Recap / Bottom Culture

The telly has been taken away by Rumbalow's because Eddie spent the money on 4 "magic beans". So to avoid boredom the pair play "put a bit of sellotape on the fridge", a "see how much custard you can hold in your underpant competition" and a game of good old fashioned Chess.

Eddie has sold most of the pieces. Eddie suggests using other things for the missing pieces including; 16 prawns, A bottle of brown sauce and a Spider-Man figurine.

Before they start Richie suggest having a cocktail But they only have pernod and ouzo. They finish of by bunging a blob of marmalade in it. They name it the Ethster Ranson (it pulls your gums back over your teeth). Eddie explains the rules 154 times. In the end Eddie wins and the two end with a fight.