Recap / Death Note Ep 24 Revival

With the help of the police, the Kira Task Force takes Higuchi into custody. L questions Higuchi about his method of killing, and Higuchi tells L about the Death Note. As Soichiro picks it up, he yells out in fear; he can now see Rem. Mogi does the same thing. L tells Mogi to give him the notebook, which allows him to see Rem — and causes him to drop the Death Note in shock.

As Light picks it up, he screams; all of his memories as Kira come flooding back to him, and he remembers his entire plan. He used both Death Notes to set up a fake Kira, absolve Misa's role as the second Kira, and clear himself to boot. (Exactly as planned.) Light's sudden calmness and curious "nothing happened" behavior after the scream raises L's suspicions, but forgets all about them when Higuchi dies at the scene — courtesy of Light, the Death Note, and a quick bit of writing with blood.

The Kira Task Force returns to home base, convinced Higuchi was Kira. They investigate the second Death Note and finds its list of rules — along with a fake rule Light wrote into the book that says a Death Note user must kill once every thirteen days or die themselves. Light's plan goes into full effect when he asks Misa to retrieve the first Death Note. Once she becomes the "owner" of Ryuk's note, she asks Ryuk for another set of shinigami eyes (at Light's insistence) so she can figure out L's true identity.

Tropes used in this episode: