Recap / Baccano 1934 Peter Pan In Chains Chapter Two

Chicago, Union Station.

Jacuzzi, having lost sight of Klik, starts crying as he returns to the rest of the gang. The others console him, but Jacuzzi thinks that Klik might have seen them and gone to report to the Russo Family. He suggests that they find Graham and Isaac and bring them back to New York immediately. Nice points out that Isaac won't be arriving until tomorrow at the earliest. The other gang members don't seem to worried about the Russo Family, either.

It was only yesterday that the gang was still comfortably in New York at the Genoard Manor. Jacuzzi was worried for Graham after hearing the news about the explosions and the mass disappearances, but the final nail in the coffin was when Miria received a phone call from Isaac, who had been released from Alcatraz but didn't have enough money for a train ticket to New York. Nice had also taken an interest in the bombings, so everyone decided to head for Chicago together.

Back in Chicago, Jacuzzi suggests that they might as well head over to San Francisco and come back with Isaac, but that suggestion is also shot down by Nice. Isaac is already on his way to Chicago, so they would miss him completely if they left now. Nice reassures Jacuzzi that Klik didn't even recognize them—he looked like he was running away from something. She adds that it's likely the police, since they're searching for the Russo Family, and Jacuzzi freaks out again, saying that they should find Graham and get out of Chicago as soon as possible.

Nice is surprised that Jacuzzi knows about Graham's connection to the Russo Family, but Jacuzzi says that Graham's affiliation doesn't matter since he's a good person. The rest of the gang try to cheer up Jacuzzi. It works.

Meanwhile, Miria stands a short distance away and yells out her wish to see Isaac again soon.

An explosion rocks the Chicago skies.

Jacuzzi begins to panic. Nice calmly focuses and figures out the location and size of the explosion, and realizes from the smell that she's used these particular bombs before.

Several minutes earlier, downtown Chicago.

Rail walks by Union Station with a hood over his face. He recalls the events that took place the day before—he and Sham had set up explosives around Elson Hill, but Sham disappeared completely afterwards and there was still no sign of Frank. Rail goes over what Chris told him earlier, that he should find someone who's not so twisted and broken to help him become human. Rail felt betrayed by this, since he wanted Chris to be the one to help him. Rail starts getting annoyed.

Suddenly, Sham arrives. Rail wonders where he's been all this time, and Sham apologizes for being held up. He has a message from Huey, saying that he will be out of Alcatraz soon to give orders to Rail personally.

Rail gets more annoyed. He starts getting the urge to blow something up, and takes out several grenades. Sham wonders what Rail is doing, and Rail comes to his senses and puts them away. Rail then asks Sham what exactly it was that was keeping him busy. Just as Sham is about to answer, however, a pair of men in black grab Sham and inject him with something. Sham resists, but eventually falls unconscious. Rail, in confusion, goes over everything that's happened and remembers Renée. He takes out the grenades and reaches for the pins.

They are in a narrow alleyway, so Rail knows that he cannot escape the force of the explosion. He pulls the pin anyway.

Sham, in another vessel, realizes that Rail has begun to go mad.

A few minutes later, Jacuzzi's gang arrives at the entrance to the alleyway. Jacuzzi wants to get out of the area after hearing the explosions. Nice, however, is concerned about the bomb that might have been used just now. Nice goes into the smoke-filled alley and Jacuzzi follows her.

Rail stumbles out of the smoke. Nice and Jacuzzi find him and decide to get him to a doctor, but Rail won't have any of it. He reaches for more grenades and tells them to get out of his way.

Nice, realizing that Rail has just pulled the pins, snatches the grenades out of his hand, throws them deeper into the alleyway, and tells everyone to duck.

A group of police officers arrive on the scene and recognize Nice. She was well-known to them when she still lived in Chicago, but she never got into much trouble with the police because she had never caused any serious damage. The officers, however, wonder if Nice was behind the explosions the other day. Nice yells at the officers to get down as well.

Another explosion rips through the alleyway.

A little earlier, Miria made her way to the alleyway entrance alone, having fallen behind from the rest of the gang. Passerbys are crowding around the entrance, so Miria can't get inside.

There is an explosion, however, and everyone scatters. Miria is worried that Jacuzzi and the gang aren't coming out of the alleyway, so she decides goes in to find them.

Before she can take another step, Donny comes running out of the alley, holding Jacuzzi and Rail. Nice runs out beside him, takes Miria by the hand, and starts running as fast as she can. She tosses a smoke bomb behind her and explains that at this rate, she'll be blamed for the explosions that took place here yesterday.