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Recap: Baccano 1934 Peter Pan In Chains Extra Chapter
Two weeks earlier.

Victor arrives at Chicago by train, having missed most of the action. He swears that, as long as he's around, Huey will never be able to do anything.

It is exactly thirty minutes later that he receives the report that Huey has escaped from prison, and Victor would end up drunk and sobbing to his subordinates—

Somewhere in New York.

Senator Beriam receives word of what happened in Chicago. He speaks with Spike and the Former Felix Walken—Spike suggests heading for Chicago, but Beriam tells him that Huey is likely not going to continue his experiment there.

Senator Beriam declares that all they have to do to defeat Huey is stay one step ahead of him and utterly destroy him.

Transcontinental, Second class.

Huey instructs Sham to have the experiment in Chicago halted. He plans to start the experiment anew in the new year. He can see Victor on the station platform as the train pulls away.

He turns over the bottle with Renée's eye and speaks to it as if he were talking to Renée herself, and, thinking of Chane and Leeza, asks her if she'd like to see her daughters sometime.
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