Recap / Big Finish Doctor Who NEDAS 1 E 3 Horror Of Glam Rock

The Eighth Doctor, trying to get Lucie as close to her home time as he can, lands in the middle of a snow storm in 1974. The two of them step out of the TARDIS and almost immediately tromp on a mutilated corpse. They go into a nearby diner to notify authorities, and wind up trapped there facing a literal alien invasion.

While people rapidly start dying, Lucie realises that the diner's waitress is actually her aunt Pat, and introduces herself. Pat is extremely disappointed that in Lucie's time, she's "a nobody", not a famous drummer as she hoped to become. She decides to just become the best aunt she can be once Lucie is born.

If only she knew.

And the Doctor saves the day using Lucie's MP3 player and a stylophone.

The Headhunter is still on her way.