Recap / Children Of Time S 1 E 2 Men Of England

First a time machine, then a time machine that is alive and female, and now a living, female time machine that is bigger on the inside?!
Watson being introduced to the TARDIS

Picking up where "Smith and Holmes" left off, the Doctor has just landed in Victorian London, right outside 221B. Holmes is delighted to see the Doctor again, although somewhat less than enthusiastic at the thought of explaining the Time Lord & etc. to Watson. The Doctor makes one last appeal to Holmes, having been recently rejected by both Donna and Martha. Holmes understands only too well the Doctor's desperate need for companionship and rather reluctantly agrees to one adventure (being hesitant to risk Watson's safety).

Once things are explained to a rather overwhelmed Watson, the threesome settles on going to visit William Shakespeare at the Globe in the late sixteenth century. The basic adventure of "The Shakespeare Code" ensues, with variations such as Watson fanboying over Shakespeare and Shakespeare being even more Awesome by Analysis. In the end, Holmes decides (noting the wistfulness of both Doctors) to stick with the Time Lord for one more adventure...