Recap / Burn Notice S 6 E 15 Best Laid Plans

Schmidt needs 800,000 to get the cover identities for Mike, Sam, Jesse and Fi. He has a valuable electronic alarm tampering gadget hidden in his warehouse but unfortunately the warehouse is crawling with police. Fi, Jesse and Schmidt sneak in to retrieve it but Schmidt accidentally alerts the cops by dropping some expensive booze. They bust out with the gadget by driving through a wall with a forklift truck and manage to drive off but the gadget gets riddled with bullets.

Mike and Fi fix the gadget up so Schmidt can sell it to Thorne and collect the million dollars. Unfortunately Schmidt isn't able to explain why it is in a different casing than the one Thorne requested. He explains his tech guy modified the device and Sam goes undercover as Dr Charles Finlay but Thorne and his men make them go and do a dry run at Pharmatech. Fi, Mike and Jesse manage to get to Pharmatech, break in and deactivate the alarm so it looks like the gadget still works.

Unfortunately this convinces Thorne to keep Schmidt and Sam as hostages so he can take them to the actual theft which is to take place at a gem convention. Sam persuades Thorne to leave the money and Schmidt in the van the crooks are using as cover. He pretends to deactivate the alarm and disassemble the gadget. As he is doing this Thorne triggers the alarm by opening the door. He manages to get to the concealed gun in the gadget's casing and grabs Thorne and uses him as a shield to escape to the car where his friends, Schmidt and the money are waiting. The cops show up and arrest Thorne and his team.

Meanwhile Maddie gets Barry to move some flagged money around to try and send the CIA on a wild goose chase looking for Michael. Unfortunately Riley figures out something is going on with Barry and arrests him and she deduces from some leftover cigarette butts that Maddie put him up to it. Maddie arranges a meeting with Mike and Fi and they persuade her to come on the run with them.