Recap / Death Note Ep 25 Silence

L questions Rem about the Death Note, but she avoids giving away too much information; she doesn't want to implicate Light or Misa, after all. She does reveal that a Death Note user could possibly use a torn part of the notebook to kill, though.

L tells Light that the former has absolved the latter of any involvement with Kira — just as Misa starts going on another killing spree. Light denies Misa's involvement in these new Kira killings, but L remains suspicious. Rem, on the other hand, figures out Light's plan: he goaded Misa into the second "shinigami eyes" deal and let her start killing again to endanger her life.

A short time later, Light finds L on top of headquarters; the latter laments his lack of connection with other people...mostly because they tend to lie. When the two rejoin the rest of the Task Force, L reveals that he plans to arrest Misa again so he can test the (fake) "thirteen days" rule of the Death Note. Just after he reveals his plan, Watari dies and tries to warn L. But the warning comes too late: Rem, in her last act, kills L to save Misa's life. L dies in Light's arms as Light gloats with a single smirk, knowing L can't do anything about it.

Light finds Rem's ashes in the lower levels of the building and snatches away her Death Note before anyone else can find it. Rem's sacrifice returns the amount of life given to Misa which she lost as a result of making the deal with Ryuk — and clears both Light and Misa of any involvement in the killings now blamed on Higuchi.

Exactly as planned.

Tropes used in this episode: