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This is a recap page for the stories in The Boy Scouts ½ Universe, a fanfic series (and various spin offs) based primarily on Takahashi Rumiko's Ranma ˝.

Tropes very specific to an individual story may be placed here. Otherwise, please place them in the appropriate place on the main tropes page.

All of the stories on this page are available to read on The Boy Scouts ½ Universe website.

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     Boy Scouts ½ — Main Stories 

Boy Scouts ½, part 1: The Fateful Dip in the Springs (by Matthew Atanian)

Four Boy Scouts and one of their leaders return from a trip to China, changed forever...

Boy Scouts ½, part 2: Stormy Weather at Camp Moses (by Matthew Atanian)

The Jusenkyo Scouts cope with their new situations, including having to deal with swim tests!

Boy Scouts ½, part 3: Watergunfight at the Moses Coral (by Matthew Atanian)

Matt adopts a new name for his female self and, as "Matty Hayes," acquires some unwanted male attention.

Boy Scouts ½, part 4: For the Love of the Red Haired Woman (by Matthew Atanian)

Matty fends off some unwanted attention. Then Matt discovers a new person to whom he'd like to give his attention to, but doesn't want it.

Boy Scouts ½, part 5: El Ocaso Encimo De Un Más Verano (by Michael D. Quadrozzi)

Summer Camp draws to a close for Mike, Aaron, and the Bills. Where'd Matt go?
  • Five-Episode Pilot: This, and the proceeding four stories, make up the first complete storyline for Boy Scouts ½.
  • Gratuitous Spanish: The title of this story, for reasons known only to Mike Quadrozzi. He did later claim he'd gotten one of the words wrong, but as series creator Matthew Atanian felt the current title was too established, he refused to change it.

Boy Scouts ½, part 6: Enter Troop 42! Girl Scouts Arrive at the Church in the Acres (by Aaron Abdowmassy)

The Jusenkyo Scouts note the arrival of a new group at their troop's meeting place. Matt, to both his joy and his horror, recognizes one of them.

Boy Scouts ½, part 7: Sleep-Over at the Abdowmassy Residence (by Matthew Atanian with Aaron Abdowmassy)

The boys all hang out at Aaron's house, and Matt is propositioned by one of the Porter sisters.

Boy Scouts ½, part 8: Election Night at 192 (by Michael D. Quadrozzi)

Troop politics take an interesting turn as Mike makes a bid for Senior Patrol Leader.

Boy Scouts ½, part 9: Behind the Adult Conspiracy (by Michael D. Quadrozzi)

As the boys of Troop 192 try to understand the mysterious results of the SPL election, new allies and new enemies are made.

Boy Scouts ½, part 10: Aftermath and New Things (by Matthew Atanian)

As the Scouts of 192 reluctantly adjust to life under Justy Yung's rule, Matt — or rather Matty — makes contact with Sarah.

Boy Scouts ½, part 11: Matty's New Wardrobe? Shopping Spree from Hell (by Matthew Atanian with Carolyn Ede)

Matty Hayes goes on an embarrassing shopping excursion.

Boy Scouts ½, part 12: A Night of Magic (by Matthew Atanian)

Sarah and Matty go out for an evening togeher, while Kirstin entertains the rest of the group. Nicole gets a new pet.

Boy Scouts ½, Part 13: Yes, Virginia, It's a Wonderful Life With 192, Though I Wouldn't Call It Christmas in Heaven (by Michael D. Quadrozzi)

Special Episode: The star studded Boy Scouts ½ Christmas Spectacular!

Boy Scouts ½, Part 14: Perry Joins the Troop (by Matthew Atanian)

A new scout with a death wish against Matty Hayes and the other Jusenkyo cursed scouts joins the Troop.

Boy Scouts ½, part 15: Perilous Perfume (by Matthew Atanian)

Troop 192 departs for the Klondike Derby while Dan Wellington makes a new friend.

Boy Scouts ½, part 16: The Sweet Smell of Revenge (by Matthew Atanian)

The Klondike Derby continues with three stories about one story.

Boy Scouts ½, part 17: All The World's A Stage... (by Nicole Colosimo)

Boy Scout Troop 192 and Girl Scout Troop 42 prepare for a joint production of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

Boy Scouts ½, part 18: ...And The Men and Women Merely Players (by Matthew Atanian with Nicole Colosimo)

The play’s the thing…

Boy Scouts ½, part 19: Northern Exposure (by Matthew Atanian, based on a story idea by Aaron Abdowmassy)

The Spring Camporee comes, and so do the Canadians.

