Recap / Baccano 1934 Alice In Jails Street Episode Extra Chapter

New York, Millionaire Row.

Chane walks to the Genoard Manor with Claire. Despite Chane's mute condition, Claire firgures out that she is worried for Jacuzzi and his gang after the incident at Madison Square Garden. Chane tells Claire that Jacuzzi's gang might have been designated as experimental subjects after last year's incident, but Claire assures her that her father will understand. Claire also promises her that he will keep all her friends in New York safe from harm, since any friend of Chane is a friend of his.

They open the front door of the Genoard Manor, but no one is within sight of the entryway—an unusual state for a manor housing dozens of delinquents. Chane has an anxious look on her face, but Claire squeezes her shoulders and presses the doorbell.

Fong and Jon come to the door. They're surprised that Chane and Claire are back from their date so soon. Claire sighs in relief and asks them where everyone else is. Fong explains that Isaac's just been released, and that Miria's gone to meet up with him in Chicago. Chane is glad to hear that Isaac has been released. Claire then asks why the rest of the gang is also gone.

Chicago, Union Station.

A cloud of anxiety hangs over the city, with the explosions and the disappearances still fresh in everyone's minds. In stark contrast to the atmosphere is Miria, who energetically yells Isaac's name as she exits the train. Nice reminds her that Isaac won't be arriving until tomorrow or the day after.

The other members of Jacuzzi's gang disembark, nostalgically taking in the sight of their hometown. Jacuzzi himself, however, cowers behind the door, fearing an attack by the Russo Family.

When Miria first decided to come to Chicago, Jacuzzi tried to stop her because of the explosions and disappearances, but Miria was adamant in her decision. Jacuzzi himself was also worried for Graham in Chicago, and when Nice decided that she wanted to know what kinds of bombs were used in the explosions, the others cited their own excuses and reasons for the trip to Chicago.

Despite hearing on the radio that Placido Russo is now a wanted man, Jacuzzi is reluctant to leave the train. The others manage to convince him otherwise, though, and Jacuzzi relents.

Just as Jacuzzi disembarks, however, a man pushes him aside and rushes into the train without so much as an apology. Nice recognizes him as one of the Russo Family execs.

The Russo exec, Klik, sighs in relief as he boards the train. After witnessing Renée devouring Placido, he immediately made a run for it and purchased a ticket out of Illinois. He reminds himself that he can't let his guard down until the train's cleared the city completely, and turns around.

The last thing he sees is a hand in front of his face and a partially obscured, carefree smile.

Jacuzzi looks into the passenger car to see if Klik is there, but has no luck. He looks around and makes eye contact with a woman in a labcoat. The woman suddenly freaks out and starts apologizing. Jacuzzi, thinking that she's scared by his tattoo, also begins to apologize. He then asks her if she's seen a man with a scar on his face, and Renée tells him that she saw him, but he disappeared somewhere. Jacuzzi decides that this much info is enough for now and goes back to the others.

Renée looks at her hand and wonders where the physical mass of a devoured individual disappears to. She looks through Klik's memories, and make a wild guess—Hell? After thinking it through again, Renée finds herself without answers. She wonders if Huey might have any idea, and happily continues to wait for his eye to finally arrive in Chicago.

Miria looks up to the sky and yells out her wish to see Isaac again soon.

Another explosion rocks the streets of Chicago.