Recap / A Man Of Iron

Here there be SPOILERS!

    A Man Of Iron 

Chapter 1

Catelyn I

Winterfell prepares for the arrival of the Royal Family following Jon Arryn's death, but Catelyn Stark learns from her husband, Ned Stark, that another person travels for Winterfell: Ned's cousin, Antony Stark, who has a keep in the Westerlands, wishes to meet his family and also talk with King Robert about an important issue. Catelyn cannot stand the man, and even Ned considers him a load, but they have no reason to fully prevent him from coming.

Arya I

Arya Stark and her elder sister Sansa Stark bicker as the Starks wait for the arrival of their relative Antony 'Tony' Stark, accompanied by his lady wife Vyrgina 'Pepper' Stark, the captain of his guard Howard 'Happy' Hogan and the commander of his soldiers Ser Jamie 'Rhodey' Rhodes. Tony comes in at a fast pace, jesting all the way in, demonstrates his dislike for the way Jon Snow is treated and charms Arya with his wit.

Chapter 2

Tony I

Tony wonders why Ned and his people have never considered improving Winterfell's castle in some way as he meets with King Robert Baratheon, currently escorted by Ser Jaime Lannister the Kingslayer. A somewhat awkward conversation ensues between them, before Tony arrives to the issue at hand: his people have found a special gem they have called a sunstone, which shines at every moment without outer input, and he figures they could be well used, but the direction in which to excavate in search of sunstones would bring the mine into Lannisport territory, and he needs to negotiate with Tywin Lannister - for which he could use Robert as a neutral middle-man. However, he keeps most of the sunstone's properties secret.

Chapter 3

Tyrion I

Tyrion leaves the banquet at Winterfell to the keep's yard, to the sight of Jon Snow attacking a straw dummy, and he is joined with Tony, Rhodey and Benjen Stark. The four men discuss Jon's future, with Benjen indicating that, while he would welcome Jon to the Night's Watch, he could use some experience of life in the South, and Tony indicates a solution for Jon's quandary: he will take Jon to Iron Pointe with him.

Chapter 4

Jon I

Jon feels despondent at the fact his father won't allow him to join the Night's Watch, and instead is to go to Iron Pointe with Tony. Before parting, he goes to Bran's room, where the boy still lays comatose, and says his goodbyes. When Catelyn Stark - who is present - bitterly says it should be Jon instead of Bran that lied comatose, Tony comes and calls her out for her callousness and how horrible she has always been with Jon.

Tony II

Before Tony's group separates from the main caravan, Ned promises Jon he will tell him about his mother the next time they meet, and when Jon leaves Ned demonstrates his anger with Tony over what he said to Catelyn. Tony answers that Catelyn treated Jon horribly even though he had done nothing but to exist and that someone had to stand up to her on his behalf, since Ned would not do it. Ned agrees he has made mistakes but replies that Tony has no leg to stand on when he has even more failings. Tony is unfazed by this, and leaves after telling Ned that marrying Sansa to Joffrey will backfire on him.

Chapter 5

Tywin I

Tywin Lannister goes about his day, considering his squire, his bannermen and the messages that have just arrived, among them one from the King on Tony Stark's petition of expanding his mines into Lannisport for the sake of finding more sunstones. After some consideration about the petition and the potential of sunstones for use, he decides to agree, as long as Tony gives up all the silver and gold he finds in the mines he opens, while he plans for his own men to excavate for sunstones for his benefit.

Chapter 6

Pepper I

Pepper talks with one of her handmaidens about the North and Tony as they continue travel for Iron Pointe, and when they set up camp she decides to invite Jon to sup with her, wanting to get him to treat her with more familiarity than he is used to. During supper, a group of bandits attacks them, and Rhodey and his men manage to force them on the run after suffering some losses - but as the dust settles, there is a problem: Tony is nowhere to be seen.

Chapter 7

Tony III

Tony has been captured by the bandits, who take them to their refuge and begin to torture him, as well as rape a girl they say is Lord Oaker's daughter, said Lord having given her up to the bandits along with a coffer of gold so they wouldn't raid his lands. Tony tries to negotiate with the bandits to free him and the girl, but the bandit leader reveals he was paid to kidnap him, and brands him on the chest. Rhodey and his men arrive on time to assault the bandit camp, killing all of them in the fight, although not before Lord Oaker's daughter is killed. Tony tell his men not to speak of the event with anyone.