Boy Scouts ½, part 20: Due South (by Matthew Atanian, based on a story idea by Aaron Abdowmassy)

The Garden Snake Patrol prepares to fight back and restore freedom to Moses Scout Reservation.

Boy Scouts ½, part 21: Picket Fences (by Matthew Atanian, based on a story idea by Aaron Abdowmassy)

The time comes for the final battle with the Canadian Terrorists for control of Moses Scout Reservation.

Boy Scouts ½, part 22: Where No Man Has Gone Before (by Jessi Pysz and Matthew Atanian)

Matty Hayes is invited to a sleep over at the Porter residence, much to her delight... and horror.

Boy Scouts ½, part 23: The Devil in the Dark (by Matthew Atanian, based on story ideas by Matthew Atanian and Jessi Pysz)

Justy gets a new ASPL to help him torment the rest of Troop 192 as Proctor goes missing... and ends up with the Porters!

Boy Scouts ½, part 24: The Cage (by Matthew Atanian)

Justy and Proctor both adjust, with different degrees of success, to life without each other. Sarah, eager to be rid of Proctor, seeks help from an unlikely source.

Boy Scouts ½, part 25: The Conscience of the King (by Matthew Atanian)

Troop 192 finds itself under lockdown when Justy's power madness looses all regulation.

Boy Scouts ½, part 26: Ultimate Team Up? Trouble For the Jusenkyo Scouts! (by Matthew Atanian)

Summer camp of '98 begins as the most potent opposition to ever face the Garden Snake Patrol comes together.

Boy Scouts ½, part 27: A Deep Resonance (by William Hughes)

Perry conspires with Justy and Kuntz. The Garden Snakes defend the Trading Post. And Matt is not allowed to get wet.

Boy Scouts ½, part 28: The Hamster Dance (by Matthew Atanian)

Roy's attack on Trading Post manager Amanda escalates. Meanwhile, Becker is not himself.

Boy Scouts ½, part 29: Un Tramonto sul un'altra Estate (by William Hughes)

Perfume's plan to destroy the Garden Snake Patrol implodes, putting herself in danger along with her intended targets!

Boy Scouts ½, part 30: For Whom The Bell Tolls (by Matthew Atanian)

Boy Scouts ½ comes to a conclusion as the cursed members of Boy Scout Troop 192 reminisce about their past year. Then, suddenly... a sequel hook cliffhanger appears!

Boy Scouts ½: Epilogue (by Matthew Atanian)

Boy Scouts ½ creator Matthew Atanian reflects on the completion of his series and gets ready for a well deserved rest. But he receives a visit from someone else famous for self insertion who may have other ideas for his future.

     Boy Scouts ½ — Side Stories 

Anime Deathmatch Pay-Per-View: Boy Scouts ½! (by Matthew Atanian, ADM concept by Jason Bertovich)

Boy Scouts ½ characters match up against actual anime characters in no holds barred fights to the death. Hosted by Toro Wantanabe and Shane Calloway.

My Preoccupation with Squirrels (by Michael D. Quadrozzi)

The real life Mike Quadrozzi discoveres strange new habits forming inspired by his fictional counterpart.

The Manor House Horror (by Jonathan Becker)

Troop 192’s Halloween at Moses sees disturbing slumber for the intrepid Scouts.

How to Be a Successful Feline (by William Hughes)

Bill Hughes present a short essay on the subject of being a cat.

Anime Deathmatch Boy Scouts ½ II: The Nightmare Continues (by Matthew Atanian, ADM concept by Jason Bertovich)

Once again, Boy Scouts ½ Characters make their presence felt in the world of Anime Deathmatch.

Conversations with a Squirrel: A Day in the Life of Me (by Michael D. Quadrozzi)

Mike Quadrozzi spends a typical morning at the Happy Happy Institute For the Not-At-All Terribly Well.

Girls' Night Out, Guys' Night In (by Jason Bertovich)

Matty Hayes and the Porter Sisters go out whilst Aaron hosts a Magic game at his home.

Troop 180 Chronicles - A Different Viewpoint (by Mr. A)

Around the fire during a Troop 180 campout, Mark Abert tells a strange tale to some of his boys.

Anime Deathmatch Boy Scouts ½ III: KSJ2K (by Matthew Atanian, ADM concept by Jason Bertovich)

Boy Scouts ½ characters once again enter the carnage filled world of Anime Deathmatch and face off against some unlikely opposition.

