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Recap: Batman: The Animated Series E11 "Two-Face: Part 2"
aka: Batman The Animated Series Two-Face Part II
After having left the hospital, the man who used to be Harvey Dent and is now Two-Face turns to a life of crime, committing robberies against all sorts of holdings owned by Rupert Thorne. The robberies are designed to both weaken and humiliate Thorne, the way Thorne sought to humiliate him.

Thorne grows increasingly desperate because he's unable to stop or track down Two-Face. Once again he turns to his assistant Candace, who poses as a cop and goes to Harvey's fiancee Grace. Candace tells Grace that the cops want Harvey to get help, and gives Grace a small transmitter to use if Harvey contacts her. It'll lead the cops to her location, and to Harvey. At that very moment Harvey himself is considering reaching back out to Grace, but when he flips his coin and it comes up no, he puts those thoughts aside and continues in his plans to destroy Thorne's empire.

Batman meanwhile is being wracked by guilt over both his inability to help/save Harvey, and the weight of dealing with the 6 month crime spree Harvey has been on. Eventually he comes to realize that the robberies are just part of Two-Face's plan. Partially as a result of Two-Face still being Harvey and partially because of an appreciation for irony and Laser-Guided Karma, Two-Face has decided to attempt to bring down Thorne the same way Thorne attempted to blackmail Harvey: with a file. Specifically, Two-Face breaks into the office of one of Thorne's mob lawyers and finds records of all of Thorne's payoffs, bribes, corruption, and other crimes.

By the time Batman gets there Two-Face has the file he needs. Batman tries to talk him into getting help, but Two-Face angrily rebuffs him... until Batman mentions Grace, at which point Two-Face softens and almost becomes Harvey again. The moment is fleeting however, as one of Two-Face's goons interrupts when he comes to see what the racket is about. Two-Face surprise attacks Batman and knocks him out, but is still dogged by thoughts of Grace afterward. He flips the coin again, and when it comes up with a yes, he reaches out to Grace. She agrees to meet him, and brings along the tracking device.

In the reunion Grace attempts to convince Two-Face to get help, become Harvey again, and give up the nihilistic, chance is everything, dichotomy obsessed philosophy he has adopted. She makes a tearful, heartfelt plea to him, and Two-Face seems to be on the edge of listening when Thorne and his mooks enter, having disposed of Harvey's own men. Two-Face refuses to turn over the file until Thorne threatens to harm Grace, at which point he gives in. After getting the file, Thorne order their executions, but an injured Batman arrives to help. Batman, Two-Face and Grace all attempt to fight off Thorne and his mooks, and eventually come out on top.

After the end of the fight, Two-Face picks up Thorne's fallen tommy gun and takes aim at the trapped and helpless Thorne. Batman and Grace both attempt to talk him out of it, but Two-Face isn't listening, nor is he willing to give the law which Thorne has been able to corrupt and avoid so well another chance. He flips his coin to decide Thorne's fate... and Batman tosses a whole crate of coins from one of Two-Face's earlier robberies into the air. Unable to find his coin, Two-Face first panics, then begins a painful breakdown. Grace attempts to console him, but when the police come to take both Thorne and Two-Face away, Two-Face has the look of a broken, beaten man.

The episode ends on an uncertain but hopeful note when Comissioner Gordon asks Batman if there's any hope for Harvey, to which Batman, looking at Grace and Two-Face, replies "Where there's love, there's hope."


  • Catapult Nightmare: Bruce has one about Harvey/Two-Face.
  • Create Your Own Villain: It was Rupert Thorne's attempt to blackmail Harvey Dent that lead to Dent's transformation into Two-Face, the transformation itself lead to Two-Face's extra-legal war on Thorne's criminal organization. Candace, Thorne's right hand, is well aware of this.
    Mook: I thought we got rid of this guy.
    Candace: Are you kidding? We created him.
  • Designated Girl Fight: Grace steps out of her Neutral Female role to attack Candace, who was about to underhandedly enter the battle with the guys herself.
  • Do Not Adjust Your Set: Two-Face guns down some TV sets, and says, "Don't bother adjusting the picture. For the next five minutes, I'm in control!"
  • Falling Chandelier of Doom: Stray machine-gun fire during the show-down between Two-Face and mob boss Rupert Thorne severs the rope of a chandelier and it falls on Thorne. Sadly, it is quite a small chandelier and he survives.
  • Fatal Flaw: Two-Face's reliance on the coin. Even setting aside the way it causes him to go into a breakdown, his reliance on it also leads to his downfall. He obviously wanted to reunite with Grace during his entire six-month crime spree, but wouldn't because the coin said no. If he had just done that reunion before Candace had the idea of giving Grace the tracking device, who knows how things would have ended? It's certainly less likely that Grace would have unwittingly led Thorne to Two-Face, at least.
  • Hope Spot: Grace nearly got Harvey to give up his life of crime, until Thorne and his gang arrived and revealed Grace (unknowingly) led them to him.
  • Ironic Echo:
    • Grace tries to talk Harvey out of his persona.
      Grace: Take control of your life, Harvey!
    • After Thorne reveals she led him to Two-Face, under the pretense of a police chase, Harvey walks away from her.
      Two-Face: So much for taking control, huh Grace?
    • When he's about to kill Thorne:
      Grace: Harvey! What are you doing!?
      Two-Face: Taking control of my life!
  • Needle in a Stack of Needles: Two-Face flips a coin to decide if Thorne lives or dies. Batman hastily throws a box full of coins at Two-Face and he completely loses it because he needs to find his coin to decide.
  • Rope Bridge: during the nightmare.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Grace.
  • Villainous Breakdown: Two-Face gets this when Batman tosses a box of silver dollars to him, getting him confuse of where his coin is.
  • What Could Have Been: Instead of reusing the title card for Part 1, storyboarder Jim Smith originally planned a completely different title card for this episode, the sketches of which can be seen about halfway down this page.
  • You Said You Would Let Them Go: Thorne orders the execution of Harvey and Grace after the former gave him the file.

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alternative title(s): Batman The Animated Series Two-Face Part II
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