Recap / Baccano 1934 Alice In Jails Lets Eat Our Last Supper Together

Firo arrives at Alcatraz by ship, along with three other prisoners—a young Asian man with a dragon tattoo, a huge, scar-covered, middle-aged black man, and a terrified-looking white man.

On the way from the docks to the prison, Firo surveys his surroundings and concludes that it'd be damn hard for him to even attempt escaping. Just before he reaches the building, however, he's called away by a guard and taken to see Special Warden Missouri.

Missouri introduces himself as a colleague of Victor who will be in charge of Firo during his stay in Alcatraz. He informs Firo that Huey is planning to do something big in New York very soon, and that Victor recommended him because Huey does not know of Firo's immortality. Firo counters that Huey already knows about his immortality, and Missouri admits that a few of the guards are working for Huey, and that no matter how many times they replace those guards, Huey always manages to turn some to his side. Missouri tells Firo that his mission in Alcatraz is to figure out exactly how Huey is communicating with the outside world.

Before Firo leaves, Missouri asks him what he thought of the three other prisoners that came at the same time—those three were not scheduled to come in on that day, so Missouri suspects something about one of them. Firo doesn't have much to say about any of them, except that the white guy was muttering the entire time. Missouri sends Firo off.

Inside the building, Firo gets a physical exam, and to his dismay, is walked to his cell in the nude. Some of the prisoners along the way make suggestive comments, to which Firo responds with a mental note to remember their faces and get back at them later. His murderous thoughts are interrupted when the guard shuts up the entire hall with a single word and takes Firo to his cell.

Firo puts on his prison uniform and takes inventory of the cell. He finds it surprisingly luxurious for a prison, but rethinks his opinion when he looks up at the low ceiling and unfortunately glimpses the guy across the hall using the toilet.

A little later, Firo finds out that the people in the two cells to his left and right are the Asian and the black guy who arrived at the same time. Then he starts worrying about the food, recalling that Randy and Pecho swore to never mess up again after landing themselves in prison and being forced to eat really bad food.

When Firo arrives at the cafeteria, he finds it refreshing compared to his cramped cell. He gets his food on a tray and looks around for a seat. The prisoners are segregating themselves by race, and Firo sees the black guy, the Asian, and the white guy all go off to their own areas. Firo just takes a seat, too lazy to move. He resolves to be on guard at all times and wonders about the other three prisoners, when he hears a familiar voice calling his name.

Firo's name echoes throughout the cafeteria, and everyone stares at the owner of the voice—Firo is bewildered to see Isaac loudly waving at him. All the people who turned to look go back to what they were doing, as if it were a regular occurrence. The guards (too used to this by now) surround Isaac, congratulate him on his tenth trip to the dungeons, and carry him away with promises of extra chains for his arms. Isaac asks them how they expect him to eat with both arms chained, and they tell him that it's going to help him lose weight. Isaac is satisfied with the answer and continues being taken away.

Firo gets back to his meal and realizes that the food's actually pretty good for prison fare. The guy sitting next to him agrees, and tells Firo that while the guards don't normally allow prisoners to talk, they tolerate quiet conversations. The guy finds out that Firo's a new inmate, and reveals that he was one of the first inmates to be imprisoned here. He was transported by train with dozens of other prisoners, and he never got off the train until coming to the building—the train car itself was put onto the ferry.

The guy notes that unlike most other prisoners, Firo looks like he's got something to live for. Firo's surprised that anyone could be smiling so optimistically in a place like this, but introduces himself and hold out his left hand. He retracts it when he sees the other guy's left hand is completely still—and made of solid metal. The guy explains that it's a prosthetic that's bolted onto his bones. He was allowed to keep it because it might be medically dangerous to remove it.

He then holds out his prosthetic hand and introduces himself as Ladd Russo.