Recap / Community S1 E25: Pascal's Triangle Revisited

Itís the end of the semester, and the study group decides to attend the transfer dance after being informed that Britta was nominated for transfer queen. At the dance tensions begin to rise. Annie tells the study-group that she has decided to follow her boyfriend, Vaughn, to the East Coast for the summer, but privately confides in Jeff she doesnít plan on returning to Greendale. Meanwhile, Jeff finds that while his getting quite close to Britta, Slater have decided that she is willing to give their old relationship a new shot. And soon his two love interests are competing over his affection, through increasingly venomous Passive-Aggressive Kombat.

Chang meets with Duncan, hoping that Duncan will help cheating his way through college, since he is his friend. Duncan merely laughs in Chang's face and mocks him for being a phony, telling him they were never friends. Humiliated and angry, Chang threatens violence, but Duncan smugly reminds him that punching a professor will get him expelled. Through gritted teeth, Chang promises that he will find some sort of of loophole, and when that happens, he will kill Duncan.

Troy is being kicked out of his house and in increasingly unsubtle fashion hints he wants to be Abedís roommate, a situation Abed appears uninterested in. After Pierce offers Troy to have a room in his mansion, confronts Abed about his reluctance, and Abed explains that while he indeed sees Troy as his best friend, he fears that them living together will lead to their personalities eventually clashing and ultimately cause their friendship to "jump the shark." Troy doesn't understand Abed's metaphor until he finally gets an epiphany after eating too much of a giant cookie and getting a tummy ache, realizing that too much of a good thing can be a bad thing and the cookie represents his friendship with Abed. He decides to take Pierce up his offer.

At the transfer dance, Slater and Britta's fight over Jeff intensifies, and while Duncan is openly jealous that Jeff has two women chasing after him, and tries very unsuccessfully to unsubtly flirt with Slater, Jeff feels the pressure getting to him. Things get to a head, when both women publicly confess their love for him, and the dance guests organize themselves in "Team Britta" and "Team Slater", demanding that Jeff makes a decision. Jeff, unsure how to respond, tries to spin the situation to buy some time, but he is interrupted by a drunk Duncan, who tries to impress a woman by attempting to rap. Dean Pelton tries get Duncan off the stage before he can embarrass himself and the school even more, but Duncan drunkly insults him, and Pelton suspends him. Chang walks up to Duncan, pointing out that since he is suspended, he is not an acting professor, before he pulls out a pack of quarters from his pocket and uses it to savagely hit Duncan in the face with, initiating a full-on Ballroom Blitz.

Jeff, meanwhile, has used the commotion to sneak away, and runs into Annie, who changed her mind about leaving. After the two each share their respective conflicted emotions, Annie gives Jeff a small kiss, and Jeff responds by embracing her and giving her the Big Damn Kiss that has been building for most of the season.

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