Chapter 8

Daenerys I

Daenerys Targaryen considers what her life might have been if her father and brother had won during Robert's Rebellion, and decides to move to a side of the road to take a break. A woman tries to kill her, but she is literally disarmed by a man that uses a special set of blades that go between his fingers. Khal Drogo has the woman killed by Daenerys' savior, Logan, whose only request is to be allowed to be Daenerys' protector.

Chapter 9

Jon II

Tony's party arrives at Iron Pointe, and Jon is very impressed with the community of craftsmen that has been built around what was once an abandoned Lannister fortress. Tony also shocks him by declaring his name will now be Jon Stark, despite reminders that only a king can officially legitimize a bastard. Castellan Obediah Stane informs Tony of Tywin's proposal, to which he promptly agrees, and then rushes off declaring there's something important he needs to work on.

Chapter 10

Tyrion II

At The Wall, Tyrion has a meeting with Night's Watch commander Jeor Mormont, who discusses the altercation he had earlier with Alliser Thorne. Tyrion had apparently verbally decimated the man over his treatment of a new recruit, Samwell Tarly and tells Jeor that turning a blind eye is only letting the new recruits, many of them thieves, rapists and worse, know that it is OK to beat on those weaker than them. Jeor surprisingly agrees with Tyrion as once he leaves, Alliser will get his revenge taking it out on Sam. To fix that, Mormont has Sam leave The Night's Watch, but as Tyrion's squire which would be a far more suitable task for him and one which his father Lord Tarly, would not oppose. As Imp and Squire depart, a banner flies from the wall and is impaled on a spike beam. Upon closer inspection, it is a Lannister banner and Tyrion, although not one for superstition, ponders if this was a sign of foreshadowing.

Chapter 11

Pepper II

Furious that Tony has kept himself locked up in his workshop ever since the incident, Pepper takes an axe to his door and chops through it, there she, Jon and Rhodey are shocked to discover that Tony has created a suit of armor, one that is enabling him to fly. Jon believes it is witchcraft, which Tony denies seeing how he is not a woman. Tony reveals that he has used the Sunstones that he has found, and upon experimenting with them, discovered that combining it with silver in gauntlets can fire out blasts and also enable him to fly as well and strengthen his armor as well as make it lighter. Tony discusses the incident that happened and the death of the girl there and how horrid Westeros is and vows to no longer turn a blind eye to things. Before Pepper can stop him, the new knight known as Iron Man departs.

Chapter 12

Tywin II

At Lord Oaker's castle, Tywin is one of his guests, and is not enjoying himself as he tries to ignore the ramblings of other lords. He thinks about the possibility back during Robert's Rebellion, if Ned Stark had taken and claimed the Iron Throne and wedded Cersei instead of Robert. However, his musings are interrupted when a mysterious knight, one whose colors to his annoyance are red and gold (those of House Lannister) bursts through the roof. He watches as the flying knight disposes of Oaker's guards and forces Lord Oaker to confess to what he did, how he sold out his daughter to thieves so they wouldn't attack his lands. The knight, revealing himself as Iron Man, then departs after warning the other lords there of what will happen to them as well if this continues. Tywin realizes that, for the first time since the Rebellion against the Targaryens, the world has changed and he has been witness to it happening.

Chapter 13

Arya II

Arya shares the story she overheard about the Iron Man during training with Syrio Forel. Sansa doesn't believe it at first, but Ned reveals the true events as reported to the King and Small Council. Both sisters are in awe of the hero, but Ned insists that his vigilante actions are wrong and he should have reported Oaker's actions to the Tyrells so justice could be done properly. Arya loses her temper and runs off. At her next lesson she tells Syrio the whole story, and he retorts that there truly are special people in the world, with abilities like the control of metal or shape changing. He also believes Arya is one of these people, though he declines to explain why.

Chapter 14

Tony IV

Tony has been patrolling the Westerlands and putting a stop to any crime he comes across, which have been depressingly easy to find. His next job is a peasant couple being attacked by knights, who he makes quick work of. However, their leader then arrives: Ser Gregor Clegane. Tony is quite surprised when his new opponent's massive strength actually lets him put up a good fight, and ends up battered on the ground. He desperately activates his boots' thrusters and escapes, vowing to never do that again.

