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Recap: Batman: The Animated Series E57 "Shadow of the Bat: Part 1"
aka: Batman The Animated Series Shadow Of The Bat Part I
When Commissioner Gordon is arrested for accusations of accepting bribes from Rupert Thorne, Barbara Gordon must prove him innocent as Batgirl.


  • Clear Their Name: Commissioner Gordon is accused of being an employee of Rupert Thorne, Gotham's ranking mob boss.
  • Dirty Cop: Gordon is framed for being one. Gil Mason is a straight example.
  • Masquerading As The Unseen: Barbara Gordon impersonates Batman at the rally.
  • Miranda Rights: Police Commissioner Gordon is arrested for a crime for which he was framed. The officer begins to recite the Miranda, but Gordon angrily stops him dead with the fact that he for obvious reasons is quite familiar with the recitation.

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alternative title(s): Batman The Animated Series Shadow Of The Bat Part I
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