Recap / Baccano 1934 Alice In Jails Chapter Two Part Two Lets Chat

New York, Millionaire Row.

Jacuzzi is crying uncontrollably after Graham's departure. Nice tries to console him, saying that Graham won't be able to move on if people are crying for him back here. Some of the gang members wonder if Graham is dead, and others remind them that Graham's gone to Chicago, not heaven. The gang gets nostalgic for their hometown while Jacuzzi continues to weep for Graham, who's left on Mafia business.

Miria lightly smacks Jacuzzi on the head with a book and tells him to cheer up. Jacuzzi wonders how Miria could be so calm at a time like this, which reminds Miria that Isaac is still gone. She holds back from crying, though, and resolves to keep smiling. The gang recalls that Miria cried for three days straight after Isaac was arrested, Jacuzzi ended up crying along with her and made a huge scene, and that it was Chane who eventually calmed Miria down.

As it turns out, Chane is currently on a date with Felix Walken.

New York, Madison Square Garden

Chane sits by herself on a bench, recalling the events that occurred one month ago.

She was not too familiar with Miria at the time, but Chane was rattled to see Miria without Isaac for the first time—she had always considered them as one unit. A few days later, Chane heard that Isaac had been arrested, and feeling some kinship, reached out to Miria and told her (in writing) that her loved one was also in prison. Chane told Miria that being sad won't bring Huey back to her, to which Miria responds with a declaration of friendship. They talked (or in Chane's case, wrote) the night away about their respective loved ones.

Isaac's crimes are relatively light, so he will be released soon—but Huey, who's serving time for terrorism, won't get out so easily. Chane muses about her options and considers asking Miria, Jacuzzi's gang, or Claire for advice.

Chane is taking her time to relax because she is 30 minutes early for the date, but she tenses when she notices someone suspicious. A blindfolded man with a cane in each hand walks straight towards her. Chane finds him somehow familiar, and goes for her knives.

The man laughs, guessing that Chane is holding her knives. The laugh cues her in—it's Spike, the sniper from the Lemures who should have fallen off the train and died. Spike tells her that today he's not here to pick a fight, but to negotiate on behalf of his boss. Chane realizes that Spike is no longer loyal to Huey and prepares to attack. Spike points out the irony of the situation—a blind man trying to communicate with a mute woman.

Chane charges Spike and draws, only to be tossed backwards in midair. She manages to land on her feet, and Spike laughs as he calls in his "translator"—a man dressed completely in black, wearing a hat that covers the top of his face. Spike calls him Felix Walken, but the man reminds him that he no longer goes by that name. The former Felix Walken asks Chane what Huey is planning to do in New York.