Recap / Big Finish Doctor Who 002 Phantasmagoria
Mark Gatiss wrote this episode, and would later reuse elements from it in his first episode for the revived TV series, "The Unquiet Dead".
The Fifth Doctor tries to teach Turlough cricket. In the process (and with Turlough being bored out of his skull), they accidentally end up investigating strange happenings in London in the year 1702.

A mysterious card player named Nikolas Valentine has been linked to disappearances over the years. Turlough immediately manages to wander off and get into trouble, and finds himself caught up in the case a lot more intimately than he'd have liked. With some reluctance at having to play the hero, he saves the life and virtue of a kitchen maid named Hannah.

The Doctor, meanwhile, befriends a man named Dr. Samuel Holywell, and takes an interest in his new friend's affinity with ghosts and seances. He theorises that Samuel may have some latent psychic ability that allows him to see these "ghosts", and they decide to hold a seance. When that fails to lead to any conclusions, the Doctor drags Hannah along to simply go confront Valentine by knocking on his door and saying he's come to read the meter.

Hannah turns out to be be an intergalactic hero, who's vowed to avenge the people killed by evil space alien Valentine. When Valentine gives her his But for Me, It Was Tuesday speech, the day is eventually saved when Valentine's now-mutated captives establish a psychic link between their deformed minds.