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Recap: Big Finish Doctor Who 003 Whispers Of Terror
The Sixth Doctor and Peri arrive at the Museum of Aural Antiquities, where they immediately stumble on a murder case. They're found standing over the corpse, but are quickly dismissed as harmless bystanders because no one would possibly commit murder in that coat.

The museum's curator, Gantman, is a blind man who lost his sense of smell long ago as well. All he has left is his hearing. He's anxious to solve the case, because today is an important day in the museum's history: the speeches of presidential candidate Krane will be broadcast. Krane committed suicide just before the elections, and his running mate, Beth Pernell, is jumping at the chance to let the public hear Krane's speeches praising her and convince his voters to vote for her now. The only problem is that the speeches are being subtly altered by someone, and with no scripts and no video recordings to back them up, sound and memory are the only evidence.

Meanwhile, the Doctor realises that the soundproofed museum is housing its own kind of ghost. The creature turns out to be Krane himself, who, just before his death, rigged a waveform manipulator to store his consciousness. Krane now exists as a living sound wave, able to mimick anyone in the museum and to broadcast himself using any sound that leaves the place. If his speech were to be broadcast, he'd be in every home on the planet.

The Doctor tries to trap Krane by fiddling with the sound output, by trapping him on a CD, and by transforming the wave. Beth Pernell steals the wave and tries to outright murder Krane by editing the wave in a crude editing program, deleting bits of it and interrogating a copy of the wave with the sound output unplugged. She never expected Krane to live on in any way, and him being present inside the speech seriously messes up her plans. The Doctor figures out that Pernell is responsible for the murder and, in fact, for Krane's death, and masterfully prevents her broadcast of Krane's speech by using a wave cancellation. This has the added unexpected effect of improving the wave's quality and deleting any interfering noise, which stabilises Krane's mind and restores him to sanity.

Krane decides to stay behind at the museum to help Gantman, and Pernell tries to make her escape, but is caught in a final trap.


  • Based on a Great Big Lie: Pernell plans to fake an endorsement by Visteen Crane in order to virtually ensure she gets elected.
  • Democracy Is Bad: Beth Pernell's view, though she's not above using it to gain power before discarding it. The Doctor doesn't agree.
  • Engineered Public Confession
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Peter Miles (Nyder in Genesis of the Daleks, among other Doctor Who stories) is the museum curator. Lisa Bowerman (Benny Summerfield) plays Beth Pernell.
  • Hypocritical Humor/I Resemble That Remark: After the Doctor overreacts to Peri's suggestion that they leave:
    Peri: Don't shout Doctor! There might be-
    The Doctor: SHOUT?! I don't shout! People who have to resort to shouting to get what they want are merely demonstrating the inherent paucity of their argument! It's something that I never, NEVER-
    Peri: All right Doctor!
    Doctor: Point made, I think.
  • Painting the Medium: Done beautifully. The entire episode is an homage to radio.
  • Was It Really Worth It?: The Doctor questions Pernell as to whether her attempt to gain power was worth all the death. In her mind, it was.
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