Recap: Archer S 3 E 8 Lo Scandolo

A tense, wild-eyed Mallory sits in her apartment living room, stiffly taking sips of alcohol in the dark while thunder claps outside. Fearful, she immediately pulls a gun on Archer and Lana when they burst in. Both are irritated at Mallory's lack of explanation when she called Archer a little while before, but quickly see why she is so upset. The Prime Minister of Italy, Savio Mascalzone, sits dead in a chair before them, shot five times in the chest. To top it off, not only is Mascalzone bound to the chair, the chair itself has no seat, and the man's yellow zentai suit apparently opens up in the rear so someone could insert a "marital aid" into his ass. Archer and Lana are shocked and disgusted, so Mallory explains the situation.

She and Savio met after an Italian intelligence operation and felt a mutual attraction. After getting married and going into politics, Mascalzone would slip away from his duties to spend a romantic weekend with her. Over the years, Savio's tastes grew more "exotic" and Mallory started to indulge him, eventually leading to the zentai suit, bondage, and "rubber eggplant" situation in the present. After Mallory restrained him to the chair that night, she says, three men ran into the apartment and shot the Prime Minister.

Mallory fired after them three times and missed, as shown by matching bullet holes in the wall by the door. One of the men turned back and shot Mallory a jury's favor in court. Since plausible deniability is just not realistic, they must find a way to sneak Savio's corpse out of her apartment while dealing with surprise house guests and later the NYPD.