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Recap: Batman: The Animated Series E36 "Cat Scratch Fever"
aka: Batman The Animated Series Cat Scratch Fever


  • Poison and Cure Gambit: Corrupt Corporate Executive Roland Daggett has stray animals infected with an incredibly virulent new strain of rabies that he plans to sell the cure for.
  • Pounds Are Animal Prisons: Invoked in reverse by Batman when he captures Daggett's mooks and tells them they're on their way to "the pound".
  • Snow Means Love: Batman meets Catwoman in the snow, and she has to ask, "Are you getting soft on criminals, or just on me?"
  • Un Entendre: Batman realizes that Catwoman is feverish:
    Batman: You're hot.
    Catwoman: Now you notice....
  • The Unmasking: At the beginning, Catwoman is arrested and in the aftermath is outed as Selina Kyle and put on probation — if Catwoman is sighted, Selina is to be arrested immediately. However, this is the only episode to actually use this plot point in any way. Either the writers forgot or Selina is just that good.
    • More precisely, the judge warned Selena about putting on her costume to commit any more crimes. Also, the newspaper at the end of the episode describes her as helping Batman foil Daggett's scheme. That ought to leave her with enough wiggle room to continue being Catwoman as long as she avoids getting caught in any clear illegalities.

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alternative title(s): Batman The Animated Series Cat Scratch Fever
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