Chapter 15

Ned I

Word of Iron Man's "defeat" of Gregor has spread and made him an idol of the smallfolk. The Small Council also receives a letter from Tywin complaining about the attack on his bannerman, and after the usual arguing Robert insists they have to stop him. Lord Varys suggests that they find his true identity and take him while he's not in his armor, bringing up the reports of shining stones in the armor much like the ones Tony discovered. Ned and Robert both burst out laughing, unable to see the drunk womanizer becoming such a figure. However, they consider that he may have created the armor and send for him to come for questioning. After the meeting, Varys tells Ned about the bandit attack, and advises him to consider that such an experience might change a person enough to take on the job Iron Man is doing.

Chapter 16

Tony III

Tony returns home to find Jon in his workshop, and considers how well they've been working together, in sharp contrast to Pepper and Rhodes who have agreed to keep his secret but still want no part of it. He's since made a replica Iron Man suit with leather keeping the Sunstones separate so it's nothing but a fancy suit of armor, insisting there's a purpose to it. Jon questions how he'll keep people from suspecting, to which Tony reveals that before becoming Iron Man, he spent two weeks in a marathon session in the workshop, creating his next several months' worth of orders so he'll have an alibi. He also has ideas for Jon to help with the issue of his hardly ever being seen in public, though first he'll have to help calm down Pepper after the fight with Gregor.

Chapter 17

Tyrion III

Held captive by Catelyn Stark, Tyrion is complaining about this entire sorry situation to Sam as they rest at the road. Among the various sellswords with them are Bronn and a bowman named Clynt. Catelyn is curious of Sam with Tyrion and Tyrion explains how he found Sam about to be beaten to death by the Night's Watch and thus "adopted" him. He talks of the Iron Man, noting how he didn't believe it until he heard his father seeing him and Tywin Lannister is not known for flights of fancy. The group is attacked with Clynt showing his skills defending them with his bow.

Chapter 18

Pepper III

Pepper confronts Tony after receiving the summons to King's Landing, but he assures her he knew it was coming and prepared for it. First, he informs Happy, Stane, and his maester Jarvis that he's Iron Man, which none of them believe, making his point for him. They give their typical reports, including that a mining team has found silver, which Tony orders turned over to Tywin as agreed, though he wants the Lannisters to do any more digging themselves. He also declares he'll go to King's Landing with Rhodes and Happy, while Pepper keeps watch over Iron Pointe and Jon goes on his own special mission.

Chapter 19

Ned II

Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish wakes Ned with the news that Tony has arrived as requested, also getting under his skin with his knowing questions about what exactly Ned is doing in the city. In the council room, Ned is shocked to see Iron Man appearing to attack Robert and moves to the defense, but is stopped short as Tony pulls off his helmet. He's actually wearing the regular armor duplicate, passing it off as the real armor he made for Iron Man while the reports of its powers are just stories by impressionable smallfolk. Robert believes it and accepts Tony's reparations of a specialized warhammer, but Ned recalls Varys' advice and considers just how perfectly Tony's theatrics deflected all suspicion from him.

Chapter 20

Gregor I

Furious over his loss to Iron Man, The Mountain under Tywin Lannister's orders begins to raze the Riverlands in response to Catelyn kidnapping Tyrion. Gregor and his men sack a village and kill all those unlucky to flee as the vicious knight takes pleasure in his business of slaughtering but still filled with anger over what had happened beforehand, kills one of his men who talks to him. As he prepares to go, he then encounters the Flying Knight to his pleasure


Jon, having taken up the guise of Iron Man for Tony's plan, encounters The Mountain razing the village and prepares to fight him. A fierce battle occurs as Jon gets used to using the suit. He has a bit of trouble at first but manages to defeat Gregor's men and in the process wounds The Mountain forcing him to his knees before he departs.

Chapter 21

Arya III

Arya is training with Syrio who teaches her more of sword play. He then launches into a long talk on how corrupt the land is and that nothing really changes. He points out to Arya how the Lannisters are always in charge behind the throne and things are rarely different... until now. Syrio points out that the coming of the Iron Man means something is happening that will change things. He states that the people will turn on the Iron Man at the slightest provocation. Syrio tells Arya that something is coming, a major change as people who have hidden their abilities for a long time will now rise up behind a grand leader. When Arya asks who this leader is, Syrio states he is known only by his title: Magneto.

