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Recap: Batman: The Animated Series E43 "Moon of the Wolf"
aka: Batman The Animated Series Moon Of The Wolf

Gotham Zoo guard John Hamner is walking his dog, when suddenly a wolf-like creature attacks him. Batman arrives and saves Hamner but the wolf-man gets away.

At the police department, Batman reports to Commissioner Gordon about a "mugger in a werewolf mask". All Gordon can find in the files is that two Alaskan timber wolves were stolen from the Gotham zoo. Remembering that Hamner works for the zoo and noticing actual fur on his gloves, Batman wonders if the attacker was really wearing a mask.

The wolf man breaks into Dr. Milo's cabin, but Milo is completely unfazed. The wolf man reverts to human form, and Milo assures him that things will be over soon now that Hamner is dealt with, but the man says that Batman interfered. Furious, Milo declares Batman the new target.

The next day, a radio announcement states that former Olympic champion Anthony Romulus will double his charity donation if Batman comes to his home to receive the check. While Tony exercises with Bruce, Tony's friend Andrea asks him about his interest in Batman. Tony replies he wants to meet "Gotham's second best athlete". Batman arrives, only to be gassed unconscious.

While Milo and Tony wait for Batman to awaken, Tony does not look forward to killing Batman, but Milo reminds him that he is the only one who can cure Tony's condition. Tony remembers how when he was an Olympic champion, he wanted to guarantee winning a gold medal and approached Dr. Milo. Milo offered a serum containing steroids and timber wolf estrogen, which Tony gulped down and gained fame and success. Tony refused to share the profits with Milo, but this backfired as serum infected him with lycanthropy. When Tony begged Milo for a cure, Milo tricked him into drinking a formula that would turn him into a full werewolf. Milo forced Tony to follow his orders if he ever wanted the cure.

At the Gotham Zoo, Harvey Bullock interrogates Hamner and finds out Hamner was paid to leave the timber wolf cage unlocked but does not know who hired him. Bullock arrests Hamner.

Tony transforms into the wolf man and attacks Milo, causing him to drop the antidote in fear. The wolf man knocks Milo unconscious and fights Batman, proving to be a strong opponent for the Dark Knight. However, Batman defeats the wolf man at higher ground and the wolf man falls into the river. The police take Dr. Milo into custody but there is no trace of the wolf man.

Anthony Romulus has disappeared and his house is sold to pay off his creditors. A buyer wonders why Tony would give up all he had. At night, a wolf howls at the moon.


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alternative title(s): Batman The Animated Series Moon Of The Wolf
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