[[caption-width-right:350:They're just plumbers. Really. In case of doubt, look at their [[Franchise/SuperMarioBros mustaches]].]]
Chang has kidnapped The Dean and replaced him with a Doppeldeaner. The study group attempts to free him on the night of Chang's [[BlatantLies "25th"]] Birthday Party, but the school has become a near-impregnable fortress, and in order to save the day Troy might have to make a great sacrifice.
!! Tropes appearing in this episode of ''Series/{{Community}}'' include:
* AffectionateParody: The heist is planned, acted out, and shot like Soderbergh's ''Film/OceansEleven'' and Pierce even mentions it by name.
* TheAlcoholic: One of the board members excuses his inability to see the very obvious fact that Chang was nuts with his drinking problem.
* AnswerCut:
--> '''Murray:''' And where is that key?\\
'''Troy:''' Well, where is it?\\
'''Murray:''' Oh, sorry; that was clearer in my head.
* AntiAdvice: It's pretty clear Jeff considers anything Pierce might have to say on any subject this (not, it has to be said, without reason), as demonstrated when the two give farewell advice to Troy:
-->'''Pierce:''' Never wear a rubber.\\
'''Jeff:''' Never listen to Pierce.
* ArsonMurderAndJaywalking: If Troy joins the AC Repair School, he will be forced to move out of the apartment, cut off from his friends, be unable to have a relationship and, for some unknown reason, will not be permitted to use the word 'sensational'.
* {{Blackface}}: Well, more like "tan face". Pierce uses either make-up or a lot of bronzer to darken his face for the swami costume.
* BinocularShot: "They're like telephones for your eyes."
* BittersweetEnding: The study group expose Chang, rescue the Dean and get themselves readmitted back into the school, but Troy made a deal with the AC Repair Annex to help them do so, and so must move out of the apartment and leave the group to join the AC Repair School.
* BlatantLies:
** [[SarcasmMode Sure Chang, it's a prescription throne.]]
** And it's ''clearly'' Chang's 25th birthday.
* {{Callback}}:
** Chang's evil scheme is tied to his [[Recap/CommunityS1E24EnglishAsASecondLanguage mad keytar skillz]].
** Britta is [[Recap/CommunityS2E13CelebrityPharmacology once again involved in the seduction of a middle schooler]], albeit with her knowledge this time.
** At the end of the episode the board members go out for [[Recap/CommunityS3E20DigitalEstatePlanning yard-margs]].
** Chang is stroking a stuffed tiger, also known as [[Recap/CommunityS1E02Spanish101 El Tigre]].
** "[[Recap/CommunityS3E18CourseListingUnavailable Elaborate]] [[Recap/CommunityS3E16VirtualSystemsAnalysis heist?]] [[Recap/CommunityS3E12ContemporaryImpressionists Elaborate]] [[Recap/CommunityS2E15Early21stCenturyRomanticism heist?]]"
*** And later:
--> '''Jeff''': We're done right? [[RunningGag Done? Done? Done? Done?]]
** Yet again, the study group's season two-developed skills in making dioramas comes in handy as they build a replica of Greendale. Although Shirley objects to some of the levels of detailing:
-->'''Shirley:''' You had time to make a working water fountain, and I'm a pine-cone?
** Quite a hard one to catch, but [[Recap/CommunityS1E05AdvancedCriminalLaw this isn't the first time]] someone in the study group likened Chang to Stalin.
-->'''Troy''': (''in season 1'') The only difference between Stalin and Señor Chang is that I know who Señor Chang is.
-->'''Britta''': (''in season 3, on Chang'') This is just like Stalin back in [[BuffySpeak Russia times!]]
** Chang's reference to Connie, the twin sister he ate in the womb, is a sort of CallBack[[WhatCouldHaveBeen -that-could-have-been]]; a proposed subplot for Season Two was that Chang would be increasingly haunted by visions of Connie, but it was quietly dropped.
* TheCaper
* CassandraTruth: Officer Cackowski is skeptical when the study group tells him of the "doppeldeaner" and makes it clear he will arrest them if they trespass at Greendale.
* CatchPhrase: "Oof baboof!"
* CharacterDevelopment: Another glimpse of how far Jeff has come; when presented with an option that would easily enable them to enter Greendale to stop Chang but would mean forcing Troy to join the Air Conditioning Repair Annex, Jeff immediately rejects the easy option (something that would have been unthinkable a few years ago) and agrees with everyone to plan an elaborate heist and possibly risk jail if they get caught rather than risk losing Troy.
* ComicallyMissingThePoint
--> '''Troy:''' (''after Chang tells his entire EvilPlan'') Chang, [[YoureInsane you're insane]]. [[FelonyMisdemeanor You're still into keytar]]?
** Also, earlier, when Officer Cackowski scoffs at their claim that the Dean has been replaced by a 'Deanelganger'.
--->'''Jeff:''' Well, when you say it that way, it sounds ridiculous.\\
'''Troy:''' Yeah, the word we used was doppeldeaner.