Chapter 22


Ned reflects on the hash he has made in the education of his children and how badly he acted when it came down to Jon, and also about the recent Small Council meeting where Robert demanded Daenerys' assassination and Ned retired from his position as Hand, before ordering Jory to organize the household to depart as he plans to meet with the blacksmith Jon Arryn visited. In comes Tony, who offers his help both with the household and with his plan to meet the blacksmith - and Tony's sudden burst of cunning makes Ned realize his cousin is Iron Man, but Tony fires back with the fact that he has guessed who Jon's parents are.

At the blacksmith's, they meet Tobho Mott and his apprentice, Gendry. Both Ned and Tony realize Gendry's importance, and Tony decides to buy Gendry's apprenticeship. While Tony is in the shop, Jaime Lannister arrives, demanding to know why Catelyn kidnapped Tyrion, with Ned taking the blame. Jaime and Ned fight off, and one of Jaime's men attacks Ned from behind, but before Jaime can go further Tony comes out of the shop and calls Jaime out for his idiocy. Jaime leaves to find his brother while Tony gets Ned back to the Red Keep.

Chapter 23

Tywin III

At a meeting with his advisors, Tywin Lannister comes to the conclusion he's cursed as of all his children, Tyrion is the only one showing any actual sense. Between Jaime attacking Ned Stark and Cersei's blundering, Tywin is deciding it's time to come down harder on his children. He then declares it's time to take down the Iron Man once and for all. He orders the Mountain to march on the Starks and burn their lands in an attempt to lure Iron Man out and then destroy him.

Chapter 24

Daenerys II

Daenerys deals with the death of her brother and what it means for her. She's joined by Logan who tells her how to be strong and offers a drink. She turns him down due to her pregnancy so Logan decides to get drunk in her place.

Tyrion IV

At the Eyrie, Tyrion watches Bronn fight in his "trial." Sam talks of finding out information and Clynt defending him as he was once framed for a crime he didn't commit. As they talk, Clynt mentions how Tyrion and Catelyn are both making the mistake of thinking ravens are the only ways to get messages around. Bronn is victorious and Tyrion is ready to leave but Lysa insists he now stand trial for killing her husband. This time, Clynt defends Tyrion, taking out the opposing knight with a single arrow. He and Bronn join Tyrion and Sam leaving the Eyrie.

Chapter 25

Arya IV

Arya is with Syrio when Ser Meryn and some Goldcloaks enter to arrest her. Suddenly, Syrio transforms into a blue-skinned woman who kills the group easily. She then turns herself into Meryn to take a stunned Arya away as they realize how bad things are for the Starks. After making herself look like a woman, "Syrio" gives Arya an impromptu haircut to disguise herself. The duo are met by Slynt and other Goldcloaks only for Slynt to be killed by a passing Gendry who had been coming to meet Ned. Arya convinces "Syrio" to take the boy with them and "Syrio" reluctantly agrees. She names Ayra "Kat" and Gendry "Petyr" and in public they'll act like she's their mother "Raven." In private, they can call her by her true name: Mystique.

Chapter 26

Pepper IV

Pepper worries about Tony and Jon, the latter thinking he should have killed Gregor Clegane when he had the chance, but Pepper points out that only Clegane is responsible for his own acts. Tony arrives, and Pepper, after welcoming him, tells him King Robert has died, and that both Tywin Lannister and Joffrey (now crowned King, much to Tony's disgust) are demanding his immediate presence, and Tywin also wants Jon to join the Westerlands' army, which Tony knows means he wants a hostage to use against the Starks.

Before they can plan more, Gregor Clegane (wearing his own replica of the Iron Man armor, making him Iron Monger) enters the castle, killing several of Tony's guards and Obadiah Stane. Clegane takes Pepper hostage, knocking Jon out in the process, and tells Tony that, if he wants to see Pepper alive, he will tell Iron Man to go to the Silver Thread Mine before midnight.

