Recap / Digimon Adventure 02 E 13 The Call Of Dagomon

A mysterious and large Digimon rises out of a dark ocean...

In the morning before school, Takeru goes up to greet Hikari, and she instinctively calls for her brother before realizing it's Takeru. As they rush to class with Daisuke, Patamon and Tailmon watch them in a tree, and Tailmon tells Patamon that she's been sensing Hikari has been feeling something strange lately.

While in class, Hikari begins to see her classroom fade around her and her desk surrounded by ocean water. Takeru sees Hikari begin to fade away and calls out to her in the middle of class, startling everyone and bringing Hikari back to reality. Hikari immediately collapses, and the teacher tells her to go to the nurse's office and rest. As Hikari obliges, while in the hallway, she sees a vision of a younger version of herself apologizing to her brother, and the sounds of water. Behind her, she sees a shadowy figure with red eyes watching her...

After class, Takeru rushes to the nurse's office to see if Hikari is okay, but finds that she never actually went to the nurse's office. After searching the school, he finds her sitting alone outside, and goes out to meet her. Hikari tells him that she could see the ocean, that she could feel someone calling her, and that the next time "they" call her, she might end up there. She muses that her brother would have always protected her during times like these, but a frustrated Takeru tells her that she can't always rely on Taichi, shocking her and causing him to walk off.note 

After school, Hikari begins to walk listlessly towards the ocean across the street from school, and Tailmon catches her, but is unable to do anything as Hikari disappears, dropping her backpack. As Miyako tries to upgrade the D-Terminal to communicate with the Digital World in real-time rather than just through email, a depressed Takeru walks in, only for a frantic Tailmon to burst in and declare that Hikari is missing.

Daisuke insists on bursting into the Digital World to find her, but Takeru, remembering what Hikari had said about the ocean, realizes that Hikari may not actually be in the Digital World and runs off to find her. He runs off to the ocean, yelling for Hikari.

Hikari enters the dark ocean and wanders around, wondering where she is...

While running around the beach with Tailmon and Patamon, Takeru says that Hikari must not be in the Digital World they're all familiar with, and expresses his regret that he said something horrible to Hikari and frustration that he can't do anything when he should be protecting her. Tailmon tells Takeru that Hikari isn't weak because she has friends to help her, but Takeru wonders what he can do for her right now.

Daisuke continues to insist on going into the Digital World, but finds that even though he's using his D-3, the Digital Gate mysteriously won't open.

Hikari enters a cave and finds herself compelled to enter. Inside, she sees a bunch of dark figures approaching her, and finds them to be Hangyomonnote , who tell her that they used to worship a "god" under the sea before Evil Spirals were placed on them and they were forced to worship another "god" (which Hikari interprets as the Digimon Kaiser). The Hangyomon tell her that they believe she has the power to remove them, and that's why they called her to the mysterious dark ocean. Hikari is unsure of whether she can do anything, but she grabs onto one of the Evil Spirals and a light starts to radiate from it...before they're interrupted by a cave-in.

They're attacked by an Airdramon, and Hikari begins to feel hopeless. She begins to call for help, calling for Taichi, Tailmon...and Takeru.

As a result, an illusory image of Hikari appears in front of Takeru, and Takeru jumps into the image, with Patamon and Tailmon following and Tailmon saying that "feelings will connect the worlds". Takeru, Patamon, and Tailmon land in the dark ocean, where Tailmon confirms that it's not the Digital World and Hikari comes out to greet them. Upon seeing the Airdramon, Takeru has Patamon armor evolve to Pegasmon, and while Tailmon wants to armor evolve too, Hikari reveals that she left her D-3 in her dropped backpack. Tailmon has an idea, jumps onto Pegasmon's back, and directs him to destroy the nearby lighthouse. Pegasmon does so, revealing the lighthouse to be a Dark Tower. A bright pink light emerges from the destroyed Dark Tower, and Tailmon jumps in it, causing her to super-evolvenote  to Angewomon.

The combined forces of Angewomon and Pegasmon defeat the Airdramon, and Angewomon breaks the Evil Spirals on the Hangyomon's arms. However, the Hangyomon suddenly turn into large, black creatures and grab onto Hikari, declaring that they called her because she is worthy of becoming their "bride" and that they want to mate with her in order to create new offspring to fight the Kaiser.note  Angewomon won't have any of it and attacks them, causing them to let go of Hikari. The creatures retreat into the dark ocean, expressing surprise that Hikari wasn't keen on the idea of being their bride and that they will return to their "god"...and that they will be waiting.

Takeru and Hikari, riding with Pegasmon and Angewomon, rise through a portal in the sky to get home, while the narration says that this world may be different from the Digital World they know. From the dark ocean, the mysterious, giant Digimon rises...and is never seen again for the rest of the series.


  • Aborted Arc / Bizarro Episode: Not only do we never actually see the titular Dagomon ever again, it's never explained why Daisuke was never able to open the Digital Gate, how Hikari triggered a reaction when holding onto the Evil Spiral, nor how the light that came from destroying the Dark Tower got Tailmon to super-evolve to Angewomon especially when it's later revealed she should have lost this ability - in fact, we never even find out if the "Hangyomon" were actually digimon or another kind of beings. The Dark Ocean appears three more times in the rest of the series and is mentioned a few other times, but that's about it.
  • Big Brother Worship: The original Japanese version of this episode is pretty much effectively about Hikari's idolization and dependence on Taichi to save her, and Takeru breaking her of this.
  • Big "SHUT UP!": Iori delivers one to Daisuke (and, in the dub, to everyone) when Daisuke insists on rushing into the Digital World to save Hikari and everyone freaks out over what to do about the situation. The normally straight-faced Iori yelling gets the stunned silence he wants.
  • Cosmic Horror Story: The episode is full of Cthulhu Mythos themes and creatures, probably due to having been written by Chiaki Konaka. This inspired a... more memorable part of the episode, as the Deep Ones are big on the whole 'interspecies mating' thing.
  • Freeze-Frame Bonus: A frame right before the title card in the original Japanese version reads "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn" in DigiLetters, a Shout-Out to H.P. Lovecraft's The Call of Cthulhu. In addition, a sign at the Dark Ocean also has DigiCode that translates to "Innsmouth".
  • Half-Human Hybrid: As is the norm for the Deep Ones, their shtick is the making of these, and their reason for summoning Kari in the sub.
  • Inconsistent Dub:
    • The Hangyomon were renamed to "Divermon" in the dubbed version of an episode of the prior season, but here they're named "Scubamon". Not that they actually turned out to be Hangyomon, but the change is jarring.
    • Although the Spanish dub of Digimon has been historically open against censorship, this is the first time (and probably only time) it incurres into one, in the famous Hangyomon line to Kari. The dub follows the American one about turning Kari into their "bride" to make them more powerful, though it is closer to the Japanese original by stating they want to fight Digimon Kaiser and not their own master.
  • Mood Whiplash: The dub throws in a Brick Joke about jelly donuts in a pool, adding some awkward humor to an otherwise psychologically intense episode.