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Recap: Babylon Five S 03 E 02 Convictions


Not many fishes left in the sea. Not many fishes, just Londo and me. Not many fishes left in the sea. Not many fishes, just Londo and me.

Garibaldi is in the customs area dealing with some Drazi pilgrims who have come visit the place where Droshalla was seen, when Ivanova comes up with an issue with some strange call promising chaos in a few hours. The chaos occurs when a bomb suddenly goes off. An investigation is launched, and the focal point of the blast is located, which is nowhere near anything that could have doe it accidentally. A bomb.

Meanwhile, a group of monks come aboard, led by one named Brother Theo. He meets with Ivanova and assures her that they will not impose themselves on anyone, and they are all highly skilled in many fields, but they also believe.

Back in the customs area, Lennier greets Delenn, with Londo nearby, when another bomb goes off. He pulls Londo to safety, but gets caught in the explosion himself. It is now clear that the bombs, which have gone off in highly traversed areas, are targeting people. Sheridan orders the station on lockdown, keeping people out of sight and in small groups that are less likely to be targeted.

Later, Londo goes down to Medlab to keep Lennier company for a while, since he feels indebted to the Minbari, talking and telling bad jokes.

A small break comes when another bomb goes off, but someone got a look at it before it exploded, and it looked pretty amateurish. They still don't know why, and Sheridan thinks he might just be lashing out at people. They also manage to find the source, and Sheridan orders a check on everything from there. Then Ivanova has the idea that if the bomber wants to cause chaos, he might be coming around to see the aftermath, and might be on the security footage. Garibaldi doesn't have the time or resources for a check like that, but Ivanova has an idea who might. She has Brother Theo's people go over the footage and see if they can find anything.

Garibaldi: May I be the first to say that this is the nuttiest idea you've ever had?
Ivanova: (Beat) Thank you.

Back with Lennier, Londo has to go do somethings, but finds the transport tube with G'Kar already in it. He intends to wait for another one, but another bomb goes off, and he jumps in, trapping himself inside with the Narn who hates his guts. G'Kar is happy to sit there and suffocate, as long as he gets to watch Londo die as well, and finds the whole thing hysterical.

Meanwhile, the monks have found someone, a man standing around, watching. Cross-refernce identifies him as Robert Carlson, hired as part of the station's maintenance department in January, which means he's had access to Babylon 5's vital systems. Garibaldi mobilizes a team and head to find him. Sheridan meets them outside Carlson's quarters, only to find that he's ready for them. He contacts them over the PA, informing them he's holding a Dead Man Switch and demands the captain inside before he releases it. Sheridan puts his link in his back pocket and has Garibaldi listen in on it as he goes to confront the bomber.

Sheridan: Find that bomb, Michael.
Garibaldi: I will, just don't do anything stupid.
Sheridan: Too late.

After making sure Sheridan isn't wearing his link in his shirt, Carlson comes out. He demands passage off station, otherwise the station will go up in an explosion as bright as the sun. Garibaldi gets a hunch that the bomb's in the fusion reactor, and sends a team to investigate. Sheridan asks why he's doing it, and Carlson begins to become unhinged, talking about how he's suffered so why shouldn't anyone else?

In the reactor core, the team begins their search, while Sheridan notices that Carlson's pretty nervous. The bomb is located, and Garibaldi orders them to chance moving it. Sheridan asks where Carlson intends to go, he's been flagged for thirty light-years in every direction. Carlson demands Sheridan sit down, and the captain does, rather than risk setting him off, and turns off his link, which beeps, alerting Carlson.

Realizing he's been set up, Carlson tries to set off the bomb, but Sheridan tackles him, keeping him from dropping it, while the bomb is moved and then rocketed away from the station, right before Carlson manages to drop the switch. The bomb explodes, but the station is out of danger.

Carlson: didn't. It's not fair! It's not fair!
Sheridan: (knocks Carlson out) What can I say? Life's tough sometimes.

He goes and lets Garibaldi in to take Carlson into custody. When Sheridan asks about everything else, Garibaldi mentions he thinks they found everyone from the last bomb. In the transport tube, Londo and G'Kar are at death's door.

In Medlab, Delenn comes to check on Lennier, who wakes up soon after. He doesn't seem happy at the prospect of having the Centauri's gratitude. Speaking of whom, a team finally manages to locate Londo and G'Kar. Londo is delighted, but G'Kar is resigned to not being rid of his nemesis yet, which annoys Londo.

Londo: Bastard!
G'Kar: Monster!
Londo: Fanatic!
G'Kar: Murderer!
Londo: You are insane!
G'Kar: And that is why we'll win!
Londo: Go and be the ambassador to Babylon 5, they say, it will be an easy assignment. Oh, I hate my life.
G'Kar: So do I.
Londo: SHUT UP!

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