Chapter 27

Ned IV

Held in the Black Cells, Ned Stark recalls the various means of torture used throughout Westeros. His thoughts are interrupted when Varys appears and meets him. If Ned admits his treason, he'll be allowed to take the Black and join the Night's Watch. If not, he'll be executed. Ned refuses to lie, and is not afraid of death, but he is forced to reconsider when Varys reveals the Lannisters still have Sansa and could kill her as well. Grimly accepting the reality before him, Ned agrees to put his honor aside and lie so to save his daughter.

Tony VI

Jon wakes up after Clegane's attack and Tony takes care of him. Jon blames himself for Pepper's kidnapping, but Tony reaffirms what Pepper said, pointing out that, had he killed Gregor Clegane, he would have probably visited Tywin's wrath upon Iron Pointe, but Clegane's actions means that he can kill the Mountain without fear of reprisal. Jon tells Tony he wants to join him, and Tony agrees, pointing to a new set of enchanted armor he has made in the last weeks, for Jon to use, and Tony suggest a nickname for his armored self: Centurion.

Chapter 28

Gregor II

Gregor Clegane awaits Iron Man's arrival with relish, making plans for both the immediate future and after that, which includes stealing all the silver in the Silver Thread mine for himself and running to Essos, where he can join and take over a sellsword company, perhaps using it to return to Westeros at some point. First Iron Man, and then Centurion, arrive to attack Gregor Clegane, and the three fight brutally, with both Clegane and the two flying knights getting several good hits in. Iron Man and Centurion reveal their true identities, which makes Clegane furious, and his rage enables him to nearly kill both of them. Tony turns the tables by throwing several sunstones into the pit Clegane has fallen in and blasting Gregor's face, while Jon drops a cart of silver on the sunstones. The silver and sunstones interact and magic blasts start to fly, several of which strike Gregor and incapacitate him while Tony and Jon escape with Pepper. An explosion finally takes out the Mountain and the mine.

Chapter 29

Ned V

Ned is taken to the Sept of Baelor for his public confession. Using a speech Varys helped him prepare beforehand, Ned "confesses" to only trying to protect Joffrey from a conspiracy he believed was aimed at him. This sways much of the crowd in favor of being merciful with him, but Joffrey still orders Illyn Payne to take his head, despite the protests of the Small Council. However, before the killing blow that can be taken, Iron Man flies in and saves Ned, before calling out Joffrey as a poor ruler. An enraged Joffrey orders the Kingsguard to kill Iron Man, but he easily defeats them all. As he and Ned prepare to flee, Ned calls out to Sansa, who tries to run to them, only for Joffrey to grab her, using her as a Human Shield. In her struggles to break free of his grip, she falls, cracking her skull open and killing her. An enraged Iron Man shoots a blast at Joffrey after the boy king blames Iron Man for Sansa's death; Cersei pulls him away in time to save his life, but loses her hand while Joffrey's face is disfigured. Tony then grabs Ned and flees, while Ned silently promises to kill all the Lannisters in revenge for Sansa's death.

Chapter 30

Tyrion V

Tywin's war council assembles to deal with the news of Jaime's capture, the Mountain's actions, and the events in King's Landing. Tywin sends all the others away and tells Tyrion that he's returning all of Tony's men to Iron Pointe to maintain the image of control, and is also sending him to the capital to serve as acting Hand and try and maintain order, promising him recognition and a castle if he succeeds. Returning to his tent, Tyrion meets with Sam, Bronn, Clynt, and his new squire Podrick Payne and informs them of his new assignment. As he sends them to prepare, he has Clynt take his whore Shae away, so he won't be tempted to take her with him to King's Landing.

Chapter 31

Tony VII

Tony and Ned reunite with Jon, and make their way to Riverrun to join the Stark forces, Ned resting along the way. When they arrive, Ned agrees that Tony and Jon should return to the Westerlands and pretend to still be loyal to Tywin. Tony convinces Ned to tell Jon the truth about his mother as he promised: much to Jon's shock, Ned reveals Jon's parents are actually Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, and Jon himself is Jaehaerys Targaryen, legitimate heir to the Iron Throne.

Entering Riverrun, Ned is reunited with Robb and Catelyn. Catelyn angrily tries to pick a bone with Centurion, but Ned calls her out for her actions and how Littlefinger betrayed him. Ned then meets with the Northern and Riverlander lords, and the group begins to discuss what to do; many of them proclaim their desire for revenge on the Lannisters, and eventually it surges out a refusal to back either Stannis or Renly. In the end, Greatjon Umber states that Ned is the only one worthy of ruling the North, and both Northern and Riverlander lords declare Ned as King in the North, while Tony states to Jon that this will change everything.

