Recap / Baccano 1934 Alice In Jails Street Episode Connecting Chapter

The Vice President finishes recounting the events that took place in Chicago to Hilton. He asks her if she could bear to hear the rest of the story, having figured out the betrayal that took place somewhere through it. The Vice President decides to confirm a certain fact—the identity of the traitor.

Alcatraz. The night before the explosions and disappearances in Chicago.

Ladd, having just witnessed Firo gouge out one of Huey's eyes, stands in confusion. He asks Firo if he was part of the Felix Walken team from the start. Firo tells him the gist of what just happened.

It was only about 10 or 15 minutes earlier, right before Firo was brought to Huey's cell, that the guard suddenly stopped and asked Firo to steal one of Huey's eyes. Firo realized that the guard betrayed Huey, and asked him exactly who or what he was. The guard merely responded that Firo should know, as he has Szilard's knowledge—incomplete as the research may have been. Huey stole the technique and perfected it earlier.

The guard asked Firo to steal Huey's eye again, this time threatening Firo's friends and family back in New York. He introduced himself as Sham, and asked Firo to join "Felix Walken" for this one occasion.

Firo begins to doubt himself—this time he got off easy because Huey was the victim, but he doesn't know what he would do if his loved ones were to be held hostage and he had to kill someone else close to him, or even one of the Martillo Family execs.

Ladd presses Firo for answers. Firo, still holding Huey's eye in his grip, can't find the right words to explain.

Suddenly, Dragon stands up, offering to explain. Gig follows suit in exactly the same style of speech, adding that they insisted that Firo help them out. The white man stands as well, offering to introduce themselves. Ladd decides he doesn't care, and threatens to kill them all, but the white man snickers and tells him that Lua is under their custody.

The guard with the rifle and the guard that brought in Firo both stand up as well. They join the Felix Walken team, and in perfect synchronization, they properly introduce themselves as Sham.

The Vice President promises to tell the rest of the story of Alcatraz another time. He notes Hilton's strange silence, and calls her Leeza. The Vice President reminds her that not all of Huey's creations are loyal to him, as evidenced by Rail.

The Vice President, seeing Carol's concern for Rail, tells her that not even he knows how this story has concluded—he suspects he'll find out once he gets back to the Daily Days office in New York. He adds that it's too late for Hilton to do anything, as the incident is already over. He then wonders where to continue the story—he briefly mentions a certain unpredictable couple, but decides to tell the story of a young woman in New York, who was oblivious to her father's schemes for Chicago.