Recap / Digimon Adventure 02 E 14 Shurimon Of The Wind

Koushirou contemplates what had happened to Hikari in the prior episode, and wonders if Hikari has anything special about her. He gets an email from Miyako saying that they haven’t been able to find any more Digimentals yet. Upon trying to check the Digital Gate to see if there isn’t a Dark Tower in the area Miyako is looking in, he finds that a Gate opened in America and wonders if Mimi knows about it.

The kids continue their search in the Digital World before they find that they and their Digimon are hungry and, knowing that their Digimon can’t evolve if they’re hungry, plan on returning home until Takeru finds a restaurant. The kids eat well at the restaurant, though Takeru feels like he’s been here before...only for his suspicions to be confirmed when the Digitamamon asks for payment for their meal in American dollars.note  Digitamamon tells them if they can’t pay, they’ll have to work it off, and Takeru finds this story to be somewhat familiar...

Fortunately, they’re saved from the fate Jou and Yamato had suffered in the last season by Mimi and her American friend Michael (who conveniently happens to also speak Japanese), who had entered the Digital World when Koushirou had informed them of the gate opening in America. Michael is accompanied by a Digimon called Betamon and, to the shock of the other Chosen, reveals himself to have become a Chosen Child in 2001 and that he has a Digivice like the 1999 Chosen’s.

The existence of a Chosen Child in America causes the other to realize that there may be Chosen Children in other countries. Michael tells them that in 1999, when Vamdemonnote  had invaded Tokyo, Michael saw a Digimon called Gorimonnote  rampaging in New York, and attributes this event to him becoming a Chosen Child. Iori remembers that he was on the plane that was saved by Garudamon in 1999, Daisuke says that he was captured by Vamdemon along with many others at Big Sight, and Miyako had sent emails during the fight with Diablomon in 2000.

As they reminisce about how they’d all been brought together as Chosen because of this, Digitamamon interrupts them and asks for payment, which Michael takes care of. Takeru finally recognizes him as the agent of Vamdemon who had forced Jou and Yamato to work for him. However, a somewhat embarrassed Digitamamon explains that even if he used to work for Vamdemon, he’s now working to make an honest living, and although Hikari and Mimi praise him for working honestly, Miyako is skeptical, having a hard time believing that he’s turned over a new leaf after he’d just accused them of trying to get out of paying.

The restaurant is attacked by a Gorimon, and the Chosen see he’s wearing an Evil Spiral, realizing that the Kaiser must have been making many more of them. Digitamamon tries to protect them, but is blasted away. Michael has Betamon evolve to Seadramon in order to take on the Gorimon, but once it becomes clear Seadramon is struggling, Mimi has Palmon evolve to Togemon to help him. Togemon manages to break the Evil Spiral on Gorimon, who becomes tame.

Mimi remarks that Digimon are not inherently evil, and the Gorimon going on a rampage was because of the Evil Spiral. Mimi explains the gravity of the situation regarding the Digimon Kaiser to Michael. Remembering that Digitamamon had tried to protect them, Hikari and Takeru go off to look for him, but he ends up rolling to their feet. Miyako thinks about going up to thank him, but notices that something is wrong, and Digitamamon promptly attacks him. Hawkmon armor evolves to Holsmon to protect Miyako, but is injured, and while V-mon and Armadimon armor evolve to Fladramon and Digmon, they also are unable to break through Digitamamon’s hard shell.

Mimi intervenes and tries to talk sense into Digitamamon, telling him that something evil is brainwashing him, but Digitamamon claims that this is his true self. Miyako believes that it’s impossible to appeal to someone who was never their ally in the first place, but Mimi insists that she believes that Digitamamon legitimately had turned over a new leaf, even after he attacks her directly.

Miyako gets upset at Digitamamon for attacking Mimi, who had always had faith in him being a good guy, and that she herself thought maybe Digitamamon may have been a good guy after all when he had protected them earlier but now hates him. Digitamamon taunts her, saying that Miyako had always mistrusted him, and Miyako responds that she admits she bases things on looks, promptly blurts out that she likes “cool guys like Michael”, and says that it doesn’t matter because that’s who she truly is. This causes the ground near her to release a glowing light: the Digimental of Puritynote .

Miyako uses her new Digimental to armor evolve Hawkmon to Shurimon in the spirit of Palmon’s evolutions, and manages to shove a shuriken into Digitamamon’s shell. The timely arrival of Takeru and Hikari with Pegasmon and Nefertimon puts him in position for Shurimon to send a shuriken inside Digitamamon’s shell and destroy the Evil Spiral inside it.

Mimi tells Digitamamon that Miyako rescued him, and Digitamamon thanks Miyako, who resolves to be more honest to herself from now on. Mimi is promptly hit on by none other than Sukamon and Chuumon, whom she smacks away.

The kids say their goodbyes to Michael and Mimi before the gate in America closes, and Michael shakes hands with Miyako before departing.


  • Hammerspace: This is apparently what the inside of Digitamamon’s shell is, as we see a glimpse of it when Shurimon sticks a shuriken into it. It just looks like a vast amount of space with the Evil Spiral just floating randomly in it.