Chapter 32

Daenerys III

As Daenerys emerges from Khal Drogo's funeral pyre with her newly hatched dragons, she reflects on his death and the dissolution of much of the Horde. She also remembers how just before the pyre was lit, Logan returned to camp with the captive Khal Jhaqo impaled on his blades, whom he drags into the pyre with himself and Daenerys. As the sun rises, his burns heal and his blades have melded with his new bone claws, while Dany finds that she can now summon and control flames. She declares her new name, Firestar.


A disguised Varys travels to a secret meeting, musing on all the roles he's played, with even "Varys the Spider" being one. Arriving at his destination, Varys meets his contact, Nikolos Fury, an agent of a mysterious council that Varys also serves. They discuss the impact that Iron Man (whom they know is Tony) is having on Westeros, as well as the signs that "the Court" has awakened. As Fury leaves, Varys refers to him by his real name — Gerion Lannister.

Chapter 33


Sandor Clegane keeps watch over Sansa's body, lamenting her death and why he even cares. To his shock, she suddenly returns to life and is healed of her wounds, her body aging to adulthood. She comforts his fears and heals his scarred face, causing him to pledge his loyalty to her. She declares that he will be her Knight, and that she will now be known as the Night's Queen.

    A Crack Of Thunder 

Chapter 1

Jane I

Jane Seaworth, second child and only daughter of Ser Davos Seaworth, is the friend, protector and big sister figure of Shireen Baratheon, only child of Stannis Baratheon, claimant to the Iron Throne. A practical person, she strives to provide support for Shireen and help her as best as she can, and right now, it means trying to protect her as best as she can from Melisandre, who has taken to make sacrifices for her god, the Lord of Light. Shireen prevents Maester Cressen from trying to interfere in a way that may get him killed when Melisandre starts burning a set of statues of the Seven.

However, the ceremony gets interrupted when something falls from the sky into the beach. The windblast puts out the fires and makes everyone fall to the floor. As soon as she gets on her feet, Jane runs for the fallen object, thinking it may be a meteorite with sky metal, but it turns out to be Thor Odinson, the God of Thunder, come to Westeros - or Midgard, as he calls it - in search of his brother Loki. Initially confusing Jane for Loki, he is soon disabused of the fact after he feels her up, but her attitude makes him think Jane must be the Queen and Shireen her daughter, much to Stannis' and Selyse' displeasure... and Melisandre's fury.

Chapter 2

Tony I

Tony lies in wait of a bunch of sheep stealers he has heard about, and watches as Rhodey attacks them while the shepherd stands back. Using a set of Myrish spyglasses, Tony realizes the 'shepherd' is actually in collusion with the robbers when he grabs a bow with the intention of killing Rhodey, so he intervenes and stands around as the bowman futilely hits him with his arrows and then with his bow, which soon breaks down to nothing. Rhodey arrives, having killed all the robbers, and Tony kills the one attacking with one punch of his armor - who turns out to be an Ironborn. As they prepare to leave, Tony makes an unlucky attempt to convince Rhodey to fit him an armor similar to Iron Man's. Not to be deterred, he then asks a nearby sheep if it would like a set.

Chapter 3

Tyrion I

Tyrion, Sam, Pod, Bronn and Clynt arrive in King's Landing. Tyrion is disturbed by the state of the city, as the leaderless Gold Cloaks are too afraid to do anything about the anti-Lannister mob activity. He meets one Goldcloak, Jeor Stacy, who tells him how a mob killed a friend of his, Rickard Parker and his son, Peter, barely escaped. Meeting Joffrey at the Red Keep, he is shocked to also be greeted by the Night's Queen, now presenting herself as a miraculously alive Sansa. Incensed by this, Tyrion confronts Cersei and the Small Council, calling them out for the stupidity of using an imposter when Ned Stark saw his daughter die personally, and is less than impressed by their insistence that she really is Sansa. He orders her confined to the keep, and for sellswords and hunters sent out to find Arya, while he makes it clear to Cersei that he is running things in the city now.

