Recap / Arrow S 1 E 10 Burned

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Joanna asks Laurel for help in proving that her brother, a fireman who died while responding to a call, was murdered. For the six weeks after Walter went missing, Oliver practically gave up his mission, until Laurel swipes her fatherís direct line to him and enlist The Hoodís help with this investigation. Inside a currently burning building, Oliver notices the suspect has a firefly tattoo, meaning he is part of the 15th engine company, several members of which died months ago in the fire of an improperly constructed tower. Laurel narrows down the suspect list to Garfield Lynns, who was believed dead in that fire.

Tommy organizes a fundraiser for the fire station that they hold in Oliverís unfinished nightclub. During the benefit, Lynns causes a fire there, exacting revenge on the fire chief who abandoned him during the tower fire. The Hood tries to reason with Lynns, but Lynns consumes himself in flames.

Nick Foster, the C.O.O. of Queen Consolidated, suggests that Moira take over for Walter. Moira initially refuses, but because of Theaís efforts to knock her out of depression, Moira later accepts. Joanna departs for a leave of absence to comfort her mother. Laurel briefly gives the phone back to Detective Lance, but he allows her to keep it, having set up a way to monitor her calls with The Hood. Oliver hears a newscaster praise The Hood, calling him a hero, and decides to pursue people on the list again.

On the island, Oliver fights with one of Fyersí men, then finds a set of keys and a map in the pocket of a vest.

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