These recaps follow the Japanese version and titles. American dub English titles of episodes will be put in (parentheses) below. Within the individual recaps, major differences that the American dub brought in within the plot and alternate names will be placed in hottips.

'''Episode titles (in both Japanese and English) contain spoilers. ''' You are advised to proceed at your own risk.

* ''[[{{Recap/DigimonAdventure}} Digimon Adventure]]'' (1999-2000)
* ''[[{{Recap/DigimonAdventure02}} Digimon Adventure Zero-Two]]'' (2000-2001)
* ''[[{{Recap/DigimonTamers}} Digimon Tamers]]'' (2001-2002)
* ''[[{{Recap/DigimonFrontier}} Digimon Frontier]]'' (2002-2003)
* ''[[{{Recap/DigimonSavers}} Digimon Savers]]'' (Digimon Data Squad) (2006-2007)
* ''[[{{Recap/DigimonXrosWars}} Digimon Xros Wars]]'' (Digimon Fusion) (2010-2011)
* ''[[{{Recap/DigimonUniverseApplimonsters}} Digimon Universe: Applimonsters]]'' (2016-2017)