Chapter 4

Cat I

Catelyn is troubled by Ned's new serious manner since taking over as King of the North. They talk, where Catelyn reveals she's figured out the identities of Iron Man and Centurion...only she thinks Iron Man is Benjen and Centurion is Jory. Not realizing how she's wrong, Ned presses her to keep quiet. Catelyn admits she was far too harsh on Jon and trusting in Littlefinger too much. She also mentions how Lysa might be tied into what's happened. Ned tells her of a getting a note from Pycelle, offering to trade Jamie for an alive Sansa. Naturally, the two refuse to believe their daughter is still alive and this is all a trick. Theon Greyjoy, whom Ned is preparing to send with Jonos Bracken to negotiate with Renly, comes in to inform them that Walder Frey is ready for their meeting.

Ned I

As they go to meet Lord Walder Frey, Ned reflects on the responsibilities and difficulties he's having as King, such as staffing his undermanned Small Council and balancing the support of the Northern and Riverlands lords. They meet with Lord Frey, who agrees to call off the planned marriage of Arya and his son until Arya is found, and he is startled to learn Ned still intends to honor the agreement to marry Robb to his daughter, reaffirming his loyalty to the Starks out of gratitude.

Chapter 5

Ramsay I

Ramsay Snow, Roose Bolton's Bastard son, is enjoying the "hunt" of a young woman he spent the last few weeks torturing and using. He's joined by Myranda as they chase the woman into the forest. Suddenly, the dogs go silent and then a man with a strange whip attacks, killing all the guards and knocking Ramsay out. When he awakens, he's been stripped naked and finds Myranda with her eyes sealed with wax. The young woman he'd been hunting shows up, revealing to Ramsay that she is Asha Greyjoy. She then introduces her lover, Vanko once a son of a high lord until the Rebellion crushed his family. Vanko proceeds to execute Myranda with his whip. Ramsay tries to barter a truce but Vanko says he intends to make all the nobles of Westeros pay and lover Asha is willing to help. He gives Ramsay a taste of his own medicine, brutally whipping him over and over with his special weapons until Ramsay dies.

Chapter 6

Pepper I

Pepper muses on her husband's recent actions, as well as the addition of Jon into the family. She has come to think of him as a brother, and has noticed that he is fully committed to remaining in the role of Centurion while Tony seems to be considering retiring back to a normal life. Her thoughts are interrupted by Iron Pointe's new steward Phyllyp, son of Coul, who alerts her of the arrival of Tony's lifelong friend Oberyn Martell. After assuring everyone that Tony being named Warden of the West hasn't added him to Oberyn's targets for revenge over the murder of his sister Elia, the Red Viper brings up how his father and Tony's had hoped the latter would have a daughter that Oberyn could be wed to. But now that Jon is part of the household, they have another chance to join their houses with Oberyn's firstborn daughter, who was legitimized by Ned in one of his last actions as Hand. Jon is introduced to his new bride: Natasha Martell, the Black Widow of Dorne.

Chapter 7

Arya I

At an inn in the Riverlands, a group of Lannister soldiers complain about how poorly the war is going for them, and debate who is most at fault for it all. One of the soldiers is actually a disguised Mystique, who is using the conversation to gather information. Nearby, Arya and Gendry, who are disguised as Mystique's squires, are watching her. Arya reflects on how Mystique explained how some people have powers hidden in their blood, and suspects that Mystique is taking them to Magneto to have theirs unlocked. She and Gendry then engage in some Snark-to-Snark Combat after Gendry wonders which gender Mystique prefers to be. Mystique then comes back over to the two and tells them her new plan for going forward. Whatever it is, Arya isn't pleased with it.

Jane II

On Dragonstone, Thor is concluding his seven days of feasting, having spent the time regaling everyone with tales of how Asgardians have influenced Westerosi and Essoi history and fighting off Melisandre's advances. Once the feasting is complete, he gathers Jane and the rest of Stannis' inner circle and asks why Stannis wants to be King when a good man like him would be miserable in the role. As Stannis ponders this, Thor explains that he has come to Westeros seeking Loki, who took the Asgardian pilgrimage of living a mortal life, but has not returned on schedule. He swears to help Stannis win the Iron Throne in exchange for their help finding his brother. After the meeting ends, Jane asks Thor why he keeps referring to her as Queen, and he responds that she has all the qualities of a true ruler. He then warns her of Melisandre, whom he believes may be another Asgardian.