A Boy Scouts ½ Song: Lambada Boy Scouts (by Matthew Atanian, based on the song Lamnada Ranma)

Pretty much what it says on the tin, this is not so much a story, as it is one of the Ranma ˝ ending themes, with new lyrics to fit Boy Scouts ½. Not really a stoy itself, it is just listed here to mirror it being listing on the Boy Scouts ½ website with the main series side stories.

Troop 180 Chronicles II - Bang! Thwwpp! Boom! (by Mr. A)

Troop 180 assists Troop 192 with a shooting sports campout. Meanwhile, there are strange things in the sky...

     Boy Scouts ½ in Japan — Main Stories 

Boy Scouts ½ in Japan, part 1: Strangers in a Strange Land (by Matthew Atanian)

The cursed members of Boy Scout Troop 192 find themselves hunted by killers and must flee to Japan!
  • Limited Special Collector's Ultimate Edition: Although typically Boy Scouts ½ creator Matthew Atanian is against making any major changes to stories after they have been presented to the world, in this case he did take advantage of having to rebuild the entire website on one occasion to slip in a change to this one story: a brief "the story so far" above the title that was a written as parody of the opening narration of David Lynch's version of Dune. This had actually been written at the time of the writing of the rest of this story, but Matthew Atanian had decided against using it at the time. Coming across it again while collecting materials for the website rebuild, Matthew decided it might be fun to use it, after all.

Boy Scouts ½ in Japan, part 2: Welcome to Maison Ikkoku (by Matthew Atanian)

The boys settle into their new home in Japan, Maison Ikkoku, and are surprised to discover some familiar faces there.

Boy Scouts ½ in Japan, part 3: In Which Mike and Bill Play Magic, and Sarah Comes to a Terrible Realization (by Matthew Atanian)

The gang splits up to explore their new surroundings. Mike, Bill Gelinas, and Sarah stay behind at Maison Ikkoku.

Boy Scouts ½ in Japan, part 4: Things to Do in Tokyo When You’re Cursed, Curious, or Independently Wealthy (by Jason Bertovich)

The gang splits up to explore their new surroundings. Bill Hughes, Aaron, and the Porter twins explore Tokyo.

Boy Scouts ½ in Japan, part 5: An American Otaku in Akihabara (by Matthew Atanian)

The gang splits up to explore their new surroundings. Matt goes on a personal quest into Akihabara, and has an interesting encounter.

Boy Scouts ½ in Japan, part 6: Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch (by Matthew Atanian and William Thomas Hughes)

Those left behind in Massachusetts find that life can be just as strange even without their cursed brethren present.

Boy Scouts ½ in Japan, part 7: Back to School (by Matthew Atanian)

School starts for our intrepid exchange students, and Matt begins his teaching position and is surprised to discover a familiar face in his class!

Boy Scouts ½ in Japan, part 8: Fast Times at Furinkan High (by Jason Bertovich)

The boys face many highly improbable challenges in Principal Kuno's obstacle course.

Boy Scouts ½ in Japan, part 9: Striking Back (by Matthew Atanian)

Plans are made for the defense of the cursed members of Troop 192, and for the war over Matt's affections.

Boy Scouts ½ in Japan, part 10: At the Ranch II: Electric Boogaloo (by Matthew Atanian, some plot elements suggested by Jason Bertovich)

A new threat to the supremacy of Justy Yung arises as the boys of the Fluke Patrol undertake a scavenger hunt for impossible items.

Boy Scouts ½ in Japan, part 11: Unexpected Diners (by Matthew Atanian)

Sarah agrees to dinner with Matt, while a few other members of Troop 192 eventually make their way to the Cat Cafe.

     Boy Scouts ½ in Japan — Side Stories 

Anime Deathmatch Boy Scouts ½ IV: Killing Spree of the New Decade (by Matthew Atanian, ADM concept by Jason Bertovich)

Anime Deathmatch is dead. Long dead... Or is it? Once more onto the breach, dear friends...

In Japan Origins: The Boys (by Matthew Atanian)

Strangeness is afoot as Mike, Aaron, Gelinas, and Kenny are on their flight from America to Japan.
  • Back to Front: The first published part in a Boy Scouts ½ in Japan prequel trilogy, but chronologically the last of the trilogy.

In Japan Origins: Matt (by Jason Bertovich)

Before he travels to Japan itself, Matt (in the company of John Hoelscher and Lina Wells) travels to a convention, where he enters a world of pure Japanimation...

In Japan Origins: Megumi (by Matthew Atanian)

Megumi Kataki's perfect life undergoes a massive upheaval when her father announces they are very suddenly moving to Japan.
  • Back to Front: The last published part in a Boy Scouts ½ in Japan prequel trilogy, but chronologically the first of the trilogy.

