Recap / American Dragon Jake Long S 01 E 21 The Hunted

Ever since Jake found out the Huntsgirl is none other than Rose, he has troubling thoughts about her. Next thing before he knows it, he gets captured by the Huntsclan with the other inept magical creatures. This includes an unlucky leprechaun, a mermaid who is afraid of the water, a dumb giant, and a brownie who easily gets angered. In order to escape, he must form a team with them.

Eventually, Rose finds out Jake is the American Dragon. Instead of killing him as her purpose in life, she just lets him go and runs off. Much to his dismay, Jake found out she has transferred to another school.

This episode provides examples of:

  • Did Not Get the Girl: By the end of the episode.
  • Dramatic Unmask
  • Exactly What I Aimed At: When Huntsgirl had to capture Jake alive for the Equinox Hunt, she fired a beam from her Huntstaff. After Jake mocked her for 'missing' him, she pointed out she wasn't trying to hit him. Jake was then hit by falling debris.
  • Limited Wardrobe: Rose has a closet with Huntsgirl clothes on the day she's going to wear it.
  • Put on a Bus: By the end of the episode, Rose has transferred.