Recap / Baccano 1934 Alice In Jails Lets Discuss This

Madison Square Garden.

Claire accuses Spike of making Chane cry, and vows to make the men in black pay. Spike is bewildered, since Chane is most definitely not crying. Claire claims that he's the only one who has the ability to hear her crying. Spike thinks Claire's high on opium, and asks Ex-Felix why he sold his name to a weirdo like this. Ex-Felix can do nothing but sigh heavily.

Then, Claire recognizes Spike and asks how he managed to survive after he dropped him from the Flying Pussyfoot face-first.

Back at Victor's investigation headquarters, the smoke clears after the blast. Despite being thrown backwards, Victor somehow managed to remain conscious. Bill and Edward, who managed to take cover before the explosions, are unharmed. To their pleasant surprise, Victor expresses his relief at their safety.

The messenger from Huey is nowhere to be seen, but Bill looks out the window and finds him—splattered against the concrete. Victor regrets not devouring Huey when he had the chance.

Millionaire Row, Genoard Manor.

Jacuzzi is crying over Graham's departure to Chicago again because they all heard the radio broadcast about the explosions and the disappearances. Jacuzzi worries that all those explosives would be enough to level Chicago, but Nice reassures him that 300 isn't such a large amount—she's got over 500 in her room alone. This just freaks Jacuzzi out even more.

Then the doorbell rings. It's Tim and Adele. Jacuzzi feels nothing but relief and gladness for their safety, completely ignoring the fact that they had tried to kill him a year earlier. Jacuzzi freaks out for a moment after a quick reminder of last year's incident, but he excuses their actions because there was a great deal of confusion last year and neither party was without fault.

Tim is here with a warning: Jacuzzi's friend Graham Specter is getting in Lamia's way, so they've decided to take someone close to Graham hostage. Jacuzzi expects the worst and spazzes out, but Tim assures him that he and the gang are not the hostages—they found someone better. However, since Tim is not in charge of this mission, he can't guarantee the gang's safety. He and Adele leave, warning Jacuzzi that "the Twins" are listening everywhere, and that not even the likes of Claire would be able to kill them.