Recap / Baccano 1934 Alice In Jails Interlude In The Darkness

Alcatraz Island, basement.

The underground cells of Alcatraz are special solitary holding cells nicknamed "The dungeons", where misbehaving inmates are chained in place in complete darkness. There is one exception, however, and that cell is a brightly lit solitary room that holds an unchained inmate by the name of Huey Laforet. The cell is extremely spacious, and the same amenities as the regular cells are provided.

Huey is quietly conversing with the guard who's standing outside his room. The guard reports that Firo was discovered by Isaac in the cafeteria, and that they spotted him talking with Ladd. Huey asks about the trio that came in with Firo, but the guard has nothing much to report—there's nothing particularly suspicious about any of the three.

The guard also mentions that he is being systematically "erased" in Washington and Chicago, through freak accidents and seemingly natural causes. He suspects that someone has caught onto his and Hilton's secret. Huey thanks the guard for all the hard work, calling him Sham. The guard bows and leaves.

Once the guard's footsteps have vanished, Huey wakes up Leeza, who was sleeping in a corner of the cell. She tells Huey that some strange people have shown up and that the others are doing their best to deal with them. Huey warns Leeza to beware of Victor.

Just before he was brought to Alcatraz, Huey had a chance to speak with Victor. Victor decided to detain Huey in Alcatraz in order to keep him away from the politicians and the Nebula researchers who would do anything to get their hands on an immortal body. Victor was afraid that Huey would somehow gain influence over them if he let him get too close to such powerful people. Victor told Huey that he will release him after taking care of Nebula.

After the moment of reflection, Huey decides that it's about time for him to leave Alcatraz. He tells Leeza to report to the twins that all of the designated locations and people are now part of his latest experiment.