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Recap: Batman: The Animated Series E45 "Terror in the Sky"
aka: Batman The Animated Series Terror In The Sky

On a snowy night, some dockworkers unload fruit when suddenly a bat creature attacks and guzzles down several fruits and flies off. Suddenly Kirk Langstrom wakes up from a nightmare. His wife, Francine, asks if something is wrong but he shakes his head no. Kirk gets up for air and suddenly sees fruit and claw marks on the carpet...

Back at the docks, Batman overhears the men reporting the attack to the skeptical police and immediately suspects Kirk. The next day, a worried Francine asks her father, Dr. March, about Kirk, and he says he has been holed up in the lab all morning. Francine goes in to see Kirk working on what he claims is a cure. Batman arrives shortly and Kirk denies having taken the formula deliberately. Francine runs out in distress and Kirk blames Batman, thinking his antidote didn't work.

Batman takes a DNA sample from Kirk and leaves. Suddenly, the Man-Bat attacks him and gives chase. Batman fails to subdue the creature, but manages to get a hair sample. Having tested the DNA, Batman approaches Kirk with the news that antidote did work and there is a new Man-Bat.

Batman investigates Dr. March's files and March catches him. March reveals that he created a new serum, still convinced that only a man-bat could survive an evolutionary cataclysm. However, Francine walked in and March dropped the formula in shock. Suddenly, he realizes that Francine was infected with the serum when she tried to help clean up. Before leaving Batman says, "Is that what it's going to take? Your daughter's life, before you end this insanity?" Seeing the err of his ways, Dr. March burns his research.

Francine has left Kirk, unable to deal with the madness, but Kirk is aboard the plane she is taking and reveals he isn't the creature. Francine gets a headache and heads for the bathroom where she transforms into the She-Bat. She breaks open the plane door and grabs Kirk. Batman arrives in the Batwing, but first he must save the stewardess and close the plane door.

The She-Bat carries Kirk to a bridge tower and fights Batman, who injects her with the antidote. After transforming back to Francine, she almost falls off the tower, but Kirk saves her.

Kirk: The nightmare's finally over.


  • Body Horror
  • Catapult Nightmare: Kirk apparently woke up from a nightmare where he's the Man-Bat again. But soon finds that it may not be a dream at all. Only it actually was.
  • Explain, Explain... Oh, Crap! / My God, What Have I Done?: Francine's father explains how he wanted to recreate the Man-Bat formula, only to drop the beaker when she walks in on him working. He recalls how she helped him clean it all up...and then cut her finger on the glass, with all the chemicals surrounding it.
  • Foot Popping: Francine, when she hugs Kirk at the end of the episode.
  • Not Me This Time
  • Red Herring: Francine's father was listening in on Kirk and Batman's conversation, and walks away quietly.

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alternative title(s): Batman The Animated Series Terror In The Sky
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