The episode begins with Nate complaining to Michael after a 5 hour interrogation by Detective Paxson. Nate asks for a ride to his meeting with an investor in his limo company. Mike, Sam and Fi agree that if she keeps digging she will find someone willing to talk about Mike's extracurricular activities. They decide to try creating a fake relationship between Mike and someone Paxson shouldn't go after (i.e the Mayor's aide).

As Mike returns home after this meeting he is intercepted by Tyler Brennan who is angry after their last encounter. Brennan explains that his partner ( a Sicilian enforcer nicknamed the Butcher) is holding Nate hostage (he was the investor) and that he will have him killed unless Mike helps him with some errands.

Mike steals a chip from a company, tricks an angry gun nut named Jonathan Carver into saying all the numbers and his name for a voice key and then breaks into a weapons manufacturer's building. However he then tells Brennan he won't steal the last item until he knows what it is. Brennan tells him. Unfortunately once Michael has gotten them past the parking guards the Butcher and Nate arrive and Brennan shoots Nate in the arm as a warning.

Mike rings Sam from inside the building desperate as he thinks Brennan will kill him and Nate once the job is finished. Sam has been looking at the data from Brennan's phone and tells him there is an elaborate shell company that exists to send $40k to Switzerland every 6 months. Michael figures out this is tuition for a child's school and uses it to bluff Brennan into letting him and Nate go.

Later on Mike and Nate try to trick Madeline into believing Nate was hurt by a mugger but she doesn't buy it. Also Detective Paxson swings by. Her partner Detective Lopez investigated the Mayor's aide and got suspended. She warns Michael that she can give as good as she gets.


* EvenEvilHasLovedOnes: Which is the only reason Michael is able to get himself and Nate out of this one alive.
* IndyPloy: Mike takes a chance that the Switzerland money is for Brennen's daughter and claims to have an assassin in place to kill her. It works.
* NotSoDifferent: Michael can understand Brennen's desire to avenge a family member.
* PapaWolf: Brennen vows to destroy Michael and everything he loves if his daughter so much as skins her knee because of him.
* VillainousBreakdown: Brennen loses it when Michael starts talking about his daughter and her current whereabouts.
* WeWillMeetAgain: Michael gets this from both Brennen and Paxson.