* ComplainingAboutRescuesTheyDontLike: Dean Pelton had his hopes up that Jeff would be the one to personally rescue him, and is disappointed when it is Britta.
* DistractedByTheSexy: [[DirtyOldMan Pierce]] immediately suggests Britta and Annie do this to divert the guards when Shirley points out that WeNeedADistraction, much to their disgust. Although considering the guards [[JerkassHasAPoint they're trying to distract are twelve-year-old boys...]]
* DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything:
-->'''Board member''': Only a matter of time until everyone finds out what happened here. Nobody can sit on something this big.
-->'''The Dean''': ''I'll'' sit on it. When I became dean, I made a pledge to swallow this school's failures and spit out degrees, because that's. What. Deans. Do.
*** Also reminiscent of a video of Tupac Shakur in which he states that he drinks 40s and smokes blunts "because that's. What. Niggas. Do."
** Chang's method of ruling the school is also very Stalinist dictatorship-inspired, with more than a hint of North Korea in particular.
--->'''Britta:''' It's just like Stalin back in Russia-times!
* DoubleCaper
* DressingAsTheEnemy: Annie's disguised as one of Chang's child army.
* DrunkWithPower: [[CaptainObvious This should go without saying]], but Chang.
* EvilIsHammy: Lampshaded.
-->'''Abed''': Chang's started his solo. Knowing him, that only gives us 9 minutes.
* EvilLaugh: A very disturbing and crazy one when Chang brings up the twin sister he ate [[CallBack in-utero]]: "This one's for ''you'', Connie!"
* EvilPlan
* FailedASpotCheck: The Board Members end up admitting that they ''really'' probably should have noticed that Chang was a psychotic power-mad nutcase running the school into the ground sooner than they did.
* FanService: Britta's Goth outfit as assistant to Jeff, who is disguised as a Criss Angel-esque magician. Also, Jeff as said Criss Angel-esque magician. Especially the eyeliner and leather pants.
* FieryCoverup: Chang's plan is to burn down the records, eliminating all evidence of his misdeeds.
* [[HeroWithBadPublicity Heroes With Bad Publicity]]: the study group.
* HeroicSacrifice: Troy agrees to join the Air-conditioning Repair School.
* HiddenDepths: The Doppeldeaner has a wife, turns out.
* HonorBeforeReason: Troy completes his bargain with the AC Repair School despite the personal cost because "A man's only as good as his word. [[{{Metaphorgotten}} Or his nod through a camera to a guy with a button.]]"
* HorribleJudgeOfCharacter: Even if he was charming (which is something Chang only ever manages in very, very short bursts), the Board Members should have still picked up on the several warning signs that Chang was insane.
* HypocriticalHumour:
--> '''Pierce:''' Is that me in my swami disguise?\\
'''Jeff:''' No, Pierce. For the last time, you're in the getaway van because your swami act is notoriously horrible.\\
'''Pierce:''' A. That is racist! B. Swamis can't drive; they're Indians.
** Jeff gets in on the act as well:
--->'''Jeff:''' Don't get so dramatic, Troy. The answer is simple; ''[Dramatically]'' we just have to plan ''an elaborate heist!''
* ICanExplain: Of course, when he's finally caught Chang ''can't'' explain. So he just legs it out the door instead.
* InsistentTerminology:
** It's a ''prescription'' throne. Chang has back-mumps. ([[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial Don't look them up. They're very obscure.]])
** When Officer Cackowski scoffs at the idea of Chang replacing the Dean with a 'Deanelganger', Troy immediately lambasts him... because the term the study group used was doppeldeaner.
* JustBetweenYouAndMe: Chang cant resist telling the group about his EvilPlan after capturing them.
* KansasCityShuffle: The study group intentionally make things look like the plan has derailed in order to obscure the ''real'' plan. Unfortunately, they didn't count on a ''further'' derailment.
** Arguably a Deconstruction as it turns out to be a needless complication that actually threatens a plan that was running smoothly up until that point.
* TheLadysFavor: Britta gives Troy a lock of her hair when he leaves to join the AC Repair School. He found calls it creepy, but fawns over it nevertheless.
* LaserGuidedKarma: The Changlorious Bastards suffer this when the study group get the upper-hand against them, as they're subjected to various indignities common to childhood pranking (stuck in a room suddenly plunged into the dark, menaced by bigger people, getting StuffedIntoALocker, etc). Considering that in their appearances to this point they've basically been acting like insufferable [[DrunkWithPower power-mad]] little [[BrattyHalfPint brats]], it's rather fitting.
* MusicalTrigger: Chang has the documents incriminating him in his brutal takeover of the school rigged to be set on fire when he hits the high note in his awesome keytar solo. Unfortunately, his plan [[DidntThinkThisThrough will also result in the building burning down]], because [[CloudCuckooLander despite his claims that fire is not a ghost]], it ''can'' in fact go through doors.
* NoCelebritiesWereHarmed: Jeff is disguised as Ricky Nightshade, a rock 'n' roll magician with obvious overtones of [[Series/CrissAngelMindfreak Criss Angel]].
