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Recap: Batman: The Animated Series E5 "Pretty Poison"
aka: Batman The Animated Series Pretty Poison
Pamela Isley tries to kill Harvey Dent for building a Stonegate Penitentiary over a field of endangered roses.


  • Action Prologue: After the exposition-laden opening, the next sequence is Batman fighting his way through a ton of Irony that his friend Harvey Dent is unintentionally laying on as he describes Bruce Wayne's Rich Idiot with No Day Job lifestyle.
  • Big "NO!": Poison Ivy gets several, most notably when she almost loses her rare rose.
  • Description Cut: Used multiple times in succession.
    Pamela Isley: Shouldn't we wait for your friend?
    Harvey Dent: Bruce? Nah, he's always late. He probably got hung up on business.
    (Batman hanging onto a helicopter full of escaped convicts)
    Pamela: I hear he's rich.
    Harvey: Yeah, Bruce runs around in a high-class crowd.
    (Batman chasing a convict)
    Harvey: But he still manages to get his kicks.
    (Batman kicking the criminal)
    Harvey: There's nothing we don't know about each other.
    (Batman threatening the crook)
  • Does He Have a Brother?: When Harvey Dent asks Bruce Wayne what he thinks of his girlfriend Pamela Isley, Bruce responds, "Does she have a sister?"
  • Drugged Lipstick: How Ivy applies her poison to Dent and Batman.
  • Fourth Date Marriage: Poison Ivy induces Harvey Dent into proposing to her a week after they first meet.
  • Impairment Shot: Batman sees Poison Ivy in blurred multiples after she poisons him.
  • Kissgusting: Batman acted this way when Poison Ivy kissed him. Justified in that she's known to use poisoned lipstick.
  • Man-Eating Plant: Poison Ivy's greenhouse had a giant Venus Flytrap, complete with tentacles which could grab any passing Batmen and pull them in.
  • Monochrome Past: The opening flashback uses sepia tones.
  • Never My Fault: Poison Ivy blames Harvey Dent for the Wild Thorny Rose going extinct because of the construction project he spearheaded. However, Ivy saved one and kept it for years with no one knowing, and all she did with it was use it to make a poison to kill Harvey. If anyone was responsible for the plant's near extinction, it was her.
  • Vagina Dentata: The commentary on the DVD confirms that Ivy's monster plant is meant to resemble part of the female anatomy.

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alternative title(s): Batman The Animated Series Pretty Poison
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