-->[[WhamLine "You miscalculated. I love Zuko more than I fear you."]]

Having seen that Hakoda is one of the new prisoners to arrive at the Boiling Rock, Sokka goes to talk to him in hopes of figuring out a new escape plan. While Sokka and Hakoda talk, the warden questions the recaptured Chit Sang about who else was involved in the escape attempt.

Having come up with a new plan for escaping, Sokka tells Zuko to be alert right before a pair of guards comes to take Zuko to a room where an angry Mai is waiting to talk to him. The warden finally convinces Chit Sang to talk and he admits that someone posing as a guard was the mastermind behind the escape plan. In the meantime, Zuko tries to explain his actions in leaving to Mai.

Sokka goes and informs Suki of the new plan and tells her to be ready. When he leaves her cell, he is intercepted by some guards who have been ordered to bring him to the warden so that Chit Sang can point out the impostor. However, instead of exposing Sokka, Chit Sang places the blame on a guard who was bullying him earlier.

Sokka proceeds to implement the new plan, getting all of the prisoners released into the prison yard and starting a riot with the help of Chit Sang. Acting under orders from the warden to protect Mai, a guard comes to the room where Mai and Zuko are talking but only ends up providing Zuko with a chance to join the others after regretfully locking Mai and the guard into the room. Upon joining Sokka, Suki, Hakoda, and Chit Sang, Zuko discovers that Sokka has failed to think out a critical part of the plan, but Suki salvages the situation while the boys argue.

With the warden as a hostage, the escapees make it safely onto the gondola, but Azula and Ty Lee, who are paying a surprise visit to the prison, manage to reach the gondola and Zuko, Sokka, and Suki are forced to fight them on the gondola's roof. During the fight, the warden manages to free himself of his bindings and orders the guards to cut the line. Seeing what the guards are doing, Azula and Ty Lee escape to the other gondola but the escapees are saved by Mai, who disables the guards and sets the gondola back in motion.

Azula confronts Mai, who admits that she still loves Zuko, more so than she fears Azula. Azula is livid.

Before the former friends duel, Ty Lee paralyzes Azula. The two "traitors" are forced into the Boiling Rock. Zuko, Sokka, Suki, Hakoda, and Chit Sang escape on Azula's war blimp and finally make it back to the Western Air Temple where, finally, the Water Tribe family reunites.

* TheAlcatraz: The eponymous Boiling Rock.
* BackstabbingTheAlphaBitch: Mai and Ty Lee betray Azula.
* BadassBoast: Mai gets one after having the sheer gull to not only betray Azula, but ''challenge'' her.
-->'''Mai:''' I love Zuko more than I fear you.
* BavarianFireDrill: Sokka pulls one of these to get all the prisoners out.
* BrickJoke: In the previous episode, Sokka and Zuko claimed they were going fishing. At the very end, when they return, Toph incredulously asks about them not bringing back any food.
* CableCarActionSequence
* CutTheSafetyRope: Inverted. The warden manages to free himself enough so that he can yell at the guards to cut the lines holding up the gondola, knowing full well that he'll be boiled alive along with the would-be escapees when it falls. The attempt is foiled, but the warden gets points for trying.
* DramaticIrony: Shortly after arriving, Azula boasts about being a "people person." By the end of the episode, the limits of her ability to understand and handle people leads to Mai and then Ty Lee turning on her.
* EtTuBrute: Betrayal by her friends is apparently one thing Azula cannot bear.
* EveryoneHasStandards: Unlike Azula, Ty Lee actually looks upset when she retreats to leave Sokka, Zuko, Suki and Hakoda to apparently die.
* EvilCannotComprehendGood: Why Azula is so shocked by Mai's HeelFaceTurn.
-->'''Azula:''' The thing I don't understand is ''why''. Why would you do it? You know the consequences.
-->'''Mai:''' I guess you just don't know people as well as you think you do.
* FacePalm: Zuko does this when Mai mentioned the Warden is her uncle, despite he already found out previously.
* FireForgedFriends: Between Sokka and Zuko. Sokka puts his past animosity towards Zuko to rest in this episode.
* AFriendInNeed: Ty Lee rebels against Azula when she seems to be about to kill Mai for her betrayal.
* GreatEscape: Making one of these is the point of the two-part episode.
* HeelFaceTurn: Mai in order to save Zuko's life, and Ty Lee to save Mai's. They look almost as surprised at the outcome of events as Azula.
* HesAFriend: Sokka has to tell Hakoda this regarding Zuko.
* HeldGaze: Between Mai and Zuko after he locks her in the cell.
* IdiotBall: The warden takes away the guard that Chit Sang singles out as an imposter, but somehow misses Sokka, who is not only much younger and shorter than the rest of the guards, but is visibly frightened out of his mind while the rest of them were not.
* KillUsBoth: The warden demonstrates his dedication to his job. Bonus points for having boasted about being willing to do it during Part 1.
* LeParkour: Suki's sequence when she captures the warden, and Ty Lee's when she runs on the gondola cable.
* LetsGetOutOfHere: Ty Lee tries this once she betrays Azula too, but Mai won't budge and they're quickly surrounded.
* LovedINotHonorMore: Zuko with Mai.
* MachiavelliWasWrong: "You miscalculated. I love Zuko more than I fear you."
* NoYou: Azula to Mai in a rare frightening example, showing the first hints of a VillainousBreakdown.
-->"No, ''you'' miscalculated! You should have feared me more!"
* OhCrap: The Warden after snapping at the person who just interrupted his interrogation of one of the guards; that person being ''Azula''.
* PowderKegCrowd: Chit Sang ignites one.
* PreAssKickingOneLiner:
-->'''Guard:''' What are you doing?\\
'''Mai:''' Saving the jerk who dumped me.
* PrisonRiot: Sokka, Suki, Zuko, and Hakoda plan one as part of their escape plan.
* RabbleRouser: PlayedWith; first Hakota tries by shoving the biggest meanest looking guy he can find, and actually asking "Aren't you gonna hit me?" but the guy claims he's been learning to control his anger. Then Chit Sang starts the riot by grabbing a smaller man lifting him over his head and yelling "Hey, RIOT!"
* RocketJump: Azula uses her firebending for this purpose to jump up to the cable cars and around them.
* SexFaceTurn: Mai's rebellion against Azula is motivated by her love for Zuko.
* ShoutOut: The manner in which Azula uses her firebending to fly is very reminiscent of ComicBook/IronMan's repulsors.
* TheSocialExpert: Azula. However, even she didn't see Mai and Ty Lee's HeelFaceTurn coming.
* TookALevelInBadass: Suki manages to hold her own against Ty Lee, while fighting on a moving gondola.
* VillainousBreakdown: The first cracks in Azula's demeanor begin to show...
* VillainousValor: The warden is willing to sacrifice his own life to prevent prisoners from escaping.
* ViolentlyProtectiveGirlfriend: Mai.
* WardensAreEvil: The warden would rather die (and have prisoners killed as well) than tarnish his prison's record of zero escapes. Also, he tortures a prisoner into revealing escape plans.
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: The previous episode, Chit Sang made a point of bringing his best friend and girlfriend along for the escape attempt. This time he doesn't even mention them.
* WomanScorned: Also Mai.