Recap / Blackadder S 3 E 5 Amy And Amiability

Edmund is in serious debt. With no intention of following Baldrick's cunning plan to become a highwayman, Blackadder tries asking the Prince Regent for a payrise, only to find George is broke too (owing to his newfound addiction to and complete inability to play card games). With no better options, Edmund is therefore forced to search for a rich wife and hence a sizable dowry. Unfortunately, of the 262 princesses in Europe, only two are possible matches: Grand Duchess Sophia of Turin, who is unlikely to marry the Prince on account of the fact she's met him, and Caroline of Brunswick, a woman with the worst personality in Germany.

With fellow royalty off the table, Edmund starts looking in British high society. Amy Hardwood, the daughter of a noted industrialist, seems like a good prospect, but unfortunately they're flat broke too. Blackadder breaks off the engagement (though too late to stop the Prince from blowing a fortune on engagement presents), and reluctantly follows Baldrick's suggestion for the first time, taking up life as a highwayman. On his travels, he encounters Amy, who is in truth the infamous highwayman known as the Shadow. She pretends to be in love with Blackadder to steal the Prince's money and the wedding gifts, but after having the ruse revealed to him and being tied up by her to be shot, he is rescued by Baldrick and Blackadder turns her in for a £10,000 reward. The Prince, now in love with Amy, is crushed to discover that she has been arrested and hanged, but is warmed by the fact that he discovered "so much money I don't know what to do with it!", having accidentally found the hiding place for Edmund's reward money. All seems lost...until Blackadder convinces the Prince to play a game of "cards" with him.

  • Arranged Marriage: For George.
  • Berserk Button: For Amy Hardwood, squirrels.
    Amy: Bastards! I hate them with their long tails and their stupid twitchy noses!
  • Brick Joke: The shot squirrel.
  • Credits Gag: At the end of the credits, yet another squirrel is shot.
  • Deadpan Snarker:
    Baldrick: Oh sir, you're not becoming a highwayman, are you?
    Blackadder: No, I'm auditioning for the part of Arnold the Bat in Sheridan's new comedy!
  • Comically Missing the Point:
    Blackadder: You've no idea what irony is, do you Baldrick?
    Baldrick: Yeah, it's like goldy or silvery, only it's made of iron!
  • Didn't Think This Through: "Let us not forget, Baldrick, that you solved the problem of your mother's low ceiling by cutting off her head".
    • Consider the following example when Edmund intends to take up the life of a highwayman:
    Blackadder: Just saddle the Prince's horse!
    Baldrick: That'll be difficult; he wrapped her round that gas lamp in the Strand last night.
    Blackadder: Well, saddle my horse, then!
    Baldrick: What'd you think you've been eating for the last two months?!
    Blackadder: Well, go out into the street and hire me a horse!
    Baldrick: Hire a horse?! For ninepence?! On Jewish New Year in the rain?! A bare fortnight after the dreaded Horse Plague of Old London Town?! With the blacksmith's strike in its fifteenth week and the Dorset Horse Fetishists Fair tomorrow?! ([[Beat]])
    Blackadder: [throwing a saddle and bridle at Baldrick] Well, get this on, then. It looks as though you could do with the exercise!
  • Epic Fail: The Prince's card-playing abilities (given the fact that he was told the object of the game is to lose one's money as fast as possible).
  • Everyone Has Standards:
    Baldrick: You become a dashing highwayman, then you can pay all your bills and on top of that, everyone will want to sleep with you.
    Blackadder: Baldrick, I could become a prostitute and pay my bills, and everyone would want to sleep with me, but I do consider certain professions beneath me!
    • Amy Hardwood seems to have a principle against shooting dumb animals (except squirrels).
  • Godzilla Threshold: "Crisis, Baldrick, crisis! No money, no marriage, more bills! For the first time in my life I've decided to follow a suggestion of yours!"
  • Kick the Dog: Mrs Miggins is on the receiving end of this when Blackadder bluntly crushes her dreams of him settling down with her.
    Blackadder: Mrs Miggins, if we were the last three humans on Earth, I'd be trying to start a family with Baldrick!
    • And Baldrick...
    Blackadder: When we're established in Barbados, I'll send for you. No more sad little London for you, Balders; from now on, you will stand out in life as an individual!
    Baldrick: Will I?
    Blackadder: Of course you will...all the other slaves will be black!
  • Kick the Son of a Bitch: The Shadow robbing Blackadder, and then calling him a "dumb animal".
  • Pet the Dog: "Baldrick, thank you for introducing me to a genuinely new experience... being pleased to see you!
  • Truth in Television: One of the potential brides Blackadder suggests for George is Caroline of Brunswick, whom he dismisses on account of her "having the worst personality in Germany". Historically, the Prince Regent did marry Caroline and the marriage was an unmitigated disaster.
  • You Do Not Want To Know: Blackadder's reaction when he hears George's explanation of being "radished" at the Naughty Hellfire Club for not paying up.

(distressed squeak)