Recap / Baccano 1933 The Slash Part Two Epilogue

Ronnie, Isaac, and Miria are back at the Alveare. As the latter two rave about the awesome magic show they just saw, Firo and Ennis finally return to the shop. Ronnie tells them that the Martillo Family has negotiated a deal with Jacuzzi's gang, who will pay protection fees but not join the Martillos. Firo apologizes to Isaac and Miria about the dominos, and they act like nothing ever happened. Then, the couple starts teasing Firo about having run out into the rain looking for Ennis.

As he awakens, Dallas sees Eve, crying—he internally swears to get back at the bastard who made her cry like this. However, his train of though is derailed when Eve hugs him and welcomes him home. Dallas realizes that he's the bastard who made her cry, but gladly informs her that he managed to keep his other promise to her—in the end, he managed to keep her safe.

Christopher returns alone to the warehouse district in Chicago, where he had killed the Russo men a week earlier. He's taking in the atmosphere, when the man he didn't kill last time returns and stabs him in the back twice. Christopher snatches the knife and kills the man. However, his wounds are severe enough to knock him down. Just as he is considering the matter of death, someone comes over to him. Christopher asks the person if they could become his friend.

Meanwhile, Tim is communicating with Huey through Sham. He asks about the death of his mouse, and how if Tick did not kill it, it must have been killed by Huey, the only other person who knew about the mouse. Huey tells him to believe what he wants to believe, and Tim resolves that Huey will not exist in his "ideal world".

Maria and Tick are back at the Gandor headquarters, the former boasting about her victory against Adele. Luck calls her over, however, and scolds her for not getting the work done—the Martillos got to the gang first, and even Claire is siding with Jacuzzi. Luck tells Maria to sell the info she found during the mission to the Daily Days if she wants to be paid at all. So Maria and Tick go on their way to the Daily Days office. Tick remembers that Dallas must be targeting him now instead of Tim, but Maria tells him that she will protect him. Relationship Upgrade ensues.

Author's notes ensue, with guest comments from Sigsawa Keiichi, the author of Kino's Journey.

In Alcatraz, Huey Laforet is talking to someone, despite being in solitary confinement. Ronnie materializes inside the cell, and Huey asks him about the limitations of being a demon, to which Ronnie responds by claiming to be Elmer—breaking the no false names clause. Ronnie asks Huey what he plans to do with Nebula and the incomplete elixirs. Huey tells him that his ultimate goal is to create or become a "demon" like Ronnie. He insinuates that knows exactly what kind of being Ronnie is, but stops short of telling him. Ronnie leaves Huey with a piece of information—Ladd Russo, who intends to kill him, is being transferred to Alcatraz.

Once Ronnie is gone, a little girl appears from a corner of the room. She gleefully tells her father that she just met her older sister, to which Huey responds with a compliment and a fake smile. Leeza, the little girl, claims that she's even stronger than her sister Chane, and brags that she could have killed her had Vino not intervened. Huey scolds Leeza for trying to kill Chane before she was given such orders, and Leeza apologizes. Huey reminisces about the past and wonders what Elmer would think if he could see him now.

Chi is in Beriam's study, with a claw pointed at the Senator's throat. However, he is sniped from outside and hit in the shoulder. Someone comes in, knocks Chi down, and pins him to the ground with a knife at his throat. Beriam thanks Spike and the former Felix Walken for the trouble, and they take Chi away. Beriam decides that he will use money and power to fight the immortals he so despises.