Chapter 8

Ned II

Ned meets a captive Jaime and tells him of how Joffrey killed Sansa. He goads Jaime into running to give an excuse for Ned to kill him but Jaime refuses. They trade barbs with Ned hitting some shots on how Cersei is known to be with other lovers which angers Jaime. Ned leaves, noting that he finally has hit the Kingslayer where it hurts.

Daenerys I

Daenerys is marveling at how Logan seems to heal from any injury and his claws are able to cut through anything, as proven when he was dragged underwater by a beast only to emerge the victor. With them, and his newly enhanced senses, the people of the camp have taken to calling him Wolverine. Daenerys is still getting used to her power to create and control flame. A trio of riders come as Daenerys know they are of the Thirteen. The leader of the group says that he offers friendship to Daenerys and shows her a banner. Jorah is thrown as he sees the banner is of House Vonduam of the Vale, a line that was supposed to be long dead. The rider says they have "merely retreated." He removes his hood to show a metal mask over his entire face. He says that he was once known as Viktor Vondam but in Qarth he is known as...DOOM.

Chapter 9

Theon I

Theon travels south with Jonos Bracken to meet with Renly, who has now proclaimed himself King Renly Baratheon, First of His Name. Theon remembers how he felt disappointed that he was not being sent to the Iron Islands, but Robb - who has married Roslin Frey - pointed out that it would be a lot better if he returned after demonstrating his bravery in war. Jonos also takes the time to teach Theon everything he knows, bonding with the young Ironborn, and he also points out he knows that, if he saw himself at a disadvantage, Eddard would probably leave the Riverlands on its own and fortify the North, but Renly does not have that option.

Theon observes the tourney Renly and his wife Queen Margaery Tyrell are hosting, and he realizes both of them do not look like King and Queen, but as children playing a role. The tourney fight ends with the victory of a large warrior, who requests a place in Renly's Rainbow Guard and reveals herself to be Brienne Tarth, much to everyone's surprise, since she was a sickly child. When asked what brought the change, Brienne says her cousin Bruce managed to find a cure for her illness... but with a cost: her skin is completely green.

Chapter 10

Tyrion II

Tyrion (feeling quite cranky over his almost enforced celibacy) invites Cersei, Tommen, Myrcella, Joffrey and Not-Sansa (as he calls who he believes is a whore playing Sansa) to dinner in his rooms, tasking Sam to watch everyone for their reactions. During dinner, he engages in conversation mostly with Myrcella and Tommen, taking care of not showing Not-Sansa any hint he may be interested in an alliance, and notes that Not-Sansa only visibly reacts when he mentions the Wall.

After the youngest retire, conversation turns to Tyrion's actions: he has named Jeor Stacy as new Commander of the Gold Cloaks, and he plans to seek a Baratheon descendant that does not fit the Baratheon phenotype to undermine Stannis' statements about Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen's ascendancy. When asked about Iron Man and the newly-established Centurion, Tyrion reflects on their identity and thinks it might be Brynden and Edmure Tully, but does not mention this. Before Not-Sansa leaves, Tyrion tells her she should leave Westeros before either the Starks or he take off her head, but Not-Sansa's reply leaves Tyrion shaking. When Sam mentions what he has observed, he indicates that if Not-Sansa is actually Sansa, then whatever is in her body is not the real Sansa Stark. Tyrion agrees, and tasks Sam with finding any myths and legends about resurrection - and about potential ways to kill that which has returned.

Chapter 11

Jon I

Jon sits atop the roof of Iron Pointe, drinking wine and reflecting on his pending wedding to Natasha, specifically the outrageous plans that Tony and Oberyn are putting together for the celebration. Natasha joins him, and they play a drinking game to get to know each other better. She reveals during the course of this that she finds being legitimized a burden, as she's now bound by all the expectations of nobility. Jon has the opposite opinion, seeing that being legitimized means that no one can take away his family, which he realizes he now considers to be Tony, Pepper, and Rhodey, rather than Ned or his siblings. He also mentions how he's a virgin due to not wanting to sire any other bastards, but when Natasha shows signs of sympathy, he shrugs off her perceived pity, and the two silently drink.