Recap / Cowboy Bebop Session 10 "Ganymede Elegy"

Short Summary

The crew manage to catch a bounty and bring it to Ganymede where Jet finds that his ex-girlfriend, Alisa, who left him one day without any explanation leaving Jet with no closure, is on the planet running a small bar. As he goes to visit her, Spike gets info about a new bounty...who happens to be Alisa's current boyfriend.

Long Summary

  • Car Chase: Well ship-to-boat chase.
  • It's All Junk: Jet pitches the pocket watch he'd been holding onto since Alisa left him into the harbor.
  • Sympathetic Murderer: Rint who murdered a loan shark while trying to protect Alisa. Jet even states that he'll probably get off with a self-defense plea.
  • The Unfair Sex: Through most of the episode, flashback and current day, Alisa never gives Jet the reason why she left him, despite him saying he wasn't going to blame her, instead continuing to dodge the question. It took Jet having to chase her boyfriend and her down in his ship and stopping their boat that she finally explains herself: she couldn't stand that Jet made all the wise decisions in their relationship claiming "she wanted to live her own life". Despite the fact that her boyfriend got the bounty on him because she had borrowed money from a loan shark resulting in him killing the loan shark out of self defense. And putting both of them in danger by suggesting they go on the run. Or you know, just talking to Jet about it in the first place! Yeah, real nice reasoning, Alisa.
    • A major part of the episode seems to be who was in the right in Jet and Alisa's relationship. Jet was just happy to have something to come home to. Alisa wanted more freedom in her relationship, even stating at the end of the episode that she wanted to make mistakes, just so they'd be hers. Due to Bebop's heavy show don't tell policy, we never truly learn who was right. And despite all that happened, it's implied Jet never truly learned his lesson. He simply passes the role of "protecting" Alisa off to Rihan. About five seconds after Alisa told him she didn't want to be protected. Then again she got into the situation the first place because she had to be protected and her refusing help from the people who care about her well being could just be seen as a child not willing to grow up. Whether or not Alisa tried to talk to Jet about their relationship never comes to light. So ultimately neither are in the right in the end and pretty much still at an impasse (though Jet at least gets some closure). However the episode leaves it up to the audience to come to their own conclusions.