Recap / Angel S 03 E 02 That Vision Thing

Cordelia experiences visions that disfigure her physically. Lilah Morgan offers to fix the problem if Angel rescues a man imprisoned by the Powers That Be.


  • All Women Love Shoes: Cordelia admires Gavin's Guccis. And his nice suit.
  • Always Save the Girl: Angel thinks saving Cordelia is more important than whatever damage the prisoner will do.
  • And I Must Scream: The prisoner Angel is sent to free is engulfed in flames inside a burning cube floating in midair.
    Angel: "Uh, what keeps him in the fire?"
    Skip: "My will."
    Angel: "How come he's not screaming in pain?"
    Skip: "Oh, he is. My will prevents him from being heard. I mean there is only so many 'oh my god! The pain! Please make it stop!' that you can listen to before it starts to bug the crap out of you."
  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: Lorne works out who the obvious suspect for Cordy's problems is.
    Lorne: "Who wants to get to you, who has the sizable resources, and who'd be willing to mess up a pretty face like Cordelia's?"
  • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!: Fred is looking up the addresses of Chinatown herbal shops.
    Wesley: "Anything of interest yet, Fred?"
    Fred: "Oh, sure. Lots. 'H' is a fascinating letter. Helicopters, helium, helmets, hernias...'
    Wesley: "Did you happen to notice 'herbs' in your wanderings?"
  • Batter Up!: Gunn carries a sharpened baseball bat so he can both stake and smash. Ironically the same weapon was used in a MADtv spoof Buffy the Umpire Slayer.
  • Blood Magic/Bloody Handprint: The shaman trying to abort Darla's child.
  • Brain Monster: Wolfram & Hart hire a psychic with an exposed brain to torture Cordelia, forcing Angel to release a soul from torment in return for stopping the torture.
  • Buffy Speak/Shaped Like Itself: The fortress demon dimension.
    Angel: "I don't suppose we know what this dimension is like? I mean, besides fortress-y and demon-y?
  • Chekhov's Gunman: The prisoner Angel freed will turn up again in "Billy", and the demon Skip in "Birthday". The exterminators sent by Gavin Park are revealed to have been planting bugs instead of getting rid of them.
  • Discriminate and Switch/Fantastic Racism: Subverted when you find the Chinese couple are working for the Powers — vampires are (after all) evil.
    Old Chinese Woman: Your kind not welcome here.
    Charles Gunn: Since when can't a brother buy some ginseng tea?
    Old Chinese Man: Not you. Him. (Points at Angel) Vampire not welcome.
  • Dramatic Thunder/A Storm Is Coming: Darla consulting the shaman. Just call it foreshadowing.
  • Evil Is Petty: Gavin Park steps up his harassment of Angel Investigations, listing 57 city code violations with the city planners office and sending pest exterminators in the middle of the night to clean out the Hyperion.
  • Facial Horror
  • Fascinating Eyebrow: Angel and Skip share some amusing eyebrow movements when they first meet.
  • Friendly Local Chinatown: The locals are distinctly unfriendly this time round.
  • Ghost Butler: Cordelia gets Phantom Dennis to open the door for her so she can usher Fred out.
  • Gibbering Genius: Fred comes up with the idea of tracing back the signal from the Powers That Be.
  • Hilarious Outtakes/Delicious Distraction:
    David Boreanaz: No, Cordy; this isn't about winning, this is about what's at stake, and these waffles are fucking great. Can we eat 'em?
  • Hostage for MacGuffin
  • A House Divided: When Lilah blows off Gavin's offer to come on his team, he lets Angel past Wolfram & Hart's vampire detectors to visit her.
  • I Did What I Had to Do
  • Innocent Innuendo
    Fred: I've been forking with Gunn.
  • It's a Long Story/Talk to the Fist:
    Skip: "And you're here to try to...rescue this guy? (Angel nods) But we're on the same side. Shouldn't you be helping to keep him in here?"
    Angel: "I know. I know. Long story. Involves a girl. I don't like it any better than you do."
    Skip: "So I really can't talk you out of this?"
    Angel: "Sorry. I wish you could. I guess we just have to agree to..." (Skip punches him in the face) "...disagree."
  • Improvised Weapon/Wire Fu: Angel yanks the Chinaman's belt sash, causing him to spin through the air.
  • Kubrick Stare: Just in case you had any doubt the man Angel freed was evil.
  • Levitating Lotus Position/Please Keep Your Hat On/My Brain Is Big: The Man in the Fez sits on Lilah's table, floats in the air, then removes his fez to reveal the top of his skull has been cut off to reveal a squirming brain.
  • Needle in a Stack of Needles: The key is hidden in a key shop; averted though because it's too distinctive to miss.
  • Never Heard That One Before: Darla isn't surprised the shaman doesn't have any answers for her.
  • Never Mess with Granny: The elderly Chinese couple guarding the Key have Wolverine Claws.
  • No Name Given: The Man in a Fez.
  • The Nose Knows: Skip sniffs Angel and realises he's both a vampire and working for the Powers.
  • Nothing Personal: Angel and Skip have a friendly conversation before trying to beat each other's heads in. Averted with Lilah — after making the swap, she tells Angel it was "just business". Angel responds by hurling a rebar through the skull of the Man with the Fez. Lilah stares at the corpse, then jumps when she realises Angel is right in front of her.
    Angel: "Don't you come at me through Cordelia ever again. You play that card a second time and I'll kill you."
  • Oh, Crap!: Angel crosses into the fortressed demon dimension. His weapons don't come with him.
    Angel: "Sure. Because it would be too easy if I could actually defend myself."
  • Office Golf / Stealth Hi/Bye: Lilah is playing golf on her computer, then jumps when she realises Angel is behind her.
  • Plot Coupons: The ring and the key enable Angel to enter the fortress dimension.
  • Ship Tease: Blood Knight Gunn tells Fred he'd rather be out with her than fighting.
  • Sword Fight / Battle Discretion Shot
  • Talking in Your Dreams: The Man in the Fez puts his own visions in Cordelia's head.
  • Tempting Fate: "This has never failed me." Well shaman, there's a first time for everything.
  • That Came Out Wrong: Cordelia being compared to cars and dogs. And of course the inevitable Getting Crap Past the Radar versions.
    Wesley: "I supposed it is one of the unwritten laws of being a 'dick.' (Gunn give Wes a look) Ah, a sleuth, a gumshoe, Sherlock."
    Gunn: "All I know is you use the word 'dick' again and we're gonna have a problem. So what is the name of this place anyway?"
    Wesley: "Van Hoa Dong."
  • They Look Just Like Everyone Else!: The man Angel rescues looks like an ordinary human, rather than some hideous demon.
  • Undead Tax Exemption: Averted; Gavin thinks he can harass Angel this way.
  • Villains Never Lie: Averted; Lilah claims the man Angel is going to rescue has been unfairly imprisoned. Angel doesn't even bother asking for details. Both he and Wesley know that Lilah is either lying or not telling the full story. Regardless, if Wolfram & Hart want the man released it'll be bad news for someone.
  • You Look Familiar: Kal Penn (the Man in the Fez) previously played a student turned into a caveman in the Buffy episode "Beer Bad."
  • Your Approval Fills Me with Shame:
    Lilah: "To be honest, nobody at the firm thought that you could do it...except me. You're a remarkable man, Angel."
    Angel: "Yeah, and you're an evil bitch."