darkness he claims to control. This unhinges the Kaiser, who responds to Takeru by throwing his whip at him, only for Takeru to very casually touch the inflicted wound without flinching.

Takeru: Can't win with words, so you resort to violence, huh?
The Kaiser: N-no...
Takeru: Hm? No? Well, it doesn’t matter...are you done? Well's my turn.

And with that, Takeru proceeds to punch the Kaiser in the face, start a brawl with him, catch the Kaiser's whip with his bare hand, and tackle the Kaiser over.

The girls land on an island and have Nefertimon and Holsmon do an all-out attack on Chimeramon while Tentomon has to narrowly dodge Chimeramon's attacks. Unfortunately, all of Nefertimon and Holsmon's attacks are ineffective. While Takeru and the Kaiser continue their brawl, Wormmon starts up a fight with Patamon in the hopes of protecting Ken, and both fights are interrupted when Takeru catches a glimpse of Chimeramon. Seeing Nefertimon and Holsmon threatened by Chimeramon, Takeru leaves the Kaiser for later and has Patamon armor evolve to Pegasmon so that they can help the others out.

Pegasmon successfully frees Nefertimon and Holsmon from Chimeramon’s grasp, and the kids and their Digimon make an escape. Iori returns Takeru's dropped hat and bag, while V-mon wishes that he could fly in order to stand a chance against Chimeramon. The kids resolve that after some rest, they'll go back to take on the Kaiser and Chimeramon.

Meanwhile, Jun finds, to her despair, that the couplenote  she's hitchhiked with has taken her to the wrong lake...


  • A Glass of Chianti: The Kaiser briefly sips...something while laughing evilly near the beginning of the episode. It's hot and comes out of a mug, so it's likely something non-alcoholic like coffee or tea, but it achieves the same effect.
  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: Kabuterimon's metal skull, Angemon and Airdramon's wings, Garurumon's legs, Monochromon's tail, Kuwagamon, SkullGreymon, and Devimon's arms, Greymon's body, and...MetalGreymon's hair? Really? The Kaiser must have been more than a bit unhinged to not have chosen the chest missiles.
    • Fridge Brilliance: Certain animals have thick hair to protect from attackers (for example, the Puli dog breed). Perhaps MetalGreymon's hair is there to protect from attacks to the somewhat vulnerable back of the neck?
  • Let's Get Dangerous!: Takeru basically subjects the Kaiser to a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown. And it was glorious.
  • Original Character: The Kaiser thinks he's done this. Actually, regardless of the dubious distinction of "originality" to a Digimon that's made up of parts of other things, it turns out that Chimeramon is one of the base components of Millenniumon, meaning that the Kaiser was led to believe he was making an original Digimon when in fact he was creating one that already existed.
    • Stable Time Loop: Given that it's Millenniumon, the Kaiser's creation may well be the same one that merges with the dying Machinedramon...meaning that Ken possibly caused all of the plots of the WonderSwan games, Adventure, and Adventure 02! This time paradox is truly fucked up at this point.
  • Sickeningly Sweethearts: While hitchhiking on a car to get to Yamato's camp, Jun ends up being driven by a couple like this.