* NonFatalExplosions: Annie tries to warn Chang, but apparently, he has ''no idea'' how fire works.
--> '''Annie''': You're going to burn down the school and kill everyone!\\
'''Chang''': Fire can't go through doors; it's not a ghost.
* NonSequitur: During the argument with Officer Cackowski at the beginning, Britta at one point feels the need to interject "Look, I ''hate'' cops!" for absolutely no reason. Needless to say, this doesn't help get Cackowski on-side.
* NotSoStoic: Lampshaded. After Troy's goodbye, Abed apologizes for "getting so emotional." His facial expression has not changed at all. Not that that makes it any less of a TearJerker.
* PerkyGoth: Britta's magician assistant persona.
* PoliceAreUseless: The study group goes to the police first to try to report Chang kidnapping the Dean and taking over the school. Not only does the cop refuse to believe it, but warns them that he'd arrest them if they went anywhere near the campus. Although in his defense, the [[CassandraTruth scenario was pretty difficult to believe]].
** But to add onto this, one look at the disturbing commercial or heck, just one look at the campus and it should have been obvious that something was wrong.
* {{Portmanteau}}: Doppeldeaner, copera, policical.
* PowerWalk: The study group do this down a hallway after they rescued the real Dean from the basement. It was a bit premature.
* PropagandaMachine: Chang's posters and TV ads.
* PunBasedTitle
* RaceAgainstTheClock: The group marks time at the beginning of Chang's big solo: they have only nine minutes left.
* RealitySubtext: Annie disguised as a twelve-year-old boy was the crew's reference to the fact that all of the kids were, at some point, replaced with small adults during filming due to union rules. In the commentary, they point the adults out.
* RiddleForTheAges: Subverted, Abed immediately tells everyone that Troy whispered, "I know you hate when people do this in movies."
* SarcasticClapping: Chang, when he captures the group, which he lampshades.
* ShipTease: Troy/Britta gets teased a few times.
-->'''Britta:''' Troy, we are not losing you to save the Dean or Greendale. ''[Meaningfully]'' Or anything. ''Ever''.
* ShoutOut:
** Abed exaggerates that flooded bathroom will turn the party into ''ThePoseidonAdventure''.
** Chang's keytar solo begins with "[[Film/BeverlyHillsCop Axel F]]."
** Jeff and Chang face off with [[ColourCodedForYourConvenience color-coded]] stun batons; Chang's is red and double-sided like [[Film/ThePhantomMenace Darth Maul]]'s.
** The moustaches Troy and Abed wear as part of their disguises as plumbers are very similar to those worn by [[SuperMarioBros a couple of Italian sibling plumbers who star in a series of video games you may have heard of.]]
*** This is a very subtle one, but also, their name tags say "Barry" and "Rod". Or, you know, [[Creator/GeneRoddenberry Rod and Barry]].
*** [[HotelMario "Here's the problem!"]]
** The acadelmania/rave music the group uses as a [[WeNeedADistraction distraction]] is that of the Blood Bath vampire rave from the film ''[[Film/{{Blade}} Blade]]'', doubling as a CallBack to "[[Recap/CommunityS3E15OriginsOfVampireMythology Origins of Vampire Mythology]]".
** Troy's goodbye whisper to Abed is inaudible like Bob's to Charlotte in "Film/LostInTranslation".
* SpiesInAVan: The study group operates out of a van during the rescue operation.
* SpySpeak: One of Chang's guards announces the Dean's escape with "The pixie has left the toadstool!"
* StrangeMindsThinkAlike:
** Troy and Britta agree that binoculars are "like telephones for your eyes."
** Upon learning that Officer Cackowski is writing a 'cop opera', seconds later every member of the study group [[LateToThePunchline except Pierce]] yells out "Copera!" as a possible title.
** Cackowski's "Deanelganger" and Chang's "Deanelchanger"
* StuffedIntoALocker: One of Chang's guards suffers this fate when the study group gain the upper hand over them.
* SuddenDownerEnding: The goodbye scene with the whole group.
* SweetPollyOliver: Annie disguises herself as one of Chang's boy guards.
* WeNeedADistraction: Used word-for-word by Shirley. [[DirtyOldMan Pierce being Pierce]], he immediately suggests Annie and Britta employ DistractedByTheSexy on the guards.
* WhamEpisode: Chang's season-long subplot is finally resolved, and as a result of the HeroicSacrifice, Troy completes his deal with the AC repair group and has to leave the group to go the AC repair school.
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: The last we see of Chang is him legging it after his scheme has been exposed and ruined, with no indication of what happens to him after this.
** The next episode reveals [[spoiler: that he's living in the air vents at City College, presumably having lost his job and being no longer welcome at Greendale.]]
* WimpFight: The Dean versus Faux-by.
* WireDilemma: Parodied with a single wire.
--> '''Abed:''' Which wire do I cut?\\
'''Troy:''' There's only one.\\
'''Abed:''' I hope to God I'm right.
* ZettaiRyouiki: Britta's magician assistant disguise which is a rank B.