     Perspectives — Byte One: Perspectives From the Food Court 

Perspectives From the Food Court (by Jason Bertovich)

Three mall employees share their odd day's experiences.

Perspectives From the Food Court II: The Least You Could (by Jason Bertovich)

One of the mall employees defends the honor of one of the Porter twins.

Perspectives From the Food Court III: The Bouncy Goddess Relief Hot-Line Counseling Service (by Jason Bertovich)

Jason receives advice from Fenny regarding his feelings for Nicole Porter.

Perspectives From the Food Court IV: Table For One, Tea For Four (by Jason Bertovich)

Jason recovers from his injuries, John deals with his inner demons, and Fenny is being watched by a mysterious, shadowy force.

Perspectives From the Food Court V: The Final Perspective (by Jason Bertovich)

Events come to a climax for Jason, John, and Fenny.

     A Perspectives Side Story 

Of Possible Futures: The Tale of Neko-chan and Bertovich (by William Hughes)

A Goddess examines possible outcomes of the epic struggle between Jason Bertovich and Bill Hughes.

     Perspectives — Byte Two: Internal Affairs 

Perspectives VI: A Christmas Perspective (Matthew Atanian)

Jason and John go on with their lives as they are invited by Nicole to Troop 192’s Christmas Party.
  • Christmas Episode: Taking place at the same time as, and interweaving through the events of, Boy Scouts ½, part 13.

Perspectives VII: A Hoelscher Carol (Matthew Atanian)

John Hoelscher receives four strange visitors one Christmas Eve.

Perspectives VIII: Fall From Grace (Matthew Atanian)

John falls for Lina Wells; Lina’s motives finely come to light.

     Perspectives — Byte Three: The Summer of Promises: Made, Kept, and Broken 

Perspectives IX: Three Girls, A Guy, and a Coffee House (Or Three Goddesses, A Demon, and Their Secret) (by Jason Bertovich)

Fenny and her sisters live their lives in hiding from those celestial beings who would seek to do them harm.

Perspectives X: Those Wedding Bells Are Breaking Up That Old Gang Of Mine, Part 1 – You Are Cordially Invited… (by Jason Bertovich)

Perspectives hits the road as the gang travel to Pennsylvania, and into Jason's past.
  • Left Hanging: This story ends with many plot lines unresolved, and the next story starts with a Continuity Reboot. The plot will hopefully catch up with this point again eventually, but it is likely that by then many of the details will be different.

     Perspectives — Byte One (v. 2.0): Perspectives From the Food Court 

The Definitive Perspective Edition -Prologue- (by Jason Bertovich)

Jason Bertovich finds himself in limbo as a Universe changing mysterious force is at work.

Perspectives I (v. 2.0): Holyoke Refugees of Employment Hell (by Jason Bertovich)

Three mall employees share their odd day's experiences. Woah... Déjà vu!

Perspectives II (v. 2.0): The Least You Could Do (by Jason Bertovich)

Jason meets a young woman named Nicole Porter, attempts to come to her defense during a confrontation, and may end up with a lot more then what he bargained for!
  • Content Warnings: This story begins with one, advising about racially insensitive language used by one of the characters. Extremely insensitive. Like, don't use such language yourselves.

Perspectives III (v. 2.0): The Bouncy Goddess Counseling Service (by Jason Bertovich)

Jason receives advice from Fenny regarding his feelings for Nicole Porter. Meanwhile, dark forces begin to move against Fenny.

     Kenny's Laboratory 

Kenny's Laboratory (by Matthew Atanian)

Kenny decides to introduce the wonders of his laboratory to some of his friends.

Kenny’s Laboratory: Enter the Becker (by Matthew Atanian)

While conducting experiments in time travel, Kenny gets an improbable visitor.

Kenny’s Laboratory: Hell Comes to Springfield (by Jason Bertovich)

Kenny and Becker accidentally alter reality, to nightmarish results.
  • Nightmare Fuelinvoked: The world Kenny and Becker find themselves in is full of this. It is hard to say which is more disturbing: the scene where author Jason Bertovich played with his real world knowledge that at the time he wrote it, Boy Scouts ½ creator Matthew Atanian was in a Rocky Horror shadow cast, or the scene where we discover what became of Kirstin in this crapsack world.
  • Out of Order: Of the eight Kenny's Laboratory stories, this one was written seventh but presented at the time of its publishing as the third. It was intended by the author to be a side story, but Boy Scouts ½ creator Matthew Atanian didn't want any Kenny's Lab side stories. Fortunately, as the Kenny's Lab stories had been unique amongst the series within The Boy Scouts ½ Universe in that they were presented with unnumbered titles, it was a simple matter to just slot it into place where it made the most sense, continuity wise. The only major clue would be if a reader looked at the file name, which is numbered.

