Recap / Big Finish Doctor Who NEDAS 3 E 1 Orbis

It's been six months since the Eighth Doctor died, and Lucie's not coping well. Things get a little complicated when her old enemy, the Headhunter, shows up at her door, shoots her in the chest, and drags her into the TARDIS.

The bullet, as the Headhunter explains, was a time bullet. Can be reversed or accelerated. And since the Doctor has been apart from the TARDIS for too long, they're both suffering: the TARDIS is leaking time stuff all over the universe. So, since the Headhunter's current employer doesn't like a universe tainted with time stuff, they're off the find the Doctor. Lucie's elated to hear that he's still alive. Using the TARDIS' brief quick start manual (only 17 books long), they manage to pilot her to his approximate location.

The Doctor, however, has spent 600 years Going Native on an ocean planet populated by sentient jellyfish. He really likes the place and gladly helps his new families fight their wars, flee from their enemies and nurse their young. His most recent companion, Selta, is a sweet young jellyfish girl, and they get along splendidly. It turns out that he was rescued by the Sisterhood. Not because they particularly liked him, but because he was carrying Morbius' stellar manipulator activation device on him.

And after 600 years without a TARDIS and with a somewhat screwed-up memory, he doesn't recognise Lucie.

Helped by Lucie's rage and pain, they both figure out rather quickly that her slapping him really hard restores his memory a bit, since her hands have some lingering TARDIS energy on them. But the Doctor's memory is still failing, and he assumes that Lucie and the Headhunter are collaborating to trick him. Exasperated, Lucie shoots the Doctor square in the chest with a time bullet and abducts him.

The war on the planet is getting particularly bad, Selta ends up tearfully betraying the Doctor in a desparate bid to save her own family, and Morbius' stellar manipulator activation device ends up activating the stellar manipulator. The Headhunter explains that her "leaking time stuff" story was just a ruse — simply put, the universe needs the Doctor, so she's going to force him to come back. The Doctor rushes to save his new people, but the planet ends up destroyed, and his new home is lost forever.

He decides to go back to travelling the universe with Lucie, and with his memories now returning, he realises that it's for the best.