Recap / Baccano 1934 Peter Pan In Chains Interlude Two

Alcatraz. Huey's cell.

It has been over a minute since Ladd had knocked out all of Sham's vessels. Ladd decides that he's going to kill them, but Firo tries to stop Ladd, saying that killing his fellow prisoners and the guards is probably going to get Ladd sentenced to death. Ladd just wonders what it might feel like to kill someone who's unconscious—he's never killed a man in his sleep. Ladd wonders if Firo's ever done so.

Firo is about to deny it, but unwillingly recalls that Szilard has actually killed a man in his sleep—Maiza's brother. Firo tenses, and remembers that he's still holding Huey's eye in his right hand. Ladd asks him how he's going to sneak an eyeball out of Alcatraz, and wonders about swallowing the eye whole. Firo thinks that's a disgusting idea, but (to his dismay) remembers that he has devoured a human being before.

Firo then remembers that Ladd wants to know a way to kill immortals, and resolves to keep it a secret at all costs. When Ladd does ask, Firo refuses to say. Ladd grins maniacally and agrees with Firo's decision—only someone who confident that they're invincible would let out a secret like that. He punches the wall with his metal hand. The wall cracks.

Firo is taken aback by Ladd's strength and eagerness to kill. He's experienced all kinds of pain before, from having his throat slit to being shot full of holes. Warning bells go off in his head about Ladd's pure brutality.

Ladd belatedly starts rolling on the floor in pain, the shock of punching the concrete wall finally having caught up to him. He then starts laughing and apologizes for scaring Firo. Ladd admits that he had just remembered an infuriating train conductor who claimed that the world was a figment of his own imagination. Ladd asks Firo if he knows anyone who matches the description. Firo realizes that Ladd's likely talking about Claire, and decides to choose his words carefully. He answers that the description doesn't ring a bell.

Ladd picks up the rifle from the floor, getting back onto the topic of killing Sham's vessels. Firo tries to dissuade him again, and Ladd tells Firo that he's decided to take his time killing them. Firo grabs the rifle out of Ladd's hands, having noticed that Ladd's not showing murderous intentions towards him. Ladd jokingly complains. Firo puts the rifle down on the chair.

Firo decides to change the subject. He wonders if this "Lua" girl was going to be all right after everything that's just happened. Ladd theorizes that Lua's safe, because Sham said that Lua was "completely fine"—no sane person who's seen Lua could possibly say that she was a "completely fine" person. Firo doesn't get it. Ladd promises to introduce them once he gets released.

Ladd then decides to start killing. Firo reminds him that killing the guards or the prisoners wouldn't be good for Ladd, but Ladd has another target in mind—Leeza, whose existence is likely not known to any of the officials here. Firo tries to stop him, saying that Leeza is just a little kid. Ladd concedes that Firo's willingly risking his life by sparing others, and admits that he likes the way Firo thinks.

Suddenly, one of the guards gets up and takes the eyeball out of Firo's hand. He puts it inside a small bottle and seals it, preventing the eye from returning to Huey. Firo turns around to see the barrel of the rifle pointed at his head by the white prisoner.

The rest of Sham's vessels awaken, and wonder how they can convince Ladd that Lua is really being held hostage. Ladd tells them to ask Lua for the name of her favourite flower. Sham then apologizes that due to an unfortunate occurrence, he's currently unable to speak to Lua—he assures Ladd that she's still alive, however. They remind Firo that his loved ones are also in danger, and leave together, asking them to keep quiet about what happened here.

The only vessel left in the cell is the guard at the entrance.

Firo starts doubting his abilities as a Camorrista, having allowed himself to be manipulated by so many people to harm someone he didn't particularly dislike or hate. He wonders how he's going to face the others once he gets released.

Ladd decides to change his priorities, and expresses his excitement at the way things are turning out.