Recap / Baccano 1934 Peter Pan In Chains Interlude One

Alcatraz, Huey's cell.

Immediately after Firo stabs Huey and takes his eye, he surveys the situation before him. The two guards and the three prisoners that had been beaten by Ladd are back on their feet. Leeza and Huey are both unconscious, the latter with a knife lodged in the back of his neck. The sensation of the eyeball in his hand trying to return to its body sickens Firo.

The five men that surround Firo and Ladd—the men collectively known as "Felix Walken" and "Sham" speak at once, as if they are one being in multiple bodies. Ladd asks Firo what these guys are supposed to be, and Sham asks Firo to explain. Firo can tell that Ladd's itching to kill Sham, but he's only being held back because they're holding Lua hostage.

Firo explains that Sham originated from one of Szilard's experiments relating to the elixir of immortality. One of the creations in particular was a "water" that would take over the memories and consciousness of whomever consumed it. Szilard had theorized that this technique could be used to create a Hive Mind that could experience multiple things at once, but the research was never completed and handed over to Szilard's descendant. However, the knowledge of all the other alchemists assures Firo that Sham is likely the result of Szilard's theory.

Ladd understands the explanation and demands to know two things from Sham—first, he asks them if they really cannot die. Sham confirms that he cannot, unless he were to commit suicide or in the event of a mass extinction. Firo realizes that Ladd is practically dripping with bloodlust at this point—and he's also laughing his head off. Ladd then asks Sham if Lua is doing all right. Sham answers that she's completely fine, and that her continued wellness depends on Ladd's behaviour.

Ladd decides that all he has to do now is have faith in Lua, and punches one of the guards in the mouth with his right arm. He smacks Dragon with the back of his hand, sending him flying into the wall. Ladd then kicks off Gig's stomach and kicks the other guard in the face. Sham asks Ladd if he doesn't care what happens to Lua. Ladd punches Gig in the throat and looms over Sham's remaining vessel, and reiterates that he has faith in Lua.

Ladd then rants that he actually wanted to try and be well-behaved while he was in prison, with the exception of what he was planning for Huey. Sham demands to know if Ladd's willing to put Lua's life in danger like this. Ladd's sick of having to explain again, and punches him aside, straight towards Firo. Firo lands a headbutt on the vessel's head, knocking out the latter.

Firo then asks Ladd what about Lua it was that he had faith in. Ladd obliges, and explains that he had faith that Lua would not allow herself to be killed by anyone other than himself—therefore, it would be impossible for Sham to kill her, end of story. Firo wonders if Ladd and Lua are really lovers, then looks on bleakly at his current situation of being the Only Sane Man.