Kenny’s Laboratory: Perspectives from the Magnificent World (by Matthew Atanian)

When something goes wrong with one of Kenny's experiments, Jason Bertovich and Nicole Porter find themselves in a strange and mysterious place.

Kenny’s Laboratory: Professor Snarfinkle (by Matthew Atanian)

Kenny's evil nemesis recruits some familiar faces to help him in his dastardly cause.

Kenny’s Laboratory: Adventures in Time and Space (by Matthew Atanian)

Kenny and Becker begin their interdimensional travels to attempt to thwart Snarfinkle's plans, and end up meeting someone who knows a suspicious amount about them. note 

Kenny’s Laboratory: Winning the Doorprise (by Matthew Atanian)

Kenny and Becker end up traveling to a dimension suspiciously familiar to some old, bad, parody Trek based fiction that their friend Matthew Atanian wrote once upon a time. Fortunately, here they finally find Justy and Proctor. Unfortunately, here they are finally found by Justy and Proctor.
  • Old Shame: The fictional universe Kenny and Becker travel to in this story, for the story's author.

Kenny’s Laboratory: Final (by Matthew Atanian)

After a long, epic, and mostly off screen struggle with the forces that Snarfinkle has gathered, things look grim for our intrepid heros. Hopefully they can find a way out of it, before the door closes on them for good.

     Of Possible Alternatives (a.k.a. The God of Copyright Infringement Takes a Holiday) 

Written as one story... but one very long story, it was split up into multiple parts for ease of web publication and is being presented that way here to match.

Of Possible Alternatives, Part One (by Jason Bertovich)

Kenny's new experiment to examine parallel dimensions goes horribly wrong and/or better than expected due to Becker's accidental interference.

Of Possible Alternatives, Part Two (by Jason Bertovich)

The first three Alternatives are explored: The Scout, Kill Bill Hughes, and Encyclopedia Galactica.

Of Possible Alternatives, Part Three (by Jason Bertovich)

The next three Alternatives are explored: Quack Experimental Fan-Fic Proctor Saga, Perspectives from the Training Ground of Curse Springs, and Professor What.

Of Possible Alternatives, Part Four (by Jason Bertovich)

Three more alternative possibilities are explored in Matt Atanian Vs. The World, Becker's Music Shop, and Girl Scouts ½.
  • Oddball in the Series: Becker's Music Shop, unlike any of the other alternate realities explored, is difficult to peg down as a specific parody. Rather, it was mainly an exploration of what it would be like if Kenny was Becker's assistant rather then the other way around.

Of Possible Alternatives, Part Five: Neon Genesis Boy Scouts (by Jason Bertovich, with a bit of fiddling around with by Matthew Atanian)

Welcome to NERV-01, NERV's Massachusetts branch! God's in his heaven, all's right with the world.

Of Possible Alternatives: Finale (by Jason Bertovich)

Exploration of possible alternative universes wraps up.
  • Word of God: Well, when discussion of the people behind the scenes of the series describes people as deities, it is usually Matthew Atanian who is described as "God." But Jason Bertovich would certainly qualify as being in the highest sphere of the celestial order. And he follows this story with extensive notes, covering not only Of Possible Alternatives at length, but discussing his entire involvement (up to that point) with Boy Scouts ½, his writing process in general, and his friendship with Matthew Atanian.

Of Possible Alternatives: Extra (by Jason Bertovich with Matthew Atanian)

Kenny and Matt make an odd discovery on the Neon Genesis Boy Scouts HMD.
  • Multiple Endings: It is discovered that the Neon Genesis Boy Scouts disc has bonus features, including alternate endings.

     To Conquer the World 

To Conquer the World: The Cabin in the Woods – A Quest for Money and Power (by Martha Wadley)

Martha Wadley and her army of squirrels begin moving their plans forward... with a bed and breakfast?

To Conquer the World II: The Night the FBI Came to Call (by Martha Wadley)

Complications arise when two FBI agents come calling while Martha and her furry companions are planning to infiltrate a secret government complex.

To Conquer the World III: There and Back Again and Again and Again and... (by Martha Wadley)

A trio of squirrels have quite the adventure in an effort to get home and save Martha.

To Conquer the World IV: To Hang In the Balance (by Martha Wadley)

Due to too much time travel (and who knows what else) the fabric of reality is in danger. Can a young genius Boy Scout